Subcutaneous mite on the face in humans: symptoms and treatment

The symptoms and treatment of subcutaneous mite on the face

Demodex is zeleznicni subcutaneous mite, a parasite around or inside the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. As a result of his life appear on the skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, oily sheen. Treatment of subcutaneous mites in humans is carried out after the test because you need to find out what was the cause of the disease. In this article we will look at what subcutaneous mite in humans is the symptoms and treatment that is assigned in the presence of this parasite.

  • Description of Demodex
  • Reasons.
  • The symptoms of demodicosis.
  • Demodicosis eyes
  • Diagnosis of infection
  • Treatment
  • Diet
  • Prevention

Description of Demodex

How how does skin tick seen in the photo below, the body of an adult has an elongated shape and reaches 0.1-0.4 mm in length.

A tick on the skin is nourished with dead epithelium. The life cycle of Demodex lasts up to several weeks. Parasite more often in the region of hair follicles of eyebrows and eyelashes and in the sebaceous glands on the face, there lays larvae.

Demodex refers to a group of opportunistic parasites. For the life of almost every person becomes a carrier of the parasite without signs of disease. Under favorable conditions mites on human skin causes a disease — demodicosis. This disease very difficult to treat due to the shell of the parasite, quite resistant to antimicrobial drugs.

People risk are two types of mites:

  • Demodex brevis – localized in the sebaceous glands;
  • Demodex, folliculorum – it affects the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows.

Often, Demodex appears in the eyelids, forehead and chin. Can cause different diseases, fungal infections, allergic dermatitis. The causative agent is transmitted through contact with the skin, household items. From this disease increasingly affects women.

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Note: in case of untimely treatment of mite may cause scars formed on the skin.


The appearance of subcutaneous of Demodex mites on the face and body of a person occurs for the following reasons:

  • Stress;
  • A failure in the endocrine system;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • Frequent use of hormonal ointments;
  • Violations in work of digestive system;
  • Incorrectly chosen cosmetics;
  • The abuse of a Solarium, a steam bath, certain foods (coffee, alcohol, spicy food);
  • Contact with a carrier of the pathogen.

To worsen the condition of the skin can when washing, the use of different scrubs, which creates favorable conditions for skin mites.

The symptoms of demodicosis.

Consider what causes subcutaneous mite symptoms in humans:

  • Appears acne. Sporadic eruptions can be replaced multiple purulent skin lesions. The reason for their appearance becomes the activation of a staph infection.
  • The patient was worried about severe itching, especially in evening and at night, there is peeling of the skin. Itching is a consequence of the vital activity of the parasite. During the movement of mites under the skin, the person feels «creepy».
  • The sebaceous glands produce more sebum, causing the skin gets a greasy Shine and looks like under the mask.
  • With the defeat of the eyelid skin, eyelashes fall out. Eyes look swollen and bloodshot, worried about the feeling of sand in eyes.
  • The affected eyelids, forehead, cheeks, chin is swollen.
  • The skin acquires a grayish hue.
  • In advanced cases, changes the shape and size of the nose, the skin thickens.

Important: to treat subcutaneous mite on the face hard enough, the process requires a lot of effort and time (from semi-to six months). When starting the process or lack of treatment on the face can form scars and as a consequence – a violation of expressions.

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With the defeat of the scalp occurs, the hair loss down to baldness, severe itching at night, the hair comes odor. On the skin rash and redness. On palpation determined by lumps. The roots of the hair forms a scaly plaque.

Demodicosis eyes

This form affects the eyelash hair follicles. The patient was worried about fatigue of the eyes, burning sensation, fear of bright light, the eyelids become heavy. From the conjunctival SAC appears viscous discharge. In severe cases, may cause certain diseases (keratitis, blepharitis, etc.). On the edge of the eyelids can develop sores and abscesses.

Diagnosis of infection

For diagnosis is a laboratory method of examination — microscopy. Material samples taken in the affected areas of the human body. Before the test do not use creams, lotions and cosmetics.


The livelihoods of subcutaneous mites in humans causes symptoms and requires immediate treatment. How to treat subcutaneous mite, to decide the doctor, and in some cases several different specialists. Usually prescribed drugs General and local action. As well as conduct therapy in relation to concomitant diseases of the digestive tract, endocrine system, etc. In the treatment of subcutaneous mite on the face is part of the strengthening of organism, immunity, diet appointed, psychological rest.


  • Antiprotozoal drugs – Trichopolum, Tiberal, Ornidazole.
  • Antimicrobials – Metronidazole.
  • Also prescribe vasoprotector to strengthen the blood vessels, antihistamines, Immunostimulants.

Local treatment:

  • Ichthyol ointment – reduces inflammation, fights parasites, heals the skin, has hypertensive properties in relation to the content of purulent acne.
  • Benzylbenzoate cream penetrates through the chitinous shell of the mites and leads to the death of the parasite.
  • Permenova ointment destroys microorganisms.
  • Sulfur ointment – heals the skin, is fatal to the mites.
  • Zinc ointment has protective and regenerative properties, helps to dry out pimples.
  • In eye disease eyelids is treated with alcoholic solution of calendula, eucalyptus, as well as ointment prevacid, demulen.
  • For dry skin, reducing sebaceous secretions, you can apply salicylic soap Ichthyol soap. Apply in the evening, applying it on the face for two minutes.
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Eliminate from the diet of smoked, fatty foods, caffeine, sweets, alcohol. In the menu of the patient is recommended to include the following products: buckwheat and oat cereals, dairy products, bran, vegetable fiber.

During treatment you must daily change underwear and bed linen regularly wash and iron things iron with steam.


To prevent getting a tick on the skin and its propagation it is recommended to conduct a healthy way of life, do not start chronic diseases, timely access to a doctor when health problems. As you can see, to cure the acne seems to be a hard task that requires patience, so the disease is better to prevent.

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