Superestate — instructions for use and reviews

Description of Superchatel and instructions for use

Everyone knows about the healing properties of a herb called celandine, but many are mistaken if you think that Lekker Superchatel based on vegetable component. The drug is a small bottle with a liquid or felt-tip pen, which includes oxalic and sodium lye. Externally, the drug looks like a regular bottle, but when using it, you should be very careful, because you can get severe burns.

  • Principle of drug action
  • Method of application
  • Precautions
  • The reviews about the drug

Principle of drug action

Superchatel feedback is only positive, and all because under the influence of alkalis on the skin generated by psoriasis and fungus, the healing process is celebrated in the shortest possible time. Psoriasis and fungus is a violation of the skin and form scales, causing strong itching and burning. A mixture of alkalis in contact with inflamed skin it causes necrosis. Cells that have been damaged by disease, die, and in their place with a slight healthy skin is not affected by infections and atypical cells.

It is important to note the fact that Super celandine affects the problem locally removing only one of the symptoms, and the very reason for the development of skin rashes and peeling-no effect. The use of the drug eliminates only aesthetically unpleasant education, but it is likely that they can appear again on the same areas.

Superchatel from papillomas can also be used, the drug destroys the tumor on the skin, without damaging healthy areas. This is a very convenient method of treatment of warts, because it does not require a long hospital stay, as is the case with surgical removal, and is characterized by short rehabilitation period of the patient.

Method of application

As already mentioned above, produced the drug in a bottle that looks like perfume samples. Inside, there’s an applicator that you can apply the liquid to the affected area, and the pencil used in the usual way — by removing the cap. As applying therapeutic liquid, the pencil leaves a pink trail that allows precise control of the area and extent of application of the drug.

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Sure: before Supercatalog to treat fungus, psoriasis and to get rid of warts, spread the skin around the growth, peeling cream or zinc paste. This will keep the area close to the tumor in one piece, because the pasta and cream to create a kind of film that does not let the aggressive components of the products included in Karandash and liquid from a bottle.

Superchatel the instruction manual recommends using dot, causing the drug is exclusively on the education that you want to delete. Repeat procedure 2 times a day for weeks. Usually this time is enough to get rid of the unpleasant growths or fungal infection. If necessary, the method of application (number of application on the skin), as well as the duration of treatment can be extended.

During application you can feel the burning and tingling in the area of application, but it is considered normal and requires no further intervention. Discomfort subside after 20 minutes after application.


Despite the fact that reviews of doctors about the treatment Supercatalog are purely positive, addicted to drugs and self-treatment is not necessary. Use a pencil for the treatment of psoriasis and fungus in the genital area is strictly prohibited. You can face serious complications and burns in this area, because the skin there is very delicate and may respond harshly to aggressive substance. If it is wrong to use medication, then at the treatment sites of the skin to scars, to remove only plastic surgery.

After treatment the skin at the site of peeling can duck, do not be afraid, so it manifests itself necrotic process. After some time in a place darkened skin forms a scab, but to rip him is not you can provoke bleeding and infection. In such a case, the treatment will have to continue in the hospital.

It is important to carefully observe the reaction of your skin if the pencil caused the redness in the places of use that does not come during the day or the skin to swell, itch severely, and the wounds began to separate exudate, immediately go to the doctor. It is likely you have a personal intolerance to the drug components.

The reviews about the drug

The drug called Supercities managed with a minimum number of components to provide great benefit for patients that suffer from systemic illness, such as psoriasis and skin fungus. The drug has side effects, but they do not appear, if you observe all the recommendations specified in the regulations, and not to abuse the drug. Benefit from funds on own experience said a lot of patients and they say about the drug Superchistotelo, they are:

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Natalia 28 years.

A few weeks ago found on the stop unpleasant peeling that differed in color from the rest of the skin. Originally thought that nothing serious, but a few days later noted that the area of peeling is increased. The doctor diagnosed a fungal infection. Luckily the fungus was well localized and did not spread to new areas. After a dozen attempts to eliminate peeling creams on the basis of clotrimazole and other antimicrobial drugs, decided to try Superchistotelo. If he is able to remove warts, and help to kill fungus on the skin. I was not mistaken in their forecasts — a week later the skin treatment fluid is alkaline, the skin in the affected areas is hardened, and fell off along with the scab. Today, I can freely wear open sandals and not be ashamed of their feet.

Valeria, 38 years.

Due to a hereditary predisposition are faced with psoriasis, as you know, this disease is not curable, all you can do doctors is to prolong the period of remission, but it will inevitably be a worsening, as manifested by unpleasant peeling of the skin. I am a salesman, so my hands are always open to General review. During the exacerbation the skin is formed an unpleasant crust that repels buyers, and it gives me psychological discomfort. Superchatel helped me to get rid symptoms of psoriasis on hands in the past two weeks. I understand that the disease does not eliminate a single application of alkalis, but is glad to have such a result, because can do what he likes without blushing when the man stops look at my hands.

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Constantine 41.

Always tried to monitor their appearance and the skin in particular, but after using a new shaving gel, faced with a rather unpleasant condition – the fungus that appeared on my face. From the doctor first heard that the fungus can be on the cheek, however, began active therapy. Unfortunately, delayed treatment for several months, the fungus would disappear and then manifest again in the same place. From the acquaintance learned that you can treat flaking caused by fungus, drug Superchatel. After evaluating all risks and complications, I decided to try, better to have a small scar, which is known to be «decorated man» than to draw attention peeling on the cheek. Put the drug for 3 days twice a day, a week and remembered about the fungus. To my surprise, even a scar left. Very happy with my choice, would recommend.

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