The white bumps on eyelids eyes: how to get rid causes of

How to get rid of white bumps on eyelids eyes?

One of the most unpleasant defects have Wen in the eye. At the beginning of its development, Wen has a small size, but it is a sentimentality, and ceases to be solely a cosmetic problem.

  • Types of white bumps on my face
  • The causes of lipoma
  • The dangers of lipomas?
  • How to get rid of Wen?
  • Ways to prevent

Types of white bumps on my face

Bills or lipomas as they are called in medicine, appear in adults and in children. They represent the stretching adipose tissue. There is a lump not only in places where a lot of fat, but and where it a small number — the area around the eyes is really place is. Most often a lipoma on the eyelid is white in color, is single, rarely in groups. Wen near to the eye round shape, rarely oval, and has a dense texture, on palpation no pain, and the skin on the eyes are not swollen, not itchy.

The lump on lower eyelid can be divided into two types:

  • miliums — resemble whiteheads, but squeeze out the contents of them is impossible as they have no external duct to eliminate them, you need to break through the skin;
  • xanthelasmas — resemble flat platelets, the more they develop on the upper eyelid, but also under the eyes. This type of talc is formed mainly in women after 40 years, they tend to grow rapidly to 4 cm, that is why we need as quickly as possible to deal with them and to go to the doctor.

It will be interesting to see what the lump on the eyelid of the eye has no relation to excess weight of the person, as erroneously suggested by most little informed citizens. The appearance of lipomas can be observed and skinny people as the reasons for its development are completely different.

The causes of lipoma

Despite the rapid development of medicine, so far scientists can not exactly say, that provokes the appearance of white bumps. There are several assumptions that can determine the causes of lipoma in an adult, and the child:

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  • the metabolic disorders;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the failure of the kidneys;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hormonal changes the body;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver;
  • insufficient care for the skin on the face;
  • alcoholism and Smoking;
  • hereditary factor;
  • developmental pathology of the embryo in the womb;
  • the worst ecological situation.

The cause of the Wen must be determined in the first place, because it was from her will depend the treatment. If you eliminate the lipoma, with time, it again appear, after all, a provocateur cutaneous manifestations, remains intact.

The dangers of lipomas?

The lump near the eye by itself does not pose a threat to human health. He brings only discomfort when blinking, but if time does not remove it, you can completely lose vision, because the lipoma has a tendency to increase.

The second danger is waiting for people from outside of Oncology, the fact that the lipoma is a tumor of benign nature. Under the influence of unfavorable factors, for example, alcoholism or liquefaction of the immune system, the tumor can develop into a malignant neoplasm.

In any case, do not try to remove under the eye lump, the skin over the eye and under it, very delicate and thin. You can not only injure the eye nerves that are close to the surface of the epidermis, but also to contaminate it.

We would like to celebrate the national treatment do not need to apply compresses to the lipoma, RUB bitters or something worse, green paint. The slightest drop of corrosive compounds that fall on the eyes, can cause blindness. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is not so dangerous itself lipoma on the eye, how human inaction and attempt to rectify the situation. For treatment, there are doctors who are able to remove the lump on the eyelid for a few minutes without harm to your health.

How to get rid of Wen?

Removal of white bumps under the eyes that were once held exclusively by surgical method. Today there are plenty of alternative options that have faster recovery time and less traumatic to the patient. Among the most common ways to remove a lump close to the eye note:

  • laser surgery is the new technique remove lump on the eyelid, it allows you to avoid scars and painful wounds in the place of impact of the beam. The procedure has no recovery period, immediately after the manipulation a person can go home. The likelihood of complications after the operation are equal to zero;
  • medical treatment involves injection of a special substance directly into the lump on the upper eyelid. This medication triggers the destruction of adipose tissue and lipoma simply dries up. Of the downsides of this treatment option, it is possible to note the development of scar and the high likelihood of the recurrence of Wen, it is 20%;
  • puncture — aspiration treatment consists of surgical intervention, in most cases, using General anesthesia. To remove the lump on the eye doctor may use a needle and syringe. Treatment consists in puncturing the capsule of the Wen and the suctioning of its contents. This way you can eliminate the white bumps of any size, but the downside is that if the cells of the lipoma will remain in the capsule, some of them re-developing neoplasm.

Surgical intervention is performed in extreme cases when there is a possibility of malignant transformation of fatty lipoma. In the process of removing lipomas capture and the adjacent tissue to avoid the possibility of reproduction of atypical cells.

How to remove talc small size, can tell the beautician. Sometimes used method of electrocoagulation. The doctor will make the removal of fat cells through electric current. This is a bloodless method, after him scars and wounds. In many beauty salons conducts manual cleaning of the face. If you are thinking how to clean the Wen with century, you can test this option, but be sure to take your procedures in the audited institution. The essence of mechanical cleaning consists in a small incision what they are doing over the Wen, and remove it manually or using a special tool. Then the incision is treated with antiseptics and the wound over time, she dries up.

You can’t rip off the scab, you can degrade the condition of the skin and cause infection.

If you have large white bumps on eyelids eyes how to get rid of them, the doctor decides individually, but as a rule, he will resort to full excision. To eliminate them need a lot of laser procedures. The seized material is sent for histological examination. If there were malignant cells, the person will prescribe chemotherapy.

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Ways to prevent

The white bumps under eyes causes are different, but each person if desired, they can be avoided, of course, if they do not relate to genetic disposition. To prevent the appearance of lump on face under them, making sure the hygiene of the skin in this area. Wash morning and evening, spend cleaning skarbamy, at least once in two weeks. Excess sebum can provoke not only clogged pores, but also the development of white bumps under the skin.

Come in timely treatment of endocrine diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the organism everything is interconnected and failure of one system leads to metabolic disorders and other. Lead a proper lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, they cause the accumulation of toxic substances in the skin, and avoid fried, smoked and canned food, it slows down the metabolism.

If you do not know to what doctor to address, you can go to the reception to the ophthalmologist, he will examine you or refer to the dermatologist. Do not look for excuses and don’t delay going to the clinic if eye appeared Wen. Deliberately ignoring the problem, you’re only making things worse for yourself and allow it to grow is not controlled.

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