The doctor Combi — instructions for use of tablets

The drug the Doctor Combi and indications

Every year the gynaecologists say that the number affected by candidiasis women is increasing, but it is not strange, because fungi are more than 150 species. Some women don’t even know that you are a carrier of the infection, infecting their sexual partners and allowing the fungus to move into chronic. Pharmaceutical companies are aware of the critical situation in question, fungi, therefore, offer a wide range of antimicrobial drugs. Best of the rest proved to the Doctor instruction manual, which comes in the kit.

  • Characteristics and composition of the drug
  • Indications for use
  • Method of application

Characteristics and composition of the drug

The doctor Kombi produced in the form of vaginal tablets without glazed coating, beige color. Allowed dark marble stains. The active ingredient Ornidazole is a derivative of imidazole that is widely used in gynecology, as an antimicrobial and antiseptic. The substance is well absorbed by the mucous membrane, the maximum concentration observed after half an hour after use. The medication is used vaginally. Be excreted with the urine and feces in 48 hours. The effectiveness of the drug due to it active components. Part medications include:

  • Ornidazole;
  • neomycin sulfate;
  • nystatin;
  • the prednisolone.

As auxiliary substances are:

  • starch;
  • pulp microcristalina;
  • propylgallate,
  • E 219;
  • Е217;
  • silicon dioxide;
  • talc;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • sodium krakhmalnikova;
  • sodium carmelose.

Because the components within the composition of medicines, destroyed the structure of DNA of fungal pathogens. The drug easily penetrates inside cells of the fungus and disrupts the process of replication. Medication sensitive not only to all strains of fungi including dermatophytes, yeasts, and active in the fight against certain types of anaerobic bacteria. Tablets can reduce symptoms of the inflammatory process, relieve itching and burning in the genital area and save the selection, causing significant discomfort.

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Indications for use

The candles, the Doctor Combi is used to treat many gynecological ailments, including Candida. Indication for prescription medication there are also fungal vaginitis caused by Candida albicans and vaginitis, caused by infection of mixed type. As prophylaxis, suppositories are used before abortion, before birth and in the postoperative period to prevent fungal infection and sanitation of the vagina.

Medication can be used by women during pregnancy, but only in the second and third trimester. In the early stages of therapy, the possible risk of miscarriage. As regards the period of feeding, the effect of medication on breast milk has not been fully established, therefore not recommended to use the Doctor Combi.

In contrast to other drugs antimicrobial action, the Doctor combination well tolerated by patients and rarely has side effects. The only contraindication to use is a personal intolerance to some component of medication. Candles vaginal Doctor Kombi not used to girls before they become sexually active. Contraindication for use, there is also the expiration date of the medicine, the package integrity.

The active substance in the preparations on the basis of neomycin, may damage latex contraceptives and reduce the level of protection during sexual intercourse. Therefore during treatment it is forbidden to have sex and use barrier contraceptives.

Method of application

Vaginal tablets introduced into the cavity using special applicators. Submerging the tablet in the boiled water for 15 seconds, gently introduce as much as possible, deeper. It is better to take the position — lying on the back, so the procedure will be much easier. Penetrated to the required depth, the pill is released from the applicator, and leave to dissolve. For the treatment of candidiasis shows the introduction of 2 suppositories a day, for 7 days. Therapy may, in its sole discretion, to adjust the attending physician, to self-renew or terminate the treatment, is strictly prohibited.

It is very important to carry out a joint treatment with the sexual partner. If the patient re-contact with a possible carrier of the fungal infection, notes the recurrence of the disease and a positive therapeutic effect, it is not possible to achieve.

Side effects from the drug are rare, they are possible if you have not complied with the rules of use of medication or ignored contraindications. Manifest side effects such as itching, burning, tingling or rash in the affected area with fungus. Marked increased sensitivity of the skin and slowing the healing of small cracks and scratches in the genital area.

Medication can be used as a main component in the treatment of thrush and to disentangle the additional substance in the complex therapy with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Modern pharmaceutical companies offer patients a number of cheap analogues of the drug, the Doctor. Among the effective drugs that are similar in composition and principle of operation note:

  • Dazolik;
  • Ornidazole;
  • Orginal;
  • Solgel;
  • Protocol;
  • Ornamac.
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All of these funds are dispensed without a prescription as the Doctor. It is very important before you start using it, carefully read the user manual. The fact that these medications can have a different list of contraindications and dosage of intake. Improper use of medicine entails negative consequences and a huge number of complications. If the therapy Maritinum and its analogues gave a result for two weeks or there are additional symptoms, inform your doctor will reduce the dosage or prescribe other medicines.

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