Talc on the face: how to get rid of and remove a lipoma at home

Causes of white bumps on the face and how to resolve them

Spherical tumors on the face of the man called Wen. Are benign tumors that are made up entirely of fat cells. By themselves, the white bumps on my face do not cause pain, very few people turned for help to the doctors. Talc on the face appear suddenly, the tumor can grow for several years. The disease has no age preference, developing and children, and seniors. Danger lipoma on my face – so in medicine is called Wen does not bear threat is the possibility of its degeneration into cancer.

  • Features of the neoplasm and lipoma
  • The reasons for the development of Wen
  • How to troubleshoot Wen
  • Traditional ways of treatment

Features of the neoplasm and lipoma

Looks like a Wen, not known to many, they are often confused with papules — pimples that do not have duct. Externally, the Wens like a little seal under the skin that when you can move to the sides. They are usually painted in white or yellow. In appearance bills distinguish between miliums, xanthelasmas and xanthomas. The first resemble acne, they are arranged by groups and represent white dots, which in contrast to eels, it is impossible to squeeze. Xanthelasmas immediately apparent, as they have a flat subcutaneous tissue white, that can reach 4 inches. Xanthomas resemble Kastelsky, the only difference is that this type of Wen develops between the eyebrows and above the eyes, that is clearly due to the localization. Notes of xanthoma, often in women during menopause.

For all its harmless lipoma can develop into a liposarcoma, which is to be treated only by surgery and is a cancer. That is why, it is not necessary to wait until of the cosmetic defect Wen turn into a medical problem. If you mark the tumor, it was necessary to conduct removal of white bumps on your face.

The reasons for the development of Wen

Before you get rid of white bumps on the face, it is necessary to determine their causes. By eliminating needless skin manifestation, you will not get rid of the problem as a whole, there is a high probability of relapse. Why the subcutaneous fatty lipoma is not known, but there are a number of factors which can cause a lipoma. Among such factors we can mention:

  • immunosuppression;
  • hormonal failure;
  • injury or burns;
  • the poor personal hygiene of the person;
  • excessive sweating;
  • hypothermia;
  • the high content of cholesterol in the blood;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • infection of the respiratory system;
  • adverse effects of the environment;
  • diabetes and other chronic diseases.

We would like to mention cosmetic products, which often used women to fight aging and to improve appearance. If you fail to correctly pick up cosmetics, sebum is compacted under the influence of the drug, and formed the lipoma.

As for children, they have the development of lipomas can be caused either by genetic disposition or violations of fetal development and dysfunction of internal organs. Up to 5 years old to remove a lump on the face does not work, the doctors only observe the «behavior» of the tumor. After turn 5 years old child, doctors decide how to get rid of white bumps on your face.

How to troubleshoot Wen

Talc on the face you can delete it in several ways, the most radical method is the complete excision of tumors, which is performed in a hospital under General anesthesia. Resorting to this type of treatment only if there is a large lump, and there is a risk of degeneration into cancer. In other cases, it is possible to remove a Wen more gentle ways:

  • laser treatment is the fastest and newest method how to remove talc from the face. It is the impact of the laser beam on the Wen, which begins to break down at the cellular level. Upon completion of the procedure leaves no scars and stains. Manipulation be performed without anesthesia and takes only 20 minutes. After it the patient may go home, hospitalization is not required;
  • electrocoagulation — is that to clean the face of Wen the doctor to try electric shock. Manipulation gives 100% result, and the likelihood of recurrence is reduced to 0. The downside of this treatment option is its tenderness;
  • chemical peeling — helps not only to cure the Wen, but also clean the face from the sebaceous ducts and fat seals in the adjacent parts of the face. The procedure is applied to the skin of specially prepared fluids with abrasive particles, which resemble a scrub. The active ingredients in this serum penetrate into deep orbs of the skin, improve metabolic processes, eliminating the top of the rough ball of cells;
  • aspiration — involves the insertion of thin needles into the skin, covering the lump and sucking the contents of the tumor. The capsule itself, which can be fat will be untouched. A disadvantage of the procedure is that if the doctor is not until the end would remove the fatty tissue, that is, the probability of re-education of lipomas in the same place;
  • mechanical cleansing to operate in most beauty salons. The procedure involves an incision of the skin over the lipoma and the elimination of adipose tissue manually or with the help of special tweezers.

The feasibility of using one method over another, decides individually doctor. Sometimes, he even resorted to the use of drugs such as:

  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • Ichthyol ointment;
  • balm Vitaon;
  • ointment Videcom.

Remedy for white bumps on face the doctor prescribes after himself will pierce the surface of education. These ointments are able to pull the contents of the capsules. Patient enough to stick the patch on the puncture, after inflicting ointment.

Traditional ways of treatment

If you noticed white bumps on face how to get rid of them, I don’t know, and the ability to go to the doctor for a reception there, do not despair, come to the aid of folk remedies. Of course, to get involved with them is not worth it, but it’s better than simply to sit back and wait for the lipoma to be reborn in Oncology. Wen on the face at home can be eliminated by using the following recipes:

  • the cleansing effect can be obtained by applying on the area of Wen scrub made from sea salt and honey. Equal amounts of media mix, and massage movements applied to the skin. Under the influence of abrasive particles improves blood circulation in the skin of the face, respectively metabolism and lipoma dries;
  • cleaning the face at home to be baked onions. Leaves separated and onions, wrapped in foil, keep in oven for 15 minutes. Further cool to room temperature, is applied to the problematic section. If the lipoma to be in the eye area, this treatment method cannot be applied;
  • how to clean the face knew our grandparents, in case of any inflammations or subcutaneous structures, they apply the juice of celandine. The composition of the SAP of this plant contains more than 20 active ingredients, which together are able to destroy fat cells. The effect is noticeable already after a few days of use. Lipoma at first becomes yellow, then brown, and then just remains a dark spot, which eventually also disappears.

How to remove talc on the face, now you know, you can decide which treatment options to apply, but it is important to remember that self-treatment can cause serious complications. You can accelerate the growth of Wen through careless action or provoke an allergic reaction.

The skin on the face is very sensitive and can react in different ways. If on the arms, thigh or stomach, you will be able to hide the scars that are formed from self-removal of a Wen, on the face to hide the consequences of fail. Be sensible, if you decide to get rid of the defect on the skin, leave it to professionals.

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