Than papilloma different from genital warts: what’s the difference

Different warts from HPV?

The human papilloma virus (HPV) infected more than 70% of people, but not every virus is very proactive. The virus is often inactive, begins to show the pathogenic effect of depressed immunity. Some of the clinical manifestations of HPV — papillomas, warts. In this article, you can learn whether there is a difference between warts from warts, what are these growths, it is important to know for a person that impressed him — warts or papillomas.

  • Papilloma
  • Warts
  • The differences between papillomas and warts


Papillomavirus belong to benign tumor lesions of the skin, mucous membranes. Outgrowths appear due to activation of HPV. We differentiate between viruses of high and low oncogenic activity, therefore, the appearance of warts can cause the development of cancer. Growths have the ability of integration of viral DNA into the genome of a human cell.

Papillomas – tumors that have the appearance of papilla with narrow base (stem). The protuberances are of a soft or firm texture. The color depends on the stage of the disease, can be pink, flesh-colored (growths that have appeared recently), or dark brown colors in the spread. Growths composed of connective tissue, contain blood vessels, causing damage bleed. The most commonly appear in the wrist area, fingers, between the toes. Papillomas appear in chronic diseases, immunodeficiencies and are widespread throughout the body.

Distinguish vulgar and filiform papillae:

  • Vulgar. Submitted by outgrowths on the skin that have the appearance of solid lumps, rough Horny surface. Are arranged in groups, merge, occupying large areas of the skin. Popping on the Palmar side of fingers, back of the hand, sole. In children under one year occur at the knee (associated with the crawl). When placed on the foot causing pain when walking, standing.
  • Filiform (acrochordus). Growths often strike older people can appear around the eyes, neck, groin, armpit. Develop as small, yellowish bumps that gradually lengthened. Acrochordus elastic, when the damage occurs, inflammatory reaction, pain.
  • Tumors may accompany the person throughout his life, but doctors recommend to remove such growths because they can cause cancer.


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    Warts – benign growths that have the appearance of papillae. Amazing skin, mucosa. Usually occur in the crotch area, groups tend to merge. After the merger look like a colored capsule. Due to its localization gives a person psychological, physical discomfort, problems in sexual life. Warts – skin growths that are usually transmitted sexually. If the damage of the integrity of skin growths is accompanied by infection, inflammation, itching, pain, discharge with a pungent smell.

    Tumors also come in 2 forms:

  • Wide. Are broad-based, holding the outgrowth on the skin, the mucosa. Wide warts arise as a result of secondary sifilisnoy infection unlike genital warts. The growths are very dangerous, can hit the area of the cervix. The growths can change the structure of the epithelium, to turn into malignant neoplasms.
  • Pointed. The basis is thin, the knot has a lobed structure. Locations – skin, amenable to the constant friction caused by clothing. Long-term absence of treatment, tumors become inflamed, bleed. At birth warts in the area of the birth canal can cause infection of the newborn. Genital growths caused by damage to person HPV.
  • To know that it struck someone, warts, or papillomas, let us examine the differences between the tumors.

    The differences between papillomas and warts

    What is the difference between a papilloma and warts and know what it is? Know what is the different from the HPV warts you need to determine future human actions. Even doctors recommend to get rid of any types of growths in mind risk of cancer, one of the two can be placed on the human body all my life and not to disturb him. Look at the 5 main differences between the growths:

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  • Papillomas – growths that occur only because of the defeat of the HPV virus. But HPV may be different species, the ability to also cause genital warts. Warts HPV genital. Another kind of excrescence is called secondary sifilisnoy infection, so the etiology of the disease can vary as can the type of HPV virus.
  • Note. Currently there are over 100 subtypes of human papillomavirus.

  • Warts are different from warts that are passed, often by contact-household. The second sexually transmitted in rare cases contact.
  • What is the difference removal of papillomas and warts? The first can be placed in inconspicuous places not to cause discomfort to the person. The second is accompanied by inflammation, are located in the vulva, preventing a person to live, and thus they have to be removed.
  • Localization of tumors also belongs to the important differences. Warts cover the genitals, the groin area, often affect the oral mucosa. Papillomas are most often located on the extremities, neck, face.
  • The risk of warts in a malignant tumor is higher than that of papilloma. The reason is that usually these tumors are transferred from the nod — malignant damage, attempt removal at home. The first are often exposed to friction from clothing, if the damage is cause severe inflammation.
  • Knowing that startled the man, warts or papilloma, the patient can consult a doctor to remove built-up or medical treatment, or to leave the growth alone. But it should be understood that HPV is a disease that develops when lowering the tone of the immune system, even knowing, what is the difference between genital warts from HPV, contact a is necessary for immune reconstitution, suppression of the action of the pathogenic virus.

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