Spots on the back white after sun: fungus treatment

Causes of white spots on the back and their treatment

The skin is the largest human organ. If it appear the pathological elements in the form of white spots on the back of, redness, rashes, spots, etc., then it is a signal of the body about the development of the abnormal process. The causes of the pathological state is diverse, ranging from the sun as provoking circumstances and ending with the autoimmune diseases. By precipitating factors include a decline in immune status, use of drugs, arterial hypertension.

  • Why do I get white spots?
  • Fungal infection on back
  • Treatment of fungal infection on the back
  • Causes of white spots on the body
  • Lichen sclerosis lichen or white spot disease
  • Hypomelanus
  • Pityriasis

Why do I get white spots?

Many women want to get chocolate tan. For this they are willing to spend hours under ultraviolet rays or go to the Solarium, while few people realize how dangerous it is.

Of course, girls with this approach, get a tan, but on back after sunburn often appear white spots, which greatly detracts from the appearance. Open Mike, a visit to the same beach and similar places is already becoming questionable.

On the back white spots are dominant symptom of vitiligo. This pathological condition occurs as a consequence of shortage of cells that produce melanin.

Interesting fact: the disease is known since ancient times. In Russia among the common people he was called «PES». Perhaps this is due to the appearance of the sick person.

With this disease are not born. Abnormal process in the body is formed by a combination of negative factors. Rarely the disease occurs before the age of 10. At the moment scientists do not agree whether the ultraviolet rays precipitating factor or not.

Factors leading to the development of vitiligo:

  • Autoimmune failures. In this case there is a disruption of the immune system whereby the immune system begins to fight the body;
  • Genetic predisposition. This does not mean that the disease is transmitted directly by inheritance, and must manifest itself in a child, if mom or dad in the history of this problem. Scientists say that passed a specified series of genes that can initiate the abnormal processes in the body;
  • Violation of trophic skin, endocrine disorders;
  • Violation liver function;
  • Taking certain medicines.
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In fact, almost any negative factor can lead to the disease. To predict is impossible. Pathology difficult medical correction because it is poorly understood.

However, there are effective conservative methods for reducing the severity of white spots on the back, to prevent the appearance of new spots. Treatment is appointed only the doctor.

Fungal infection on back

The fungus on the back is a skin disease, is characterized by a high prevalence in the modern world. Significantly affects the quality of life of the patient, requires long-term treatment.

White spots on the back indicate about pityriasis lichen. Are the causative agent of yeast fungi. Spots can occur when the immune system fails, as a consequence, the usual inhabitants of the skin begin to activate and multiply.

Typical signs of fungal infection:

  • Dark spots on the back of a different color and size. Can be localized also on the shoulders, chest, scalp.
  • Spots often round.
  • Itching is rarely seen.
  • Peeling of the affected areas.
  • The spots are on the body, and then spontaneously disappear.
  • In some cases, the spots are beginning to grow, indicating the progression of the disease. In the absence of therapeutic treatment, striking a large area of the skin.

    Should know: a fungal infection that adversely affects the melanocytes, resulting in some areas of the epithelial tissue stops the production of melanin which gives the skin a natural shade.

    The dominant symptom of tinea versicolor spots. At first they are slightly pink (as pictured), then gradually change color, become brown. After a certain time period become discolored pigments.

    They are the most noticeable after going to the beach or to the Solarium. Over time, the lesion starts to grow, his features are strong and bright. In some cases, the spots merge as a result there is a large area of destruction.

    Treatment of fungal infection on the back

    How to treat the disease will tell the doctor. Therapy should be complex, to combine different therapeutic measures aimed at the destruction of the pathogen. For correct assignments, it is recommended to take a deep examination to find out the kind of mold, quantity, etc. the nuances which assign the most adequate treatment.

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    Fungus therapy includes the following drugs:

    • Antifungal medications localized impacts;
    • Antihistamine medicines, vitamins, Immunostimulants (drugs that help restore the normal functionality of the immune system);
    • Physiotherapy;
    • Corticosteroids.

    If the patient is diagnosed with a severe form of the disease, then prescribe fluconazole, Itraconazole. The drugs with keratolytic property is oriented to the exclusion of the top layer of the epidermis, resulting in drugs local action penetrate on a deep level, operate more efficiently and effectively.

    Treatment always lasts a long time, it is necessary to undergo laboratory control. Only by destroying pathogenic microorganisms, it is possible to get rid of cosmetic defects in the form of spots on the back.

    Causes of white spots on the body

    Low levels of melanin can lead to the formation of white spots. This pigment helps protect the skin from UV rays. If not in the body, it affects the human skin.

    Lichen sclerosis lichen or white spot disease

    Dermatologic pathology. Currently, the exact pathogenesis has not been established. Accompanied by the atrophy of various regions of the skin, mainly the lesion occurs in the genital area, but can «suffer» and other areas of the skin.

    Note, this disease is more frequently diagnosed in women aged 35-50 years, are extremely rare in children and adolescents.

    Rashes in patches localized on the back, neck, chest, near the arm-pits, pubes, thighs and genitals.

    Characteristic features:

  • Itching, burning sensation.
  • Peeling.
  • Spots stand above the skin.
  • Due to the fact that the disease has no exact etiology, no universal treatment scheme does not exist, as there are no specific drugs that help to conquer the disease. If there are white spots on the back, in this case, the prescribed creams with corticosteroids, medications that help to improve circulation of the skin.


    A kind of benign leukoderma, which appears numerous white spots on the human body. The exact etiology of the development is not established. Scientists suggest that one of the trigger factors is the photoaging of the skin. This theory is in some degree confirmed, since in most cases the disease is diagnosed in women older than 45 years of age.

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    The main symptoms manifested pathological elements of the skin in the form of small spots. Their size can vary from 1 mm to 1 cm. The color is always white, the border clearly delineated. The spots are stable, do not tend to increase. About the progression of abnormal process say that if the human body there are new spots.


    The disease is accompanied by pale pink and white spots on the face, hands, neck. Especially evident is the breach in the summer, when sunbathing areas. In winter, the spot is constantly flaking, oozing absent.

    As with other diseases, the pathogenesis is not installed. However, many scientists agree that the clinical picture is due to autoimmune disorders. For the treatment used:

    • Means of local action containing the component pimecrolimus;
    • Creams with moisturizing and tonic effect.

    In a situation when there is an inflammatory process, there is a strong itching and burning, requires correction of the therapeutic course is administered a lower dosage of steroid substances.

    As a conclusion: the described disease is only a small list of pathologies that are accompanied by the appearance of white spots. Self-treatment is fraught with negative consequences, including irreversible. Recommended time to see a doctor, not doing experiments with their health and appearance.

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