Terginan candles: instructions for use and reviews

Candles Tarinan and instructions for their use

Many women suffer from inflammatory diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms that infect the reproductive system of women (especially the vagina). One such disease – thrush. In this article you can see that Terginan candles, what the drug is, composition, rules of application, contraindications to the use of the funds. You can also learn about the types and analogues of the drug.

  • The description of the drug, the composition
  • Indications for use, contraindications
  • The use of the drug
  • Side effects
  • Analogues of the drug, price
  • Feedback about the use of Terginan

The description of the drug, the composition

Terginan is a combined medicine, which is used in gynecology. The drug has antimicrobial, Antiprotozoal, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the tool saves the constancy of pH, integrity of the vaginal mucosa. A combination of the drug include:

  • Tinidazol. Antimycotic means, belongs to imidazole derivatives. Tinidazol lowers the synthesis of one of the components of the membrane of fungi – ergosterol, altering the structure and properties of the membrane. Remedy has trihomonatidne action, actively inhibits aerobic bacteria, particularly Gardnerella.
  • Neomycin sulfate. Antibiotic, possessing broad spectrum of activity that belongs to the aminoglycosides. It has bactericidal activity against gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms. Minimally active against streptococci. Pathogenic microorganisms develop resistance to the antibiotic slowly.
  • The nystatin. Antibiotic exhibiting antimycotic properties, belongs to polienas. Highly effective against Candida, alters the membrane permeability of the fungus slows its growth.
  • The prednisolone. Digidrirovanny analogue of hydrocortisone that has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, does not allow exudates to accumulate in the affected area. Due to its composition, ensures a constant level of
  • Pills Terginan used in gynecology for the treatment of infectious inflammatory diseases affecting the vulva. Part of the tablets includes additional substances:

    • wheat starch;
    • lactose monohydrate;
    • colloidal silicon dioxide;
    • magnesium stearate;
    • sodium carboximetilkrahmal.

    The drug is available as candles Terginan 10, 6 pieces in blister.

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    Indications for use, contraindications

    Instructions for use Terginan contains information about which indications for use Terginan. Indications for use Terginan are vaginitis, which is caused by the rapid reproduction of pathogenic microflora, which appeared in the vagina.

    Can I use Terginan inflammation, which is used Terginan? Vaginal suppositories are used in infectious inflammatory diseases, regardless of the severity of the lesion:

    • bacterial vaginitis;
    • vaginal trichomoniasis;
    • candidiasis;
    • mixed vaginitis.

    Also Terginan 10, or Terginan 6 is used to prevent vaginitis, especially:

    • before performing gynecological surgeries;
    • before childbirth or abortion;
    • with the installation of intrauterine devices;
    • when diathermocoagulation of the uterine cervix;
    • before executing hysterography.

    Terginan, the instruction coming with the drug in the original packaging says contraindications Terginan particular has not, except for hypersensitivity to drug, its components.

    After Terginan can not be overdose, because of the low rate of absorption of active substances into the bloodstream.

    The use of the drug

    In what ways is the use of the drug, or how to use vaginal tablets? The tool should be inserted deep into the vagina. A daily dose of 1 candle before going to sleep. When using terginan of the yeast during the daytime after taking the tablets should be lying down for 10-15 minutes. Usually treatment of yeast infection is 20 days.

    Note. In the treatment of other diseases of continuous therapy with the use of this drug is 10 days.

    Before the introduction of tablets into the vagina, it should be placed in water for half a minute to soak.

    Terginan during lactation can be used, but the process of treatment should follow the doctor. Terginan during pregnancy can also be used, as in adolescence, given the clear supervision of the attending physician. Terginan after childbirth prescribed to women whose organism is strong enough after childbirth. But when the yeast infection treatment for men pick up antifungal therapy to a yeast infection is not transmitted sexually.

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    Given the fact that tablets Terginan from yeast can be purchased without a prescription, is attentive to the treatment process. It is best to visit a doctor for accurate diagnosis and prediction of treatment.

    Side effects

    Abstract to medicine, contains information about the side effects:

    • in the initial stages of treatment occur itching, burning, irritation of the mucous membrane of the vagina;
    • the symptoms of allergic reactions (usually observed with hypersensitivity to components of the medication).

    In the reviews about the drug talking about the secretions of various colors after the use of vaginal suppositories. Allocation when receiving Terginan often due to:

    • improper introduction of the pill;
    • increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the vagina;
    • partial erosion of the uterine cervix;
    • manifestation of allergic reaction.

    Yellow discharge from Terginan not accompanied by itch, burning is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by lack of absorption of active substances of the preparation (forming). Vaginal mucosa absorbs only need it active substance.

    With abundant secretions yellow, white from the vagina, accompanied by itching, burning sensation is the result of action of the drug, due to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Prolonged discharge with itching and burning (more than 3 days) you should consult a doctor to adjust treatment.

    If you experience spotting during pregnancy, should immediately contact the doctor to determine the reasons for discharge, which may include: incipient labors, spontaneous miscarriage. When pink secretions, but rather has begun the process of irritation of existing erosion.

    Analogues of the drug, price

    Terginan cheaper counterparts, with the same description properties, it is impossible to find. Medicine is a complex of substances that have broad spectrum of action, have low absorption, so you can use Terginan breastfeeding, pregnancy. For the treatment of candidiasis, replace you:

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  • Pimafucinom;
  • A clotrimazole;
  • Poliginaks;
  • Makeroom.
  • The first 2 used to treat Candida, means are powerless against trichomoniasis, mixed vaginitis. Clotrimazole – cheap version of vaginal plugs, the price of which ≈2$.

    Poliginaks is a drug consisting of 3 antibiotics, has a broad spectrum of action. Cannot be used during pregnancy, in HS.

    What cures Macmiror? Macmiror – the most effective analogue Terginan with similar indications for use, allows to deal with many bacterial infections.

    How much is Terginan? The average price for a drug — 6.9$.

    Feedback about the use of Terginan

    Reviews of medicine used for the treatment of thrush – variety, contain both positive and negative feedback:

    Elena, 27 years

    Used candles Treinen for the treatment of thrush. Was pleased with the result, because the healing process took place without any side effects. Became much easier after the second candle, but took a full course of treatment in 10 days.

    Tatiana, 30 years

    Used the drug during pregnancy began to feel that after taking the drug selections were more the itch grew stronger, and the effect – 0. Treatment means does not like.

    Overall, despite mixed reviews, the drug can be considered effective for the treatment of candidiasis, diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, due to the fact that they use Terginan breastfeeding, pregnancy. It is worth remembering that it is best to monitor the health, way of life, not to get fungus, other infection in the body.

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