Sweating during and after eating

The production of small amounts of pot the natural state for the body. But there are times when a person experiencing sweating after a meal or during a meal. This process is called hyperhidrosis and you need to understand its causes.

The main causes of sweating

The reasons for the emergence of sweat, a lot. And it is not always connected with food. It is likely that the symptoms just happened to coincide with lunch. Therefore, it is important to know what may be sweating:

  1. Women in menopause produce an adequate amount of estrogen. At this point, she may experience insomnia, severe headaches and profuse sweating.
  2. This problem is typical for women in position.
  3. During ovulation the woman fever.
  4. In men, it can be a sign of reduced amount of the male hormone, testosterone.
  5. Stressful situation.
  6. Problems with the thyroid gland.
  7. High blood pressure.
  8. Physical fatigue of the body.
  9. Overeating.
  10. Spicy, hot, acidic foods.

Products causing increased sweating

Each person has their own criteria for athlete. To say that this is a problem, in that case, if the sweat causes discomfort.

In order to avoid such problem, the food you should not eat the following products:

  • hot peppers and dish with its addition;
  • foods and drinks containing caffeine;
  • fatty foods;
  • hot spices;
  • very acidic foods and meals;
  • alcohol.

Spicy food is healthy, but in moderation. Its excessive use leads to perspiration with an unpleasant odor.

Diseases that causes sweating while eating

After eating sweating can occur due to the presence of certain health problems:

  1. Gastrectomy is a surgery which removes part or all of the stomach completely. After the intervention you need to constantly monitor your diet. If after some time the person starts to eat forbidden foods, complications arise in the form of weakness, palpitations and sweating after eating.
  2. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract are the main causes of sweating, especially after eating and eating for the night.
    1. Another tool — the combination of tea and tomato juice. It will help to get rid of the problem for the whole day.

      1. During intensive sweating applied laser therapy. It aims to reduce the number of cells that produce sweat.
      2. One more radical way of dealing with then — injections of «Dysport», «Botox». They destroy the innervation of the sweat glands, this leads to a reduction of sweating. Use the two last methods is only in extreme cases. They have a significant impact on the allocation of the sweat secretion, which can cause dangerous complications.

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