The skin blisters with fluid and causes the child

Types of blisters on the skin and causes of

A blister is bespalatnoe change in the dermis, caused by mechanical impact on the skin or as a consequence of the inflammatory process. There are education for various reasons. But if an adult is able to prevent or at least indicate the cause of the blisters in a child require more attention. Understand, why and where of blisters on the body, and also define the main types of formations.

  • What it is, how it looks and why so itchy?
  • Causes of formations
  • Types of blisters and features of therapeutic effects

What it is, how it looks and why so itchy?

Blister and bubble – different concepts. First you do not have liquid inside, but we used to call bubbles, blisters, and Vice versa. Look blisters on the body as a local swelling, the color can be from white to crimson, sometimes there is a dot of black and a little blood, if it’s an insect bite. Generally, education can be itchy and accompanied by burning and redness of the skin.

Itching is a normal phenomenon, emerging in the process of getting under the skin of foreign matter. But scratching blisters do not need as great a risk of infection of the wound, which would entail unpleasant symptoms and complications. Besides, if the blisters on the child’s body caused by allergies, the scratching will not help – you need special ointments, medication.

Tip! Not to bring the baby into hysterics, it is better to lubricate the itchy areas with a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar (Apple, table) or rinse with clean cold water. Sometimes use a menthol pencils, gels, ointments, but only if you are not allergic to the ingredients.

Causes of formations

From which blisters on the skin of the baby? There are many reasons, in particular:

  • Allergic reactions to food, drugs, chemicals;
  • An insect bite;
  • Heat burns the sun;
  • Herpes type zoster, varicella diseases caused by one virus, because the symptoms are identical;
  • Pemphigus is a severe autoimmune disease, treatment for which is not.
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    Baby skin is more delicate, because you need to strictly monitor the duration of stay of the baby in the sun, the comfort of the Shoe. These factors lead to the fact that bubbles on the legs, arms, body. By the way, the insect bites are perceived by children heavier, but the chicken pox the child to move much easier.

    How to help the baby? Of course, assistance is provided depending on the causes. If it’s a burn, then water, aloe juice, patch. In the case of Allergy, it should be possible to remove the cause, to wash the place of interaction of allergen with water to make a compress, and be sure to give the prescription then go to doctor.

    Important! If the baby is stung by an insect, remove the stinger and apply a cold compress. Address to the doctor – here and now! The venom of many spiders, hornets, wasps can kill a child much faster than an adult.

    Types of blisters and features of therapeutic effects

    The location of the blisters on the body, their appearance can tell a lot attentive parents:

  • Blisters on fingers – the result digidrata. Disease allergic type, occurs in conditions of high humidity and heat. Need to treat sedatives, combining with antihistamines. Sometimes blister the girls appears with the beginning of the cycle, such entities are themselves, to treat them is not necessary. After some time, education will cease to manifest itself and symptoms will disappear.
  • The Pope is toddler most boils caused by inflammatory processes in the sebaceous gland. The reason for the lack of hygiene, treatment ointment. Sometimes the baby’s bottom blisters – burns, especially if the baby cot is close to the battery.
  • Eyelid blister appears only in the case of serious infections: herpes, molluscum contagiosum, severe allergies. Also dangerous is the appearance of bubbles in the eye area. You should immediately see a doctor.
  • On the feet of the child’s education arise from infection, friction burns or allergies.
  • On the palms often appear dropsy, caused by mechanical irritation.
  • Blisters on face – a cold sore, treatment is indicated only special ointments.
  • If changes of the dermis appeared behind the ear, you should test are the same signs is inflammation of the lymph nodes. The disease can be treated depending on the nature, you should contact the doctor. Very often behind the ear are formed warts taken over the blisters. If the bump persists for a long time, there is no reason for allergies or burn, you should remove them.
  • Blisters on hands rashes – Allergy. If education bespomoschnogo conventional type, it will be on their own. But if the skin blisters with fluid, they can leave sores recommended treatment as in the case of burns.
  • Small petechial rash similar to the bites of most of them is. Sometimes the cause is fleas, especially if the kid loves cats, dogs and other animals. While fleas like to live long on humans, constantly biting him, and lice. Scratching the bites is impossible, if itchy, can help compresses, menthol ointment, a mixture of water, soda and vinegar.
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  • Urticaria – small or medium size rash formed not only on the hands, feet, and mucous membranes. Dangerous form of Allergy leading to swelling and shortness of breath. Notice these blisters on hands, feet or body of the baby immediately to the doctor. Self-medication will not help here. What exactly is the blister as pictured will set doctor. This can be as a contact allergen and nervous shock.
  • Red blisters on feet and body can be formed because of the bite, allergies or acne. As a rule, most of the allergens causes a red rash.
  • Blisters of white color – an alarming sign, it could be hives. If white blisters on the skin itch, the localization on the face, eyelids – a sign of herpes, molluscum contagiosum.
  • Important! White bubble of education can be a symptom of pemphigus. In this case, the blisters on the body itch, spread rapidly and pose a serious danger. To cure the disease completely fail, but it is important to prevent the spread of infection. Because the faster you contact your doctor, the more effective will be the treatment.

    Point of water bubbles on the toes can be due to trauma, burns, or pemphigus. What exactly has any of education, will reveal the doctor. But if such cases no serous fluid and there was babies, then most likely, this toxic Eritrea. The disease goes by itself, by about the 3rd week of life. Newborns also have frequent symptoms of whiteheads is excess secretion of the female hormone, influencing the fetus before birth. Rashes are regular bathing the baby. But if your kids are frequent manifestations itchy pustular formations, the risk of bacterial infection and to delay treatment is impossible. Children in the first weeks of life, any threat of infection, because it is better as quickly as possible to go to the doctor.

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