The fungus in the child on the legs and toes: how to treat

Treatment of fungus on the feet of the child

In adults of working age, fungal infections on the feet are the first place to spread around the world. Children’s fungus is much rarer, and usually the provocateur of its development in the growing organism are the adults that ignore the rules of personal hygiene, and do not want to timely treat peeling skin on the feet.

  • Causes of fungus
  • Symptoms and Treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • Recipes of foot baths
  • Prevention

Causes of fungus

Athlete’s foot, the child can develop at any age, others more prone to infection babies whose feet due to poorly developed thermoregulation, sweat a lot. Fungus loves a moist environment, therefore, quickly affects small foot. Imagine the horror in the eyes of parents trying to provide their child the best of everything in one day discover the fungus between the toes of the child. To panic in any case is not necessary, it is very important to determine the true cause of the infection and eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Among the major causes that can trigger the development of fungal infection include:

  • close low-quality shoes that interfere with normal ventilation;
  • immunosuppression;
  • scratches, cuts and other damage on the skin;
  • long nails;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • flat feet;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • contact with infected adults;
  • the use of some appliances and detergents with a vector;
  • pathology of blood vessels.

It should be mentioned that fungus in children can manifest after long-term use of antibacterial drugs and also in case of lack of a certain vitamin in the body.

Taking into account the fact that young children not understanding what is happening to them, can comb inflammation on foot and carrying the infection to the handle, further worsening their condition and the General disease pattern. The task of parents is timely treatment of the pathological process on the feet, to prevent the spread of infection to other areas.

Symptoms and Treatment

The fungus in the child on his feet has the same symptoms as in adults. Skin on the feet begins to redden and swollen. A child that can already speak, describes the itching and burning sensation in the feet, parents can see skin peeling, blisters of different size and localization on the leg. When the blisters crack and in their place are formed the wounds and erosion. Feet skin becomes dry and walking cause the child severe pain, perhaps even bleeding. If that’s the time to bring the bacterial infection may be suppuration and fever in a child. It is also worth mentioning that between the fingers are formed of scales, they are the main instigators of the pathological process. They are often left in shoes, socks and carpets and, when applied to the skin of a healthy person, provoking inflammation.

Children’s skin is unlike the adult, is composed of more water, respectively, for fungal infection will be more «wet», because lipid and mineral metabolism in the skin is much more active.

With each stage of its development, the fungus in children gives all new symptoms may be affected and the nails of the baby, they become thin and exfoliate. Not rarely observed white spots on the nail plate and the unpleasant smell that comes from little feet, even after hygienic procedures.

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Quickly get rid of the fungal infection will help only a proper combination of systemic and local therapy. Drugs for treatment should appoint a doctor based on examination of the child. In any case, do not use for the treatment of medicines from fungus that is issued to you once. Indication and usage for most drugs for adults eliminates the effect on the child’s body, as there is a large risk of side effects and allergic reactions.

In the treatment of fungal infection, the doctor takes into account the point that sometimes protivomikrobnye funds could hurt the child much more than the fungus, so prescribe initially, maintenance therapy, and then purposefully work on the problem.

Better than other medicines proved:

  • Terbisil;
  • Nizoral;
  • Diflucan;
  • Drug zistan;
  • Clotrimazol;
  • Flucostat;
  • Lamisil;
  • Intrakonazol.

Most of the above medications authorized for use children only after 2 years. Up to this time shown external therapy. The affected area is recommended to treat with antiseptics and to promote the consumption of products vitaminosoderžaŝej, if the child is breast fed, your diet should reconsider mom.

Once the most effective procedure for the treatment of fungus believed the removal of the nail, where most often observed in the hotbed of inflammation, but modern medicine disproves this theory, because the localization of the infection is not limited to the nail plate, and extends to the fingers and foot.

The duration of therapy for athlete’s foot in a child, will be adjusted by the doctor individually. Besides pharmacotherapy, a pediatrician advises parents to spend full disinfection hosiery, footwear and toys to prevent re-infection. Not superfluous processing of flooring and carpets in the home remedies contain alcohol, they are able to kill the fungus, what is beyond the limits of the human body.

