Skin on toes peeling and flakes: causes and treatment

Why peeling skin on toes and how to treat it?

Human foot daily handle big loads, after all, they have the entire weight of the body. The feet are constantly in motion and it is not strange that in a period of time, the skin on the toes fails, and starts to signal about it flaking and increased dryness. Most people ignore the situation, believing her to be a minor cosmetic defect. Sometimes, the skin that peels off between fingers, can be a sign of a serious illness that can radically change your life without timely treatment.

  • Why peel off the skin with fingers?
  • Treatment
  • Folk remedy for peeling skin
  • Prevention

Why peel off the skin with fingers?

The skin on the toes. not just in your body most likely failed, which caused the imbalance of hormones or lack of, of some vitamins. If the body did not have enough calcium as well as vitamins A and E — peeling skin on toes. Simultaneously, there is peeling on the feet, there is a brittle nails and lost their luster. If you noted an exacerbation of the pathological process periodically — with the change of season, you can be sure, these are typical symptoms of deficiency.

If peeling skin on the toes and adjacent areas are swollen and red, it can be assumed the allergic reaction. Its trigger can be anything — detergent, poor quality socks, contact with aggressive substances, or improperly performed pedicure.

Peeling skin between the toes due to excessive sweating or a fungal infection infection. The reason for this may be the wearing of shoes of low quality materials, lack of hygiene or public showers and swimming pools. Learn fungal infection characterized by white patches on the skin, the roughness of the affected areas and the rapid spread of peeling. A typical symptom of fungal infection can be unpleasant smell that comes from the legs even after the shower.

It is very important if you suspect the fungus as quickly as possible, to go to the doctor because the fungus is very contagious and you can infect other people by direct contact or using them, the same household items.

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Peeling between the toes can cause a sharp drop in temperature regimes. People with sensitive skin, the body thus reacts to a stimulus. Medical intervention this situation does not require, but it is important to monitor their immunity. The body with elevated protective properties, less susceptible to irritating factors.

If the toes peel off the skin continuously, the reason may be hiding in the poorly chlorinated water that you use for hygiene. Chlorine dry the skin, which reacts accordingly. Upper ball of cells die due to lack of moisture and begins to flake off.

A situation in which sloughs off the skin on the toes causes, can have very serious. It’s harmless peeling on the big toe may start psoriasis. It is a systemic disease that affects internal organs. It is also important to note that so far, doctors have not learned to eliminate the disease. Once faced with the disease now will regularly face a relapse. All that can make a doctor is to prolong the remission period and reduce the intensity of symptoms.

Why peeling skin on toes can tell you a dermatologist for a thorough examination. That is why, do not attempt to put a diagnosis and buy medicines. Due to lack of knowledge and their hasty decisions, you may face serious complications to eliminate that would be much more difficult than the original pathology.


Why peel off the skin of the feet in an adult, a qualified doctor can tell by visual inspection. The treatment will be administered based on laboratory tests, and depending on the reasons that caused peeling skin between the toes.

Eliminate flaking between the toes can simple moisturizer, if there are no visible infectious diseases. Dry skin may itch and cause discomfort, but all you need to do is provide it with the necessary nutrition and to keep clean.

It is very important not to get carried away with detergents, because it is likely that antibacterial soap, which you so diligently use, can wash away the natural protective layer of the skin. That is why, epidermis gets dry and starts to peel off.

Peeling toes due to lack of vitamins, as already mentioned above. To normalize the balance of nutrients, you need to take medications that stimulate the immune system and vitamin complexes. Very well-proven Retinol, Vitamin E, Imudon, rutaskorbin Rue «Belmedpreparaty» and Likopid.

The symptoms of an allergic reaction will help antihistamines Suprastin and Tavegil. These medications also help remove the itching and burning that there are frequent companions reactions to the stimulus. If between the toes peeling skin due to a fungus, will be appointed the agent for external application, such as:

  • Lamisil;
  • Drug zistan;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Mikospor.

All of these funds are composed of components that are active against different strains of fungus and certain gram-positive bacteria. Correctly applying external products on the surface of the flaky skin, you will certainly get the result.

If you notice that the scaly areas of cracked and skin peels off, revealing a red surface, it is very important to treat with antiseptics. In the affected areas can develop a bacterial infection. Treat inflamed surface salicylic alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or Hlorgeksidinom.

Folk remedy for peeling skin

If between the toes peeling skin, you can eliminate the pathology, using folk remedies. This is a very reasonable solution, because most of drugs have contraindications to use, and folk medicine, usually based on vegetable ingredients.

The skin on the toes will regain its former health, if you treat it with olive oil mixed with tea tree oil. Tea tree has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, so it will disinfect the skin and olive oil will saturate it with the necessary microelements and soothe irritation.

In order to get rid of the flaky top layer, you can use goods made from crushed cereal and soda. After the components are mixed among themselves, they are applied to already moistened with water, the skin between the fingers, and massaged. After the procedure, the skin is treated with butter and honey.

The simplest way to moisturize dry flaky skin between the toes is rubbing it with cucumber or aloe pulp.

If you are faced with a fungus between the toes, which caused the peeling, crush the garlic and apply the paste for twenty minutes to the affected area. It is important not to overdo it, it is likely to burn. If you do it right, the skin to recover after three treatments.


Skin problems between the toes are very easily avoided, preventing fungi and hypovitaminosis. Regular hygiene and hydration of the feet, treatment of your feet with a pumice stone from rough skin will not only maintain the graceful look of your legs, but will also reduce the likelihood of transmission. Contrast showers or baths after a hard day, will increase blood flow to the feet and reduce the possibility of cracking, as the enhance local immunity.

The skin on my toes will look perfectly, if you learn how to pick up the shoes and hosiery. The epidermis need constant ventilation, saving on new shoes or buying synthetic socks, you’re bringing a disease in which peeling skin between the toes.

The most common causes of peeling, have minor injuries on the fingers that are left unattended. It is important to treat with antiseptic even minor scratches on the legs, after penetrating into the wound, the bacteria begin to multiply massively. Dry with the peeling between the toes is the most innocuous of symptoms, which causes bacterial infection.

Each person needs to understand that the disease is easier to prevent than to deal with its treatment and deal with complications. Keep an active lifestyle, eat vitaminoterapie products at the first sign of symptoms on the skin contact your doctor and you will save the full health of your body, and flawless appearance of the skin on the toes.

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