The use of homeopathy for hyperhidrosis

When hyperhidrosis homeopathy is used by many who suffer from this disease. The term «homeopathy» describes a form of therapeutic treatment, which appeared in the early 19th century. The Creator of this method of treatment was the German scientist Samuel Hahnemann. The main direction of therapy is quite interesting. In the treatment of one substance can cause the appearance of unpleasant symptoms or treat the disorders. This method is called the principle of similarity. A great example of this influence is the use of small amounts of mercury, allowing to recover from mercury poisoning.

The main indications for treatment

This therapy, like homeopathy, is a fairly common treatment. The main advantages of this therapy include the fact that this method is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women and children up to 3 years.

Today, a large number of medicines is homeopathic. But before turning to this therapy, you need to understand what constitutes a similar product. When you create a drugs used the principle of «infinitesimal doses». A substance that provokes one or the other ailment, is used as a therapeutic agent. But the main feature is a small amount of the substance in a preparation that does not harm the body.

Homeopathy is used for diseases that do not require emergency surgical intervention. The indications include:

  • ineffective treatment with antibiotics;
  • the presence of side effects in the use of various medicines;
  • the presence of age-related problems (e.g., acne in adolescents).

Often, homeopathy is used when hyperhidrosis — excessive sweating. Some experts claim that homeopathic treatments are ineffective. Many attribute the treatment to pseudoscience, insisting that it is impossible to repair like with like. But to verify whether or not homeopathy is not able to cope with illnesses, it is necessary to consider in detail the example of the sweating.

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The use of homeopathy for sweating

There are several basic methods of homeopathy that are used in the treatment of excessive sweating. Such treatment options were approved by the specialists working in this field.

The second type of complex homeopathy. The main objective of this technique is in getting rid of sweat through the use of a large number of homeopathic remedies (up to 20 in one recipe). Such options are assigned during exacerbation of the disease. Complex therapy is effective in eliminating unpleasant symptoms. In this case requires an individual approach to each patient, but, according to the experts, is the best way to get rid of the disease.

The third is a pluralist homeopathy. This option is assigned in the case where experts are not able to pick up patient 1 type of drug. The treatment regimen is also quite of interest: 1 per day 1 used the drug until complete recovery. It all depends on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Interesting is the fact that homeopathic methods are able to save people not only from sweating and various ailments, but also to remove toxins from the body. This effect is proved by a large number of examples.

Effective drugs for the treatment of

The important point in the treatment of hyperhidrosis is choosing the right drugs. Today in America such medicines are the best solution to eliminate sweating. The main goal of homeopathy: focus on the root cause of the disease and apply possible methods to eliminate it.

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Until recently, homeopathy was not recognized by other professionals, but every day the attitude towards this method becoming more positive. Use homeopathic remedies to remedy hyperhidrosis is recommended not only to specialists of this field, but other doctors.

As for tools that are able to quickly eliminate the sweating, the first drug in the list is Sicily 6-12-30. Also there is used Conium 3-6-12 able to eliminate as night and day sweating. Another common option is Natrium muriaticum 3-30. Eliminates the appearance of sweat on the face, palms and under the arms.