The lump on nose: how to get rid of and the ways of its removal

Description of methods for the removal of a Wen on his nose

For each person, and especially for women unpleasant aesthetic education is the lump on your nose or other part of the face. Is a small benign neoplasm has a lobed structure filled fat cells. That is apparently a lipoma like a normal pimple. But to deal with this Wen it is desirable only in the hands of professionals (cosmetologists and surgeons). What ways of getting rid of unpleasant formations on the face, learn from the material below.

  • The effectiveness of different methods of removal of a Wen on the face
  • The reasons for the formation of lump on nose
  • Ways to remove lipomas on the face
  • People’s ways of dealing with the lipoma
  • Herbs and other products in the treatment of lipomas on the nose

The effectiveness of different methods of removal of a Wen on the face

If the reader is interested in the question how to get rid of the lump on the nose, we should know that there are several ways, each of which are effective, but depending on the structure of the lipoma and its size and qualities. So, the less superficial and Wen and the sooner the treatment, the more likely it is that they will be able to get rid of the education «little blood.»

Important: if the lipoma nose appeared for the first time and it causes alertness, it is better to consult a specialist who will take cells formation on histology. Before carrying out surgical removal of lipomas is done in a mandatory manner.

Thus, the efficiency of different methods of removal Wen is as follows:

  • Classic excision of the large lipoma surgical technique gives 100% result with no possibility of relapse;
  • Laser removal is also effective at 100% and gives you the ability to completely prevent recurrence, minimize the scarring and move the operation bloodless.
  • The endoscopic method (a method of introducing a dissolving solution into the capsule of Wen) also does not guarantee 100% result.
  • Traditional methods of removal Wen’t always lead to the desired result. The fact is that when you remove a lipoma with his own hands is not always possible to clean the capsule of education. And that could lead to the re-growth of a lipoma.

Important: to remove a lipoma on nose and other parts of the body it is better to consult a qualified dermatologist or beautician.

The reasons for the formation of lump on nose

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To such unpleasant phenomena as lipomas on the skin can result in the following reasons:

  • Failures in metabolic processes;
  • An unbalanced diet;
  • Improper care of the skin and, accordingly, a blockage of the sebaceous glands;
  • Disruption of the digestive tract;
  • Malfunction of the liver;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Disruptions in the hormonal system;
  • Heredity.

Ways to remove lipomas on the face

Methods of disposal of talc on the face and body today are quite safe and innovative. In particular, the clinics use such techniques:

  • Classic excision of a Wen. Used only in the case if education has a large size (5 mm or more).
  • Puncture aspiration removal of fatty lipoma. In this case, the fat content of lipomas aspirated with a large needle. It is not always possible to remove the capsule, which leads to relapse.
  • REGIONALNOE effect on the tumor. Under the rays of the apparatus of the fabric separating from the Wen healthy layer of the epidermis and dermis together with the capsule.
  • Laser removal of the tumor. Also involves effects on the tumor rays, the intensity and duration of exposure which is determined by the attending physician depending on the depth of location of the lump and its size.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the face in the salon environment. Here is the puncture of the formation and destruction of its content.

Important: how to remove talc on the nose as efficiently as possible, should be resolved only by a qualified specialist.

People’s ways of dealing with the lipoma

Some people try to deal with Wens on their own. To do this, use the following:

  • Drying of lipoma. Here mainly use alcohol tinctures and other remedies based on alcohol. Should twice a day to treat the white bumps on the nose the desired solution. Some are used for drying lipomas salicylic alcohol.
  • The cauterization. For these purposes use the iodine. It is applied on a cotton swab and spot treat the lipoma on the nose. This should be done 2-3 times a day. It is believed that the iodine would burn the capsule Wen with time.
  • Puncture and removal. This method solves the most desperate, as to pierce the Wen the house is strictly prohibited. High risk of infection. Yes, and is unlikely to remove the capsule of the tumor with his hands.

Herbs and other products in the treatment of lipomas on the nose

Homemade ways of dealing with the lipoma:

  • The leaves of Kalanchoe or aloe. They were cut along and apply the juicy pulp to the lipoma. It is advisable to do this at night, the pre-fixing sheet plants, plaster.
  • Butter with the juice of watercress. In this case, you need to take 2 tbsp of the juice of the plant and mix with 50 gr. butter. To impose these packs are also better at night.
  • Onions and Laundry soap. Onion bake in the oven and after cooling, passed through a meat grinder. Now you need to grate the soap and mix it with onion mush. The finished mixture is put on Wen night as a compress. Courses are held until the complete disappearance of education.
  • A mixture of sour cream, salt and honey. Honey and sour cream mixed in equal parts. Here salt is added in the same volume. The mixture was stirred and used as a compress for the night.
  • The fat lamb. Used in molten form as a compress for the treatment of lipomas on the nose.
  • Vegetable oil and vodka. Mixed in equal parts, these components form a truly magical ground for removal of a tumor on the nose.
  • Garlic and vegetable oil. Chopped press the garlic, mix with butter. The finished mass is applied to the lipoma every evening until its complete disappearance.
  • Clay red. Her 2 tbsp mixed with sour milk and a small amount of salt. The prepared mixture is used as a compress.

Important: squeeze a lipoma by the type of standard pimple is strictly prohibited. Too high a risk of infection of wounds and subsequent suppuration in the deeper layers of the skin.

Those who are not afraid to take risks and wants to cope with a Wen on his nose, you can try at home people’s ways of dealing with the lipoma. But under condition of its small size.

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