The sweat on his hands

In people with increased sweating and reduced evaporation of sweat may appear rash on the hands and other parts of the body. Profusely eye-catching sweat clogs the sweat glands, irritatingly acting on the skin. Often this ailment affects children, but adults in this case are no exception. This disease is not contagious to others but requires treatment. At the first signs of sickness you should seek help from a doctor to prevent complications.

The causes of the disease and its symptoms

One of the main causes is excessive sweating, despite the fact that his hands almost all the time have access to fresh air. Often the reason is to find people in the hot and humid climate, especially if they recently moved there and have not had time to adapt.

This disease appears in the hands of those who for a long period of time have to be in rubber gloves, in such an environment, the skin does not breathe. There are people who because of the peculiarities of the organism or of certain diseases is increased sweating of the palms.

Signs of the disease the sweat is a watery rash on the skin, which is often accompanied by redness. When watery bubbles burst in their place are formed crust. Be accompanied by the sweating sickness may be a burning sensation and itching. If the disease is not time to begin to heal, the bursting of the bubbles can get infected, and start the inflammatory process.

In appearance the rash may be crystalline, when the formation of small vesicles not larger than 2 mm with light content. Is red prickly heat, when the bubbles observed redness. The contents of the vials can be whitish or yellowish (with suppuration).

Deep sweating sickness — a disease in which inflammation occurs in the deeper layers of the skin. Infection occurs, which affects the entire body. This kind of disease requires a very serious treatment, as otherwise may develop complications, such as microbial eczema.

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How to cure a heat rash?

To treat red and deep heat rash affected skin is treated with local antiseptics, such as Miramistin, Chlorhexidine or alcohol (boric, salicylic and camphor). Can be cooked and slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.

To dry the skin and get rid of the inflammation, apply a salicylic-zinc paste or Sudocrem. If the disease is accompanied by complications, the doctor prescribes such antibacterial agents as Treatment, Tetracycline ointment or Baneuoqin. The dosage of drugs and duration of treatment the doctor prescribes individually to each patient depending on the stage of disease and condition of the patient.

The children also found potnichka on hand. You must carefully care for the baby, to get rid of the rash. Newborns potnichka may appear on the palms. To cure it, in the palm you can put a sterile bandage, if needed, changing to 7 times a day.

For the treatment petnicki on hands use baby powder, cream for this is not suitable, because the skin underneath is not breathing. If after 3 days potnichka the child does not pass, or bubbles of transparent liquid becomes yellowish, you need to immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps the baby starts complication that requires immediate medical treatment.

Folk methods of treatment and prevention

To get rid of the sweat on the hands of adults by using people’s recipes. But be sure to consult a dermatologist in order not to worsen the condition. For treatment using medicinal herbs to prepare teas or infusions.

Suitable for this purpose such plants as chamomile, calendula, celandine, horsetail or series. For maximum effect, the herbs can be mixed. In a container pour 1 tbsp various powdered herbs and pour them a glass of boiling water. It is necessary to insist about 4 hours, finished tincture lubricate the affected areas of the skin.

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To prevent the appearance of sweat on the hands, you need to constantly monitor their purity. You should wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics so your skin can breathe freely. After exercise when the body sweat, you must wash off the sweat and change clothes.

Not a long time to be under the direct rays of the sun, while the pores are narrowed, and sweat harder to get out. You should regularly ventilate the room to avoid high humidity. It is necessary to get rid of excess weight, it also hinders the sweating.

With prickly heat you can handle yourself, if you start treatment on time and observe personal hygiene. It is important to prevent complications of the disease, to cope with them will be more difficult. In any case, it is better to seek the advice of a specialist, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.