The finger turned black on the leg — what to do if darkened thumb

Causes blackening of toe and traditional methods of treatment

Neat nails on the feet and hands in the modern world is not a luxury but a necessity, because they can tell a lot about a person — to win or to repel and disgust. Despite the careful care of the nail plate, sometimes we notice that blacken the toes. To ignore it is impossible, people are underestimating the seriousness of the situation faced subsequently with skin diseases, exacerbations of chronic diseases and, of course, pathologies of the formation of the nail plate.

  • The causes of blackening
  • How to treat darkening?
  • Traditional methods
  • Preventive measures

The causes of blackening

To determine what causes black toe quite difficult, because this symptom is characterized by several diseases, correct diagnosis can only be a qualified expert on the basis of examination and series of tests.

Blacken the toes due to internal and external reasons. The external causes include staining the fingers black due to contact with corrosive substances or paint. A typical example of the artificial blackening of the plate on the feet is her contact with potassium permanganate. Mechanical damage can also cause bruising. First finger, and with it the nail will be painted in a purple tone, but after a couple of days, the color becomes black.

In this case, the essential danger of the situation does not bear, bruising could occur even from tight shoes, by depressing the finger could burst a few blood vessels. People could careless to cut nails and injure the skin or even to drive a small rolling pin. All these situations do not require medical intervention, to them a person can handle himself.

Much more serious is the situation with the internal reasons, to eliminate them necessarily, because if blackened the toes in the body can be used to diagnose cancer or some systemic diseases, for example, diabetes or psoriasis. Under the influence of unfavorable factors may develop a benign tumor, respectively expand the blood vessels and the finger becomes dark in color. Liver disease is also often make themselves known by a blackening of the toe.

The most common reason that your thumb is black, there is a fungus. It can develop not only in case of lack of hygiene, the infection can provoke vitamin deficiency, stress and even long-term antibiotic therapy.

The nail darkens from the base to the center gradually. In most cases, it mold fungus, fungi, other strains are characterized by thickening of nail and yellow.

This type of fungus exposes pregnant women, adolescents and people with reduced immunity. If you notice that the nail is darkened, even at observance of all recommendations of the doctor and proper treatment is not always possible to save the nail plate, you should be ready for it.

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How to treat darkening?

Treatment of blackening of the nail should choose a doctor. To try to resolve the pathological condition of the nail plate, is strictly prohibited, you will only aggravate the situation and wasting time. Such problems never go in by themselves, every day the blackening will move to a new stage and as a result, the patient receives not only a sore finger, but also moral discomfort that prevents him to wear open shoes and relax on the beach. So you did not feel like a second-class citizen, and not afraid to show their nails to others, you need to go to the doctor as quickly as possible, not to paint your nails in the same color, as is not infrequently done by women.

Therapy is prescribed depending on the causes that provoked the disease. If an agent provocateur were made by mechanical trauma, it is necessary to process the hydrogen peroxide nail or Hlorgeksidinom, and apply Heparin ointment. If the nail is damaged and the beginning stages of rejection, in order to avoid even more injury to the skin, the nail is fixed with an adhesive plaster. Also recommended to apply cold compresses to reduce pain that may be present, and to remove swelling.

Because of the metabolic disorders and improper blood circulation in people with diabetes finger nails very often. The drugs to treat them, may appoint an endocrinologist, based on the overall condition of the body.

As a rule, after a momentary indicator of blood sugar, as normal, and not repeated, if the patient control the glucose levels.

The tumor formed under the nail, and causes finger darkened, in medicine is called a hemangioma. This disease requires surgery, because the tumor gives pain, and to get rid of it other way. The surgeon completely removes the nail plate along with the vessels supplying the education, and assigns the subsequent chemo therapy.

Black on the toe toe fungal nail infection requires immediate treatment, as there is a high probability that the fungus would infect new skin areas and move to other nails. The first thing a person needs to seek professional diagnosis, after which the doctor will determine the strain of the fungus and prescribe medications. As a rule, use tools for taking internally to remove the infection from the blood, fluconazole, Ketoconazole, or Nystatin Orungal. Locally affect the finger drugs Nizoral, drug zistan, and the last time Ativen. In addition to creams and gels to eliminate fungal infection, use a special varnish that strengthens local immunity, and kill cells of the fungus directly on the nail plate. Among such funds, it may be noted Loceryl and Aflamil.

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Traditional methods

Folk remedies for the treatment is also good with the blackened nails of course on the very reason of their education, they are not always affected, but if they combine with many conventional treatments, the effect can be achieved much faster. Better than other proven methods of treatment:

  • Apple cider vinegar applied to the finger for half an hour, three times a day, a special effect is achieved if the cause blackened nails, was mildew. Vinegar essence creates on the surface of the skin acidic environment, which is detrimental to fungi of different strains. It is important to notice that regular Apple cider vinegar is not only able to kill a fungal infection, but also minimizes the likelihood of its recurrence;
  • if the nail plate start to turn black, it is recommended to apply a small amount of tea tree oil on it. The composition of the oil is alpha-phellandrene, and cineol Sabinin capable of providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Apply the product, extreme caution in people hypersensitive, tea tree oil may cause skin reaction;
  • you can make compresses of propolis and lemon slice. Propolis in liquid form is applied to a cotton swab and apply at night to the affected finger. This product of beekeeping is a great disinfectant, it is capable of killing gram-positive bacteria and fungus. Lemon is able to disinfect the nail to whiten the blackened plate.

Resorting to traditional medicine for help, remember that for a long period of self to anything good, does not. If there is no effect for several weeks, consult your doctor, as it may simply lose not only the nail, but the finger because of its neglect of health.

Preventive measures

The best treatment option is prevention – so they say the doctors. It is much wiser to alert the pathology than to cope with its consequences. Of course, to protect themselves from mechanical damage toes, you can’t, but if you will stick to a few tips, you minimize the risk of blackening of the finger, as a result of the fungus or other factors.

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Try to observe the rules of personal hygiene, change socks every day, often wash shoes and wipe your feet dry with a towel after taking a shower — wet conditions, perfect breeding ground for bacterial and fungal flora. If you notice on your finger scratches or other damage, immediately antiseptic. On the legs the chance of developing a bacterial infection, much higher than other parts of the body, because the fingers are constantly in contact with the floor where there is dust, dirt, and a lot of pathological microorganisms.

If you suggest at a fungal infection, to prevent, treat with antiseptics all it touches. Whether it is a Mat in the shower, nail clippers or towel, it is important that after you no one used them, because the probability of contamination is very high.

If you note in his discomfort, frequent bouts of hunger and the violation of drinking regime, refer to endocrinologist for consultation, it is likely you have diabetes. This is a very serious disease that can cause a lot of complications and black toe is the most trifling of them.

Now you know why blacken toenails, and being informed in advance, you will be able to recognize the disease and manage symptoms at an early stage. Be attentive to your body and to the extremities in particular, do not neglect, at first glance trivial diseases, diseases of the nails is not only a cosmetic defect. Launched pathological process can develop into a serious skin lesions, joints, and to lay the patient on the hospital bed.

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