Spray Epigenes intimate: instructions for use

Intimate spray Epigenes from yeast

Gels and sprays for personal hygiene – an extensive line of products provided by the manufacturer. However, not all women are using these compounds, giving preference to conventional toilet soap. And this is fundamentally wrong: the mucosa of the intimate area can collapse under the influence of alkalis, whereby the reproduce pathogenic bacteria. To deal with them will spray Epigenes, an antiviral drug composition for topical and local application.

  • Pharmacological action
  • Analogues
  • Epigenes: indications and contraindications
  • How to use medicine?

Pharmacological action

Epigenes gel and spray are available in convenient containers with a capacity of 15 or 60 ml, equipped with nozzles for treatment of the affected surface. Also included is an attachment for intravaginal use. The spray is easy to hold in hand and it is enough for one course of treatment.

Intimate gel Epigenome is composed of active substance – glycyrrhizin acid obtained from the rhizomes of licorice. The component has many therapeutic properties, in particular, increases the formation of interferon, activating the immune system. Thus, the treatment by means of gel or spray helps fight resistant pathogens viruses diseases. As auxiliary agents, the composition contains a natural acid and water. Intimate spray has a specific smell and has a light brown hue. The impact of soft drug initiation, the Epigenome, the gel spray does not cause pathological changes of the skin, contributing to their recovery.

Important! Glycyrrhizic acid is particularly active against the papilloma virus, which is why spray Epigenes prescribed for the treatment of HPV of the vagina, cytomegalovirus, and herpes zoster. Having the property to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, acid destroys tumors, helping to restore and normalize the skin. Termination of replication of the virus occurs in the early stages, which does not allow infection to penetrate the cells and contributes to quick getting rid of problems.


Vaginal spray Epigenes can be replaced with a similar composition. Gliciram, Glycyrrhizic acid, Epigenes labial is analogues having different dosage forms. Choosing the analogues of the gel, a pay attention to medication Skin cap. Manufacturers offer a variety of form of the drug: aerosol Skin, lotion, ointment, gels. The product includes components aimed at treatment of skin diseases of different etiology. In particular, psoriasis, seborrheic symptoms, neurodermatitis, eczema. From the virus papillomas of the Skin cap spray didn’t help so it is a mistake to choose a drug for the treatment of HPV. However, when the selection means from the associated burning, itching, doctors often prescribe the cream. The lack of hormonal component allows you to apply a Skin cap without harm for health, but only after consultation with a specialist.

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Important! To assign analogs of drugs and forms of drug can only be a specialist. Many formulations cannot be used during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation.

Epigenes: indications and contraindications

If the doctor prescribed the Epigenome, instruction manual clearly defines the possibility of the use of drugs:

  • Papilloma infection, including asymptomatic selection of high oncogenic risk;
  • To prevent genital warts, cervical pathology;
  • Recurrent infections of human papillomavirus, cytomegalovirus;
  • Painful conditions caused by decreased immunity due to thrush, non-specific colitis, bacterial vaginosis;
  • To eliminate the discomfort of the genital organs: burning, itching, dryness of the mucous membranes.

As remedies often it is not a gel, spray and cream the Epigenome. It is applied topically, the dosage and treatment regimen is assigned to the gynecologist. Despite the General availability of the drug and over-the-counter sale in drugstores, it is extremely important not to exceed dosage rate of the drug which is recommended by the instruction manual.

Is contraindications individual hypersensitivity to the medication. If the drug is used for the first time, test composition. To do this, a little of the drug is sprayed on the inner side of the hand to the elbow. An unfavorable outcome place the irrigation would’t complain and burn. In this case, you should go to the doctor and to pick up analogs of the drug.

How to use medicine?

The use of a medication dictates its own rules:

  • When applied topically spray is sprayed onto the surface from a distance of 4-5 cm Optimally to press the spray twice;
  • Intervaginal the introduction is made with a nozzle;
  • Men should not only treat the external surface of the penis, but also to introduce the composition into the urethra;
  • Treatment of papilloma is held 3 times a day to remove warts. During the degradation, the frequency of drug intake is increased to 5 times a day. Treatment plan to check with the gynecologist, as a rule, the course of treatment is 10 days;
  • For relapse prevention, the composition is applied 3 times a day for 30 days;
  • Prevention of papillomavirus infection requires the use of spray before and after intercourse;
  • Treatment of genital herpes is carried out externally and intervaginal to 5 times per day for 14 days. After the relief of recurrence shows a further use of the medicine three times a day for at least 10 days;
  • Discomfort state of your intimate areas are treated twice daily with drug for 4-6 weeks or more.
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    Important! Relapse prevention shows apply Epigenes spray during menstruation. In this case, therapy is conducted with 20 days of the cycle and before menstruation, in the morning and before bedtime.

    Drug interactions drug positive. The epigenome enhances the effects of other antiviral medicines, because treatment is shown in combination therapy of viral diseases, including thrush. The drug with analgesics, non-steroidal antiviral drugs, antibiotics to change the therapeutic action of does not.

    Side of irregularities in the use of the drug strictly according to doctor’s instructions and the instructions are not observed. Extremely rare local allergic reactions in the form of contact dermatitis.

    The reviews about the drug is very positive. Despite the fact that you can find a similar service cheaper to use candles and tablets, many patients prefer a range of Epigenes. Due to the wide spectrum of action, use in pregnancy, lactation, menstrual period, the external irrigation sprays, gels, ointments Epigenes are one of the most safe and effective drugs.

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