The name of the doctor and the doctor who heals them

The name of the doctor who treats hair?

Hair loss is a serious problem affecting men and women regardless of age group. When the situation becomes rampant, people are thinking about medical care, wonder what kind of doctor treats hair and scalp?

Trichology is a branch of medicine that studies the morphology and physiology of hair developing methods of treatment. Accordingly, a specialist in hair is called a trichologist.

  • What cures a trichologist?
  • When you need the assistance of a trichologist?
  • On reception at the doctor
  • Therapy services
  • Preventive measures

What cures a trichologist?

The doctor-triholog specializiruetsya on various pathologies of the scalp. On the basis of knowledge about the structure of hair and follicle, phases of growth and others aspects it determines the etiology of the problem, prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Additionally, the specialist provides information to the Advisory nature relating to the proper care of the hair and scalp, diet. The treatment regimen due to reasons and factors that triggered the problem.

The doctor’s treating the following pathological conditions:

  • Alopecia diffuse nature;
  • Focal alopecia;
  • Hair loss;
  • Premature graying;
  • Dandruff, seborrhoea;
  • Atrophic changes in the structure of hairs;
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Athlete’s foot, head lice, etc.

Specialist in this field receives an appropriate education. Usually training this specialization takes place only after the studied section of dermatology, as disciplines are tightly intertwined.

When you need the assistance of a trichologist?

Definitely, if your hair is exceptionally small percentage of people seek help in medical institution. Initially try other methods – the shampoos and conditioners to strengthen hair mask to accelerate growth, different gels and sprays, oils.

When hair loss due to seasonal phenomenon or a deficiency of vitamins and mineral components, tools work effectively, cope with the task, returning a healthy glow, reducing the brittleness.

If the problem is transformed into pathology, they are useless. You need adequate treatment prescribed by the specialist narrow area.

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To the doctor appeal in such cases:

  • Mass loss, while shampoos, traditional medicine other ways do not give the desired result.
  • Excessive breakage and dryness of hair.
  • Increased oiliness of the hair.
  • Cosmetic products do not relieve the dandruff.
  • Skin scalp itches and itches, sores, rashes.
  • Graying at an early age.
  • The causes of hair loss include hormonal imbalance, reduced immune status, chronic stress, disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract, use of certain medications.

    Important: when buying shampoos, masks, balms, gels, etc. means, people affect the result, so the result is zero. Treatment consists in combating the cause, which provides a favorable prognosis.

    On reception at the doctor

    Knowing what are the doctors hair, you need to visit the chosen specialist. In many medical institutions of a public nature, this service is missing. So you will need to go to a private clinic.

    During the reception, the doctor queries the patient on the subject of complaints, making for himself a rough clinical picture. To establish an accurate diagnosis you will need some research.

    In most cases it is recommended to determine the biochemical parameters of blood, to hand over the analysis on hormones, have an ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland. Individually appoint the following diagnostic methods:

    • Microvideosoft involves the study of the structure of hair by means of computer equipment. Use specific cameras, powerful microscopes, allowing to increase the image obtained in 150 times. Manipulation allows you to examine the scalp and the hair;
    • Spectral examination – a procedure which determines the composition of the mineral components in the hairline. With its help diagnose the causes of hair loss, metabolic disturbances, deficiency or excess of minerals in the human body;
    • Phototrichogram or Trichogramma. Methods to determine the number of follicles on the affected area and give an idea of the stage of alopecia.

    Note, often the problem connected other specialists – endocrinologist, nutritionist and even a psychologist.

    Therapy services

    After establishing the cause, the physician is preparing the treatment. Conventionally, therapy is divided into three areas – basic, symptomatic and secondary. Scheme of the main treatment is determined individually depending on the source of the problem:

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  • Against the background of fungal infections or infectious pathologies prescribe drugs that are destroying the pathological micro-organisms on the head.
  • When the cause acts as a hormonal imbalance, recommend synthetic drugs for its recovery.
  • If factor is improper care doctor who treats the scalp, pick up the necessary tools.
  • Symptomatic therapy is directed on elimination of symptoms provoked by the primary pathology. This is required in those clinical pictures, when the patient is worried about itching, rashes and other negative manifestations.

    Appoint the preparations of local action astringent properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect for ingestion.

    The goal of additional of therapy is to quickly return your hair Shine and healthy look. Recommend manipulations that accelerate natural process of recovery, normalizes sebaceous glands, strengthen the follicles.

    Effective restorative manipulation:

    • Mesotherapy. During the procedure the introduction of drugs into the skin by injection. They contain several active substances. They are selected based on patient problems;
    • Darsonvalization involves «combing» the hair through specific devices resembling a comb. Using the apparatus supplied electric current, which greatly enhances the nutrition of the follicles and accelerates the growth of tresses;
    • Electrophoresis. With the help of electric current into the scalp the drugs are administered. To the affected area apply pads soaked in the medicines after him to attach the electrodes, which receives the current;
    • Massaging is of two types – manual and hardware. In the first case, the affected fingers, and the second device in the form of a suction Cup. The procedure improves blood circulation, which significantly accelerates the process of renewal of hair;
    • Cryotherapy – the liquid nitrogen effect, with low temperature regime. The cold has a positive effect on the skin, especially in impaired functionality of the sebaceous glands.
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    Preventive measures

    Hair loss for both women and men is a major problem. Ignoring the situation can lead to absolute baldness. Medical practice shows that a large list of skin disease develops in cases when you ignore the basic rules of care.

    Another factor is poor diet, leading to deficiency of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other useful components.

    Timely elimination of negative circumstances can prevent the pathological condition of the hair. As prevention doctors recommend:

  • To abandon the use of other people’s hygiene items (combs).
  • Wear hats to protect from UV rays or cold.
  • To use special means of protection from the sun.
  • Eliminate combs and accessories made of metal.
  • To choose the right tools to care. The shampoos and conditioners must match the type of the scalp.
  • To reduce the use of dryers, irons etc. heating devices.
  • Inflammation, exhaustion, stress and nervous tension, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract, weakening of the immune system contribute to the loss of strands. Careful attitude to their health and timely treatment of existing diseases will retain the hair volume and prevent hair loss.

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