Than to treat a boil and a furuncle on the back: what is a boil look like

What Chiri and how to treat them?

Abscesses of the skin are called a carbuncle (Chiri). The cause of the disease lies in the penetration of infection in the hair follicle located in the epidermis. If you do not treat a boil, the infection can penetrate into nearby tissues or spread throughout the body. But improper treatment can also lead to dangerous consequences. We’ll show you how to treat Chiri, and how dangerous they.

  • How is the boil?
  • The symptoms of boils
  • The reasons for the formation
  • Treatment
  • Compresses
  • Surgical treatment
  • Antibiotic therapy

How is the boil?

If you have a boil that it is, we said above. However, is the popular name of the disease, in medical practice it is called a furuncle. Most often this disease is diagnosed in the age interval from 12 to 40 years, but it is possible to ache in a different age. In most cases an abscess appears on the face, but not eliminated, the boil on the back, the chest, the hairy part of the head, nose, ear, butt, groin, etc.

After infection in the hair follicle after a few days the inflammation, then joins the necrosis of the follicle and the surrounding tissue. As a result, this place is formed a cavity filled with pus. This cavity in medicine usually called an abscess.

To understand how Chiri, not difficult, just look at the photos in the network. Usually, this inflammatory mass on the skin that rises above its surface. In the upper part of the formation of a purulent point.

The symptoms of boils

Boils on the back, buttocks, face and other parts of human body go through several stages of development. Since the infection of the follicle infiltration is increasing for several days. At this stage inside the boil is not going pus. If you look at the Central part of the infiltration, which is a red bump on the skin, can be considered the mouth of the follicle with coming out of his hair.

When touching the bump you can feel some pain and feel stiff and airtight fabric. Over time, the boil becomes large, and in its Central part a cavity filled with pus. Also at this point begins necrosis of the hair follicle. It contributes to the formation of necrotic core. At this stage on the surface of the boil you’ll notice some blackish or whitish spots.

When the boil on the back or other parts of the body is filled with pus, can cause it to break and discharge a purulent content. As the discharge of pus begins to separate and output the necrotic core. The exterior of the terminal resembles sticking out of the holes of the column or the horn. If a rod does not depart from itself, it has to be removed surgically.

Important! The abscess itself will not work until then while completely out necrotic core.

Common symptoms of the disease are the following:

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  • maybe a little temperature to rise (at least it is very high, some absent);
  • pain are mild and are spontaneous in nature (severe pain is in the formation of boils inside the nose or in the ear canal of the ear).

Important! When the spread of infection throughout the body the person may get sick with boils. That is why the treatment of boils need to be delayed, contact a specialist.

The reasons for the formation


If a furuncle on the back, the causes of its formation are usually associated with infection of the hair follicle by Staphylococcus aureus, less often the cause of infection is Streptococcus aureus or white. These organisms live on the skin of all people and cause disease if they penetrate the skin through minor injuries, abrasions, scrapes or cuts.

Boil on the back and other parts of the body may appear under the influence of the following factors:

  • Insufficient hygiene of the skin.
  • The weakening of the protective forces of the body.
  • Oncology, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Acne and pus pimples also contribute to the formation of this disease.
  • Such skin diseases as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Obesity.
  • Treatment with prednisone and similar drugs.
  • Hot and humid climate.
  • Treatment

    Ulcers on the back are not as dangerous as boils on the face because it causes severe swelling due to the peculiarities of the blood supply to the facial area. Take particular care when the boil occurs in the nose, above the lip, on the nose or in the area of the nasolabial folds.

    The fact is that such a localization of infection there is a risk of development of thrombophlebitis of the veins of the face and penetration of infected blood clots in the brain. In this case, the patient’s life is threatened. That is why the treatment Chiri on the face should be performed only by a doctor. Categorically is forbidden to squeeze the boils on the face.

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    Chiri treatment can be performed at home in such cases:

    • if the boil does not exceed 5 mm;
    • you don’t have a temperature;
    • there are no symptoms of General intoxication;
    • the absence of related diseases in which is shown access to a doctor (the list is given below).

    If you have boils, treatment is only a doctor in such cases:

    • boil baby or small child;
    • symptoms of intoxication;
    • elevated temperature;
    • if the ulcer appeared on his upper lip, in the nose or in the area of nasolabial folds;
    • there are symptoms of infection (the appearance of the next one boil, formation of red stripes near the boil, increasing the area of redness);
    • in the presence of such associated diseases and conditions: cancer, diabetes, immune deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, endocarditis, obesity, intake of prednisolone.

    Attention! In all the above cases, it is important not only to cure the boil to the doctor and take antibiotics.

    Now let’s talk about how to treat it. Among the main methods of treatment are the following:

  • The use of special ointments and compresses to accelerate the maturation of boils.
  • Antibacterial therapy.
  • Surgical treatment. Usually performed an incision and drainage is performed boil.
  • Independently open and squeeze the pus is impossible for the following reasons:

    • Increases the risk of scarring on the skin.
    • You can provoke the spread of infection that will lead to the formation of several boils around this place.
    • This can lead to thrombophlebitis of the facial vein and subsequent sepsis. It may be fatal.


    Boil quicker if you use a hot compress. In this case opening the abscess and ulcers on the back will be much earlier. Compresses should be put several times a day for 20-25 minutes. In the face area packs can be placed only with the permission of the doctor and with great care.

    A good alternative to compresses may be Vishnevsky ointment. If it is to anoint the boil, this will improve blood circulation, which will speed up the ripening of the boil and the discharge rod.

    Attention! Bandage with the ointment can be used anywhere with the exception facial area. In this place it may lead to thrombophlebitis of veins of the face and the infectious lesions of the brain.

    It is also important to understand that Vishnevsky ointment is only effective for boils. But if the wrong diagnosis and spread festering lipoma, carbuncle, atheroma or use it when lymphadenitis, it can only hurt.

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    Surgical treatment

    To open the boil only after the formation of purulent cavity, when it becomes soft. If the abscess himself didn’t show up for 10-14 days, you must contact the surgeon. Compulsory opening and drainage of large furuncles. Moreover, antibiotic therapy will not replace surgical treatment, because the drug is almost not absorbed through the walls of the abscess, and affects the surrounding tissue.

    After opening for better discharge of pus the doctor will prescribe armband with special ointment, for example, Miramistin, Levomekol. Thanks to them, the faster the wound surface is cleansed of pus and necrotic tissue. Drainage is removed after complete wound cleansing.

    Antibiotic therapy

    Treatment with antibiotics is not shown in all cases. Their reception justified in the presence of symptoms of intoxication, fever, increased inflammation, and, if the boil of large dimensions. Must also be prescribed antibiotics if the pain got in the nose, ear, groin, and on the background of the previously listed comorbidities. Doctors adhere to the following principles of antibiotic therapy:

    • For the treatment of lesions smaller than 5 mm antibiotics are not used except in cases with concomitant diseases.
    • If the boil is greater than 5 mm and there is fever, prescribe antibiotics that are effective against Staphylococcus aureus, namely Minocycline, Vibramycin, Clindamycin, Trimethoprim or Doxycycline.
    • If the temperature is very high, and the inflammation considerable, prescribed Rimactane, Rifampicin or Rifadin. To treat resistant strains of staphylococci use Vancomycin and its analogues.

    It is important to know that Staphylococcus aureus very quickly develops resistance to different antibacterial agents, therefore, in no case be self-medicate and take antibiotics uncontrollably, because the subsequent formation of the boil it will be difficult to cure because of the infection resistance to the drugs.

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