Soap from papillomas: feedback about the treatment

The treatment of papillomas soap

Does the usual soap from the papillomas? It would seem that such simple and familiar that is used more rarely due to presence of various detergents. More precisely, consider all the features and functionality of this product in the treatment of HPV, as well as options for its use.

  • It helps the soap from papillomas?
  • Recipes for the treatment of papillomas soap
  • Reviews about the treatment with soap

It helps the soap from papillomas?

Multiple reviews of the patients that soap helps to remove papillomas motivates patients to refuse medication in favor of folk remedies. Low cost, ease of use, operational effect of suppression of HPV – characteristics of ideal part of getting rid of growths. Case soap – a mixture of potassium and sodium with additives has powerful antimicrobial and cleansing properties. The present composition acids: stearic, lauric, palmitic, and they affect the barnacles, leaving them no chance.

Important! The removal of warts is possible only ordinary soap with no additives, fillers or binders. Extra ingredients can provoke allergic reactions.

Despite the fact that the use of soap against warts just must observe certain rules:

  • Soak a piece of soap until the foam is not necessary – composition for treatment of the affected skin areas must not drain and remain in the lesion.
  • Is applied to the solution a rather thick layer, you can treat with the capture of healthy areas of the skin is no harm.
  • It is categorically impossible to scratch or injure the treated area, it increases the risk of infection.
  • If redness, rashes, and other inappropriate reactions, area treatment to stop.
  • Important! Helps tar soap from papillomas, but because of its characteristic pungent smell, used the tool infrequently. Applied coal-tar soap as well as the business.

    Should abandon natural recipes, if you have individual intolerance to soap. And this is probably the only contraindication to the use of funds. No adverse reactions, no more restrictions. To check for allergies so: spread the soap slurry from the area of the skin on the inner bend of your elbow and wait 15 minutes. No rash – it’s OK, you can do the treatment of papillomas.

    Recipes for the treatment of papillomas soap

    The easiest option – before going to sleep daily to treat the growths with a soap piece. The duration of therapy is a month. There are faster ways of eliminating growths with ordinary soap:

  • Grate soap on a grater, pour lukewarm water to make a slurry. Spread on affected area and leave overnight. In the morning rinse with cool water and dry well. The procedure is carried out for 5 consecutive days, then for the next 2-3 days to dry and will fall off themselves.
  • Important! This method can cause irritation on the skin. In the case of reactions, it is possible to reduce the time of treatment to 3-4 days or to stop completely.

  • Grated shavings of one bar of soap pour the water and broth any herbs: chamomile, calendula, buds birch, immortelle. The amount of fluid 300-400 ml. Left dissolve chips and you can make compresses. To papilloma at home quickly disappeared, lotions is better 7 days to make hot, and then 7 days cool. The General course of treatment is not more than 30 days. The procedure not only removed the growths but also favorably affect the skin in the lesions.
  • Medical opinion about the therapy not the most positive. Doctors believe that the treatment of papillomas soap is not justified because of the composition: alkaline and acid can cause irritation in contact with skin. But if you carefully monitor the symptoms and to stop the procedure when the first unusual symptoms and do not tackle the soap formations on mucous membranes, danger to health not.

    The negative side of the application:

  • Excessive skin irritation due to the acid-alkaline soap;
  • Removing warts with this method has a high risk of injury modified cells;
  • The lack of documented facts cancerous degeneration of papillomas does not exclude the possibility of malignancy;
  • The use of soap in zones of special sensitivity (mucosa, genital area) causes excessive drying of the skin and the appearance of cracks, and thus increases the risk of infection.
  • Thinking through options for how to treat education, one should remember about the effect of soap on the level of the capillary permeability. Medical studies have confirmed the ability of fatty acids to potentiate the bleeding. Medicine offers a lot of means and ways how to remove warts with minimal risk to health. And if there are contraindications to the use of soap, you should apply it to them, for example, cryo-, laser destruction are the proven options for getting rid of warts forever.

    Important! Knowing how to withdraw papilloma soap at home, patients are needlessly disregard the medical advice. Simple advice: the procedure is best to combine with the medication relieves the HPV in the body. Concomitant therapy will increase the effectiveness of treatment and increases resistance of immunity to the HPV virus.

    Reviews about the treatment with soap

    Many positive reviews will be useful to anyone who wants to try a method of removing the warts with a piece of soap at home:


    «The variant has long been known and proven. Enjoyed myself, rash on the neck was very high. Cured for a month, oiled papilloma soap constantly at night. The only negative – couldn’t find soap, similar in composition to «Soviet» is simple – all fragrances and additives.»


    «It was treated with soap because grandma always removed the papilloma gruel of soap shavings. On the neck all the education gone in 14 days, but the sides are still flying. Advice to all: heat soap flakes in water to obtain a paste, better in a water bath on an open fire all quickly folded.»


    «I have a piece of soap at all a panacea! The child brought papillomas in 20 days, the longer my husband is being treated for a month. The method is simple: spread on overnight and wash off in the morning. By the way, nice dryness in the morning is not a cosmetic, and a good olive oil is for skin better than cosmetics.»

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