The isoprinosine: instructions for use of tablets and analogues of the drug and replacement children

The isoprinosine: application instructions and analogues

When getting herpes virus in the body and its activity varies depending on the state of the human immune system. However, to expel pathogenic flora finally fails. Therefore, it is important to support the work of protective forces of an organism at the appropriate level. One of the drugs that work in this direction is Isoprinosine. Below are the instructions for the use of Isoprinosine in explanation of the action of the drug and the recommended dose of its application.

  • What happens in the human body herpes?
  • Description and indications for use of the drug for herpes
  • Application of Isoprinosine
  • Special indications and contraindications to the use of Isoprinosine
  • Side effects and overdose
  • Analogues Of Isoprinosine

What happens in the human body herpes?

When getting herpes virus in the body it accumulates mainly in the nervous system. There the virus remains forever. However, some precipitating factors and its activity increases. In this case the patient finds a different cosmetic defects in the form of a rash resembling vesicles filled with liquid.

In the human body pathogenic flora is fixed due to the fact that the particles of virus together with the blood spread throughout the body. That is why herpes can be localized in various organs and systems. The carrier of the herpes virus is a potential hazard for uninfected people. Pathogenic flora can be transmitted sexually, by contact-household, kissing and handshakes.

When the virus enters the bloodstream, the body’s defenses begin his attack. Thus, the leukocytes are holding a reproduction of pathogenic flora in the patient’s body. But by reducing the immunity of the virus takes over. In the most severe cases the patient may even develop sepsis.

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Description and indications for use of the drug for herpes

Manual of Isoprinosine contains information about what the drug belongs to the group of antiviral and immunomodulators. The components of the product increase the concentration of lymphocytes, which are the main weapons of the body’s defense system. Thus, there is active blocking reproduction of the virus in the shortest possible time. The process occurs in the background of the imminent damage of the genetic apparatus of cells of the virus. About the same work and equivalent of Isoprinosine, but over a longer period.

After application of Isoprinosine tablets the clinical picture of symptoms of herpes is significantly reduced. Rashes are most actively regenerated mucosa of the mouth and genitals. Itching and pain.

Drug and selected a full analogue of Isoprinosine appoint in such cases:

  • Herpes 1 and type 2;
  • Cytomegalovirus;
  • Chickenpox;
  • Measles and mumps;
  • The Epstein;
  • SARS;
  • Papilloma infection;
  • Hepatitis viral nature;
  • Acute encephalitis, etc.

Important: the appointment of the drug should be done only by the treating doctor after thorough diagnosis of the patient.

Application of Isoprinosine

The dosage of Isoprinosine and analogues of the drug should be prescribed only by a specialist, depending on the condition of the patient. However, under instructions to take the drug in recommended doses:

  • Children. The daily dose divided into 3-4 reception. Dose is derived from the calculation of 10-50 mg per kilogram weight of the child, depending on his age.
  • Adults. Take a dose of the drug for one or two times at the rate of 50 mg per kilogram of body weight. The course of treatment is 3-10 days at the discretion of the attending physician.
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When encephalitis dosage of the drug for adults and children increased to 100 mg per kilogram of body weight of the patient. To take a dose of once adults and children share the drug for 5-6 times. Treat encephalitis course of 7 days, then make a break for 8 days, and again repeat the course.

Important: the frequent recurrence of the herpes virus treatment complicated by. First, the drug is taken at the recommended dose until the disappearance of visible symptoms, and then the pill for another 1-2 weeks as a preventive means. But in a lower dose.

With regard to the prevention of the drug, administered it to persons who are at risk. Such patients are:

  • Women who take hormonal contraception for more than two years;
  • Patients with chronically weakened immune systems (cancer patients, alcoholics, suffered from viral infection);
  • Individuals who prefer frequent change of sexual partners;
  • Diabetics are not receiving proper treatment;
  • Persons who have anal sex.

Special indications and contraindications to the use of Isoprinosine

Prohibition of acceptance of Isoprinosine apply to these patients:

  • Children under the age of one year;
  • Patients with gout;
  • Persons with a diagnosis of «hyperuricemia»;
  • Patients who have individual intolerance to one or more product components;
  • Patients receiving therapy with immunosuppressive agents.

Important research regarding the use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding have not been conducted. Therefore, pregnant this drug is not prescribed.

Side effects and overdose

The isoprinosine does not affect the concentration, but occasionally may cause dizziness. So people whose work is connected with high concentration of attention, should be careful for the period of drug treatment.

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Aside from dizziness, the patient may rarely occur skin rashes, disorders of the chair, problems with sleep and easy irritability.

Cases of overdose have not been identified. But when you increase the side effects should stop the drug and conduct symptomatic treatment, i.e. to eliminate the side effects.

Analogues Of Isoprinosine

If necessary, you can use the analogy of the drug Isoprinosine. In this case, the doctor should tell the patient what you can replace the Isoprinosine. In Russian pharmacies on sale are these drugs similar in effect to the desired one:

  • Groprinosin. Having a similar effect on the body of the patient, but is a list of auxiliary components.
  • Normaled. The drug is in the form of syrup, which activates the immune system of the patient. Is more list of side effects. Forbidden during pregnancy, lactation, renal insufficiency.

Whatever the choice of the patient, one should still consult with your doctor on the subject of replacement of Isoprinosine. Even if all of its analogues are implemented in a drugstore without a prescription.

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