The child peeling skin on toes and peeling

Why peeling skin on the toes of the baby?

Quite often, new parents are faced with strange events — peeling of extremities toddlers and cracks between toes. The reasons for this skin appearance may be different, but independently to define, very difficult. Therefore, to avoid further development of pathological condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor, noticing that the child on his feet oblazit skin.

  • Why peel the fingers of children?
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Why peel the fingers of children?

Peeling skin on the feet of the child in the first few months, very often, and this is the norm. Thus, epidermis will adapt to the new environment. All that parents need at this time to do is to provide proper care and constantly wet feet. The main reason that breaks the skin on the feet and between the fingers there is a lack of moisture. Dry air in the room where the baby and excessive detergents that can cause rapid evaporation of moisture, the skin cells die and fall off in the form of flakes.

The most simple and banal reason for peeling skin on legs of the child, has improperly selected Shoe size. Upon contact of the fingers with the shoes, increasing the friction. Movement of the limb while walking, causing peeling, sore and cracked.

The child sloughs off the skin on the toes due to a fungal infection that can occur due to prolonged use of drugs, lack of hygiene, as well as a constant steaming legs. Baby skin is very sensitive, so the fungal organisms reproduce quickly. The source of infection by fungus can become adults who delayed therapy and spread the infection among their relatives. To know the fungus can be characteristic symptoms — peel of the foot, cracks at the toes and there is bad smell that comes from the limbs, even after the hygienic procedures.

Other possible reasons why the child has peeling skin on the feet and cracks can be noted:

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  • beriberi;
  • mechanical damage;
  • allergic reaction;
  • the lack of protein in the body;
  • parasitic infection.

All of the above reasons are not the verdict for the growing organism, modern doctors can quickly fix provocateur and restore the integrity of the skin.

Much more complicated is the situation in which peel off the skin from the toes of the child, due to systemic diseases, for example psoriasis. If the child once faced with the symptoms of psoriasis, they will stay with him forever, doctors can only adjust the duration of exacerbations of the disease.

Crack the skin on your toes have the baby due to congenital keratoderma the disease, the disease causing mutation of one of the genes. The disease manifests at the age from 1 year to 3 years. On the feet there is a marked thickening of the skin caused by dead skin particles are shed, and new cells are unable to replace them, in the end, the skin of the feet dry out and crack. The kid experiences sharp pain and refusing to move independently. Disease, so far incurable, but if you constantly use healing and moisturizing ointment, you can avoid serious consequences and lead a normal life.


If the child has peeling skin between the toes, the first thing parents should protect the baby from all sorts of stimuli, sometimes this is enough to stop the pathological process on the legs. It is important to choose the right shoes, it should be made of natural materials and well air-permeable. It is also necessary to wash baby socks and tights in a special powder that does not contain aggressive components.

If the lack of vitamins like fingers, the parents should review the diet of your baby and replenish foods with high amounts of vitamins C, A and E. When to peel off the sole children, recommended immunoassay therapy with the use of tools such as Pikovit, Duovit, Multitabs, Kinder Biovital, etc. It will enhance the protective properties and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues.

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If peel stops the child from a fungal infection, prescribed drugs for external use, lamisil, Clotrimazole, drug zistan and Timogen. The duration of treatment and dosage to agree with the doctor, assign a child to the above means, is prohibited. Bacterial infection, in which sloughs off the skin on the soles of the feet and cracks between toes, eliminate Tetracycline ointment, Streptomycin and Took.

When in a small body breed worms, Giardia or other parasites, parents may notice peeling on the legs, loss of appetite and fever. Eliminate «new neighbors» with the help of de-worming medications, which are chosen depending on the type of parasite in the intestine. After it is eliminated provocateur, scaly skin on the feet, stop, and cracks quickly heal.

Keratoderma and psoriasis is not treated to alleviate the condition, you need to contact the doctor-dermatologist, doctor will choose the medicines, which he will later use in exacerbation of the disease throughout life.

Traditional medicine

To repair cracks, if the child has peeling skin on toes can at home using improvised means and medicinal herbs. Best of all, proven foot bath with chamomile, succession, and nails. Plants can be combined or used separately. Dry mixture pour boiling water and insist 20 minutes, when the water temperature is 20 degrees, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and put the baby’s legs into the liquid. Stand 20 minutes and wipe dry with a towel. These trays reduce inflammation, soften the skin and speed up the healing of fractures. Too good help potato paste, which as a compress applied to the area of the peeling. In the composition of the potato is starch, it is perfectly disinfects the skin and kills fungal and bacterial micro-organisms that are on its surface.

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If the child has peeling skin on the toes and there are deep cracks, on the night of the child, you can make a compress of glycerin and aloe pulp. That means I kept the leg wrapped in plastic wrap and wear socks. In the morning, the skin is thoroughly washed, repeat the procedure for weeks.

Many naturopaths recommend that if you peel off the skin from the toes of the child, to treat her with essential oils of apricot, sage and sea buckthorn, they have antiseptic, antibacterial and wound-healing properties. It is very important before use, to remember whether your child has allergies to this or that plant. Skin rash can cause even strong odors that often come from essential oils.

Pour a small amount of oil on the wrist or forearm of the child, if the application area turn red, it will mark the Allergy, if it should not, it can safely be used in therapy of essential oil. They wipe the area of the peeling stop and make gadgets.

Which therapy you choose, remember that to let the situation slide is strictly prohibited. Peeling on the feet, can be characterized by lesions of the internal organs, so you should consult a doctor if means have not produced results throughout the week, and local antiseptics, only aggravate the situation.

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