Scar removal laser and treatment of scars

The technique of laser removal of scars and reviews

To scar quite easily, but to get rid of it – a difficult task. There are a lot of methods of remove scars. Fresh scars are easier to remove than the old, however they must be fully formed with no signs of inflammation and growth of connective tissue. On laser removal of scars reviews are positive, extremely rare negative opinions. Manipulation is characterized by several methods, which have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Methods of laser treatment
  • Contraindications to laser technique
  • How does the removal of scars?
  • Reviews of scars removal and scars

Methods of laser treatment

In laser treatment of scars there are several methods that help to get rid of scar tissue:

  • Peeling with a laser. The essence of manipulation is layer-by-layer evaporation of the scar, so that there is its grinding, leveled pathological skin. Suitable for the correction of any cosmetic defects, versatility;
  • Laser treatment of scar tissue is based on the production of collagen, which leads to rapid renewal of skin cells at a deep level. The skin becomes smooth, tight and elastic;
  • Photothermolysis involves removing the top layer of epithelial tissue, resulting in accelerated regenerative processes at the cellular level. Through the synthesis of collagen tightening effect is obtained.

Note, laser treatment of scars in most cases complements the peeling by a laser, that is, the procedures are applied consistently in the complex.

To remove normotroficheskie scars, you will need to exercise 2-3 medical procedures. They are usually carried out with an interval of one month. For getting rid of hypertrophic scar will need up to 8 sessions with the same break.

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Contraindications to laser technique

To remove scars, unfortunately, can not all people. Despite the high degree of effectiveness, safety and harmlessness of the procedure, it has certain contraindications, acts as a ban to laser removal.

Medical contraindications to laser treatment:

  • Cancer; a tendency to develop tumors, even if they are of benign nature.
  • Decompensated form of diabetes mellitus that is complicated by peripheral circulatory disorders, slow recovery of damages.
  • The clotting of blood.
  • Dermatological diseases, in the acute stage.
  • The high sensitivity of the skin, intolerance to organic laser.
  • Pregnancy, lactation.
  • Children up to age 12 years.
  • Important: laser manipulations are carried out on tanned skin, otherwise a high probability of a severe burn.

    How does the removal of scars?

    Removal using laser is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The duration of the manipulation varies from 5 minutes to one hour depending on the affected area of skin.

    A laser beam with short pulse heats the hypertrophied tissue, the cells inside rapidly evaporated, resulting in the scar becomes smaller. The strength and depth of penetration of the beam is controlled by a computer program that allows you to set the intensity of exposure up to one micron.

    To prevent overheating of the skin, uses a unique cooling system. Thereby increases safety, it reduces the discomfort of the patient.

    The advantages of the method include:

    • No harm to healthy tissue;
    • The accuracy of the exposure;
    • A small list of contraindications;
    • Bloodless intervention;
    • Visible results after the first time;
    • The lack of rehabilitation period;
    • Addressing serious and major defects.
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    Immediately after the first session, the affected area is washed, gently wet paper towel. Then put an antibacterial gel or cream is applied a light protective bandage.

    Reviews of scars removal and scars

    The obtained result is estimated by the patient subjectively, while largely depends on the initial condition of skin. Therefore, studying the numerous reviews about removing scars, and this information should be considered.

    Feedback from the Marina 25 years
    Decided on this procedure. Details will not tell, to not scare anyone. But it was painful, uncomfortable, and after all kind of awesome. Therefore, I recommend to take a leave from work to recover. The effect I’m happy, the scar is almost invisible unless you look strongly.

    Review from Cathy of 38 years
    Improvement was noticed after the first appointment. Yes, it was painful, but not so much as telling all. My full course is 4 sessions. The skin looks good, the scars are not visible, I am very pleased.
    Review from Victoria for 19 years
    I polished the two children’s rumen. The result, alas, is not pleased. Because there were indentations from the sanding near the scars. Then I had to contact to cryoablation, to do glycolic peels.

    As a result, all individually, including the effect of laser treatment. The result depends on skin condition, degree of involvement, and other factors. So everyone chooses his own method.

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