Reviews on tablets Trykhopol and how to make candles

The reviews about the drug Trihopol and instructions for use

Visit to the gynecologist is not the most pleasant for women, especially when it comes about yeast infection. A yeast infection is widespread nowadays, Candida – the fungi that cause the disease, have high invasiveness. In this article, you can learn what Trihopol tablets, how effective is the drug from a yeast infection in women, the drug, indications and contraindications.

  • A General description of the drug
  • Indications for use
  • Use medicine candidiasis
  • Features of application, contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Reviews

A General description of the drug

Trihopol – medication with broad spectrum of action, which is used in the treatment of various diseases. The main active ingredient, which is part of the drug metronidazole, providing antiparasitic effect means.

The medicine is available as:

  • vaginal suppositories;
  • tablets;
  • solution for intravenous use.

Trihopol tablets in the gastrointestinal tract to dissolve, are absorbed by the mucous membrane of the organs. Starts to work within 3 hours.

The mechanism of action Trichopolum is the penetration of the pathogen, causing irreversible damage DNA. The drug destroys bacterial pathogens of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Indications for use

Before you use candles Trykhopol, or tablet, you must consult with your doctor. The drug is prescribed for:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • chlamydia;
  • gonorrhea;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • peritonitis;
  • the vaginitis (colpitis);
  • cystitis;
  • infectious lesions of the skin;
  • sepsis.

The drug is also used in the postoperative period.

Given the group of diseases for which treatment is applied Trihopol, we can say that the drug is active against pathogens:

  • Neisseria gonorrhoeae;
  • amoebas;
  • Trichomonas;
  • chlamydia;
  • cocci.
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The question arises, does Trihopol candidiasis, whether the actual application Trichopolum for thrush. In the instructions for use stated that it has no effect on fungi, so treatment courses Beadle trichopolum of yeast infection – an inefficient exercise. Then why do doctors prescribe Trihopol for thrush? Thrush – a disease caused by the fungi Candida is part of the normal flora of the vagina of women. The reason why the fungus goes into the pathogenic form of the disease undermines the overall health of the patient, change the pH of the vaginal cavity. If thrush is caused by disease, against which to use the drug Trihopol, the drug is administered to the patient.

Use medicine candidiasis

Thrush and Trihopol — not as disjointed concepts. But, besides the application Trichopolum need to be applied antimycotic drugs acting on the fungus. The use of one Trichopolum weakens the immune system, leads to the progression of candidiasis.

Instructions for use of candles Trykhopol contains information on the rules of application, the dosage of the drug. If you use Trihopol from thrush with antifungal therapy, suppositories, or vaginal tablets are inserted deep into the vagina 1 time wear. Usually it is used before bedtime, if you take the tool in the middle of the day – you need 10-15 minutes to lie down. Trihopol for thrush in women the pills taken 1 tablet a day in the vagina and 1 through the mouth. The course of treatment is 10 days. Prolonged use of the drug is prohibited. Re-the drug can be used after 4 months.

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Features of application, contraindications

Remember that Trihopol not cure yeast infections, are ineffective against fungi and fungal diseases. Usually vaginal suppositories are not used during menstruation, but in severe cases the specialist may prescribe vehicle.

Application Trichopolum during pregnancy is allowed only from 12 weeks (during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy) when the fetus has formed vital organs. Yeast infection treatment courses Beadle trichopolum during pregnancy is supervised by a physician.

How to apply Trihopol during lactation? The dosage is maintained, breastfeeding a baby is discontinued for a period of treatment. Usually prescribed