Soda bath for the feet from fungus with soap and water for

Soda baths to treat foot fungus

Many of us know how difficult it is to cure onychomycosis. Even the use of medication of antifungal drugs gives only a temporary improvement. Significantly improve the efficiency of funds allow soap-soda baths. Two components in the composition of this treatments can significantly soften the affected areas of the nails and feet, as well as provide a local antiseptic effect. After these baths pharmacy antifungal drug penetrates more deeply, and therefore acting more quickly and effectively.

  • Than helpful for feet soda baths?
  • Options cooking soda baths for the feet

Than helpful for feet soda baths?

Foot baths with baking soda and soap are used not only in cosmetics for foot care, but also in the treatment of fungal lesions of nail plates and feet. Such a procedure has many advantages:

  • Due to the presence of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and soap solution has disinfectant properties. That is why using such baths can get rid of many problems with feet and nails.
  • Soap-soda bath helps to soften the skin and nail plate, which greatly facilitates the procedure of removing calluses, dead sites, exposed to the fungus, and thickened nail plates. This is a very important stage of anti-fungal therapy, since treated plots antimycotic local remedies act more deeply and effectively.
  • Such procedures help to restore the nails health and beauty because bleach Horny plates. Sometimes for this purpose, in the solution add the lemon juice. Then its bleaching quality increase.
  • When excessive sweating foot bath eliminates unpleasant smell. The same can be said about the fungal disease, because the affected foot fungus emit an unpleasant odor. Baking soda, which has a drying effect, it will help you to get rid of excessive sweating feet.
  • After these procedures aktiviziruyutsya the healing process of the skin in areas of corns, calluses and cracks.
  • Influence of a mixture of soap and baking soda helps to eliminate itchy skin and reduce minor swelling in the affected areas.
  • Also worth mentioning, and the overall calming effect of these procedures. They eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs, relieve fatigue.
  • All the known benefits of such treatments for colds when warm foot baths can reduce the severity of symptoms, reduce the inflammatory process in the body remove nasal congestion and headache.
  • Important! It is not necessary to immerse the feet in hot water, if you have a fever, have varicose veins or bleeding tendency.

    If we talk about the effectiveness of the baths for fungal foot, then its action directed at neutralizing the acidic environment, which is conducive to development of fungal infection. Moreover, the sodium bicarbonate prevents the reproduction of not only mushrooms but also other pathogens.

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    It is worth remembering that a contraindication for holding tanks is the presence of open wounds, erosions and ulcers on the skin of the feet. Also don’t make them in cardiovascular diseases and Oncology.

    Options cooking soda baths for the feet

    Soap-soda foot bath when the fungus encourages not only traditional medicine, but the doctors prescribing the drugs protivodiabeticheskie. Softening and antiseptic properties of baking soda are enhanced by soap, which also has a lye.

    Experts recommend to do these baths every day before applying the drug drug proteoliticheskaja local action. The temperature of the liquid must be below 35°. It is necessary to prepare mortar in the following proportions:

    • warm water – 2.5 l;
    • baking soda – 20 g;
    • household soap – 2 tablespoons.

    I should add that the soap should be grated on a grater. It will be easier to measure out the required amount and dissolving it in water.

    To make soap-soda bath is necessary because:

  • Warm water is poured into a bowl and add other ingredients. All stirred until complete dissolution of the soda and soap;
  • Feet dipped into a basin at ¼ or 1/3 of the hours;
  • After removing legs quickly wipe them and carefully remove all the keratinized skin, corns, cut his nails, and the areas of the nail plate affected by the fungus, clean off the nail file as far as possible;
  • After that you can apply antifungal remedy prescribed by your doctor.
  • A warm bath can not only soften the feet and nails prior to application of drugs of local action, but also greatly improve the appearance and condition of feet and nails. To this solution was added to the auxiliary components. It can be herbal teas, essential oils and other ingredients. Below, we have recipes soda baths:

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  • Additional antiseptic and antifungal properties have iodine, because in a bath you can add this ingredient based, 0.5 l of water you will need 5 drops of iodine, 15 g of sodium, 15 grams of household soap.
  • Oil-soda solution helps to soften and moisturize the skin of the feet. To do this in one liter of water dissolve 15 g of sodium and 125 grams of any vegetable oil. Got your feet in a solution of ¼ hour, then removed, wiped with a towel and put on cotton socks.
  • A good anti-fungal and bleaching means for nails with preparing soda and hydrogen peroxide. After steaming feet in water with addition of soap on your nails apply the mixture of baking soda (10 g) and five drops of hydrogen peroxide. This foaming mixture keep on your nails for 10 minutes, opolaskivaniem cold water and apply the antimycotic drug of the local action.
  • In addition, in the soda-soap solution, you can add oil all the famous tea tree, which provides additional antiseptic exposure, or mint, which will help to remove the itching and foot odor. It is useful to put in water iodized or sea salt for strengthening nails. A decoction of oak bark, added to the bath, will help with athlete’s foot, which is often caused by not passing the fungus.

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