Folk remedies

If diagnosed a foot fungus in children, the use of folk methods of therapy must be carried out exclusively with the consent of the doctor. Despite the harmlessness of herbal treatments, and sometimes plants can provoke an allergic reaction and worsen the overall condition of the baby. Among the most effective remedies from traditional healers that have passed the test of time include:

  • egg whisk and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil or vinegar. All mix thoroughly and spread over the affected skin of the foot, at night. To remedy is better absorbed, leg wrapped in cling film, and on top put a wool sock;
  • dry feet should be treated with an alcohol tincture of calendula, it can be ready to buy in the drugstore or make your own;
  • juice of celandine allows you to relieve inflammation, to accelerate healing of minor sores and weeping erosions on the skin, it is important to use fresh juice or water infusion of the plant. In any case, the alcohol tincture does not apply, it can cause a strong burning sensation and burn the delicate skin;
  • Rowan berries, the stalk of burdock onion and crushed to mushy state, and as a compress applied to the child to stop for a few hours, it is best to do this before dinner sleep;
  • if the affected nail, it is recommended to treated with tea tree oil twice a day, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so quickly neutralizes the inflammation, and calm irritated skin.

On numerous websites for young moms, you can read the tips that the fungus on the feet of the child are treated with garlic. This is a very effective method, but only for adults. Garlic can really eliminate the infection, but children’s skin is not ready for its impact. If you put the pulp of garlic to baby soft skin, after a couple of minutes at the point of contact formed a huge bubble, the burn.

Recipes of foot baths

Athlete’s foot, the child can be treated baths of herbs, this manner of treatment like most kids, because they are «healing», while playing in the water. Helps bath of milkweed -300 g of dry, chopped herbs, pour boiling water. Broth insist half an hour, and then strain, pour into a bowl with warm water. Follow the temperature of the liquid to the baby not get burned. In warm water the child keeps feet in 20 minutes. Skin after bath, carefully wipe with a dry towel and applied to one of the antifungal ointments.

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The simplest prescription fungus treatment in water treatment, is a saline solution. In 1 liter of hot water, should be diluted in 100g of sodium chloride and sea salt. The child should keep the feet not in the water, and above it, so that the skin has absorbed the vapor emanating from the liquid. Of course, to carry out this procedure in small children is difficult, because they aim to stick your finger in boiling water, but if you try, then one procedure, you have to eliminate the itching and swelling.

Long ago, eliminated bacterial lesions, parasites and fungi with the help of the herb Artemisia. This is a very effective method of therapy, especially if you need to quickly cleanse the skin. To prepare the bath, you need 100g of grass and 1 liter of boiling water. The tool should insist night. Next, the resulting broth, strain, pour into a basin of boiling water and allowed to stand for another 20 minutes. After the water temperature will be 15-20 degrees, the child should be put into the liquid leg. The longer leg in contact with the liquid, the greater the likelihood that fungus will be able to get rid of after a single use. A feature of this variant of treatment is, that the resulting broth can be used repeatedly, it is enough to boil.


Fungus on toes it is easier to prevent than to cope with it in a growing organism. While for adults on the shelves of pharmacies, you can find an extensive list of drugs the most effective drugs for children, fraught side effects, and may be displayed on the state of the other organs. Treatment of fungus on my little finger foot and nails is always a long process, so it is best to follow certain guidelines and do to avoid infection:

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  • Never put your baby someone else’s shoes and socks;
  • Don’t let him walk barefoot down the street in the warm season;
  • Follow the immunity of your child and his food;
  • The slightest of scratches on the legs, treat with antiseptics and spend a full treatment of inflammatory diseases;
  • If the child attends sports clubs or pools teach him to only use his funds for hygienic procedures;
  • Keep the legs of the child;
  • Dress baby for the weather, don’t wear tights and socks in hot season, legs misted, and the optimal conditions for the growth of pathogenic flora;
  • Timely obligate child nails and use the individual scissors. Under the nails is concentrated pathogenic flora and a variety of fungal microorganisms;
  • Choose child only high-quality shoes made of natural, breathable materials.
  • At the slightest changes in texture of the nail on a finger of a child, peeling skin and weird rashes on the feet, see your doctor. Remember that the baby’s health is in your hands to eliminate the fungus as quickly as possible and to avoid unpleasant its implications, listen to the complaints of the child and do not self-medicate.

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