The isoprinosine HPV from warts and treatment in gynecology

Drug Isoprinosine to treat HPV

The human papillomavirus is the main cause of tumors on the skin of the whole body, causing great discomfort in daily life. Of course, consider papillomas only as a cosmetic defect is not necessary, it is a serious disease that 58% of all cases, without timely therapy turns into a malignant tumor. Modern medicine still have not learned to get rid of HPV forever, but can stop the progression of the disease at an early stage. Very well-proven Isoprinosine HPV.

  • Description of preparation and composition
  • How to take the drug?
  • Contraindications
  • Analogues Of Isoprinosine
  • The isoprinosine during pregnancy
  • Feedback about the application

Description of preparation and composition

The isoprinosine is an immunostimulant tool, release the drug in the form of an oblong pill white in color with a characteristic odor. The action of the drug due to the main component inosine pranobex. Substance in its structure resembles a DNA molecule is therefore able to restore the broken cells, which was defeated by a virus. Each tablet contains 500mg inosine, so the effect of the treatment, you will notice with regular use, within a few weeks. An additional ingredient of the drug is the wheat starch, povidone, and magnesium stearate.

The drug is able to cure warts and other HPV symptoms due to its antiviral properties. Human infection of HPV is due to the «inaction» of the main defensive cells of the immune system — lymphocytes. The drug is able to restore their activity, and to increase their number. Due to this operation, the body is able to resist the virus itself and oppress action and infection in the shortest possible time. In addition, when treatment with isoprinosine noted active work of T-helper cells — highly specialised immune cells, which destroy already infected with the virus to the tissue. During the use of medications in the body produces a large amount of interferon which is the main tracker for cell T -helper cells, it detects the mutated cells and inhibits their further development.

Drug Isoprinosine can be treated and other diseases of viral nature, for example, herpes, shingles, mononucleosis and measles. Not assigned to a tool for preventive purposes. If the body is not marked viral infection, the use of Isoprinosine does not make sense.

In this dosage form the drug is very well absorbed by the body, excreted in 48 hours naturally. Medication allows in the shortest possible time to strengthen the body’s defenses. To improve the health of the patient and makes it resistant to bacterial infections.

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How to take the drug?

Treatment of HPV with Isoprinosine is developed by the doctor, he decides how long to take the drug. Feature of drugs is that it is accepted in the presence of a papilloma virus from the age of three. Many experts recommend consuming Isoprinosine in combination with other therapies, for example with the minimally invasive removal of tumors, drugs for external application or cautery. This greatly increases the effectiveness of therapy several times, and virtually eliminates the recurrence of the disease.

The dosage of the drug at its sole discretion, may adjust the doctor, but as a rule, appoint 2 tablets 3 times a day. Course of treatment averages 14 days, although therapy can be prolonged to 28 days. If necessary, you can repeat the course. If the child’s treatment, the dose of Isoprinosine is being developed with the expectation of a half tablet per 5 kg of weight.


Before you begin to use a drug, you need to carefully read the instructions, because every drug has its contraindications, which should be deleted. Among the contraindications of Isoprinosine:

  • gout;
  • kidney stones;
  • arrhythmia;
  • increased sensitivity of the organism;
  • chronic renal failure.

If you ignore the above contraindications, the patient may experience a number of side effects. As a rule, there is dizziness, vomiting, nausea and abnormal heart rhythm. If you mark at least one of these symptoms after taking medication, immediately go to the doctor and report the incident. He podkorrektirovatj the dosage or substitute drugs.

In any case, you cannot combine this antiviral drug with alcoholic beverages as it significantly increases the load on the kidneys, and possible serious complications. The drug may react with certain antibiotics, so you should consult with your physician before how to combination therapy.

Analogues Of Isoprinosine

Like any medical drug, Isoprinosine has a number of analogues, some of them are very similar and some the same principle. Among the most effective analogues include:

  • Nurmamed;
  • Navarin;
  • The doctor;
  • Propiverine;
  • After;
  • Amizon;
  • Arrival.
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These medications can have a list of contraindications, so you should not to use them carelessly or to appoint a medication by yourself. Your thoughtless actions and self-treatment depend on your future health.

The isoprinosine during pregnancy

Doctors rarely assigned Isoprinosine during pregnancy, the fact that the end of action of the drug on the embryo have not been studied. Many studies say that the use of the drug in the early stages of pregnancy, may cause malformations of the baby.

Taking into account the time that the drug increases the number of leukocytes in the blood of the patient, the possible inadequate reaction of the female organism. Own immune cells may attack the embryo in the early stages of development, leading ultimately to the miscarriage and fading fruit.

As for the lactation, the drug be administered only if the benefits justify the potential damage. As they say experienced doctors, regular intake of medication may trigger the burnout of the mother’s milk. If you are prescribed treatment with Isoprinosine, it is much wiser to stop breast-feeding.

Feedback about the application

Dozens of patients have been treated with a drug called Isoprinosine and was satisfied, as it is well tolerated and rarely produces side effects. That’s what they say themselves:

Valentina and Sergey Tkachev 38 and 15 years:

«After the child has performed 15 years, began to notice that his skin is massively warts appear. I’m certainly familiar with adolescence and know what is happening hormonal failure, but always expect the acne, but does not papillomas. Decided not to waste time and went on cryodestruction. Available warts we quickly eliminated, but this was not the end. A month later, the child became ill with a cold and the skin reappeared warts. Turning to the dermatologist, we attributed the immunostimulatory medicament Isoprinosine, at first were skeptical because how can a pill to remove the papilloma, but was pleasantly surprised when by themselves warts began to disappear. Very pleased with the action of medicines, recommended to all.»

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Irina 28 years

«At a regular examination by a gynecologist, I was diagnosed with «papilloma of the cervix», I did not understand what was happening to me, but the doctor explained that the mucous membrane has warts that are sure to treat, because they can turn into cancer tumor. At first I was frightened in earnest, carefully perform all the instructions of the doctor and was very surprised when after a month of use tablets Isoprinosine, papilloma virus retreated. Of course, you know, that completely eliminate the virus is not possible, but Parliament and what were warts, which prevented me from getting pregnant for three years.»

Igor 44:

«For 5 years regularly faced with the development of papillomas on the hands, face and other parts of the body. At first thought it was a hazard of the profession — work in a confectionery shop, there is always a dusty and dry air, but as it turned out, I have papilloma virus. Before I was diagnosed, was treated Solkoserilom – cauterized tumors, but after some time they appear again. The doctor prescribed me 5 tablets of Isoprinosine 1 time a day for 20 days. As shown by the tests, after treatment, the amount of virus in the blood decreased, moreover, the papillomas began to disappear by themselves. Since the therapy was more than six months, and during that time I have never, not observed exacerbation of the virus or development of new cutaneous defects.»

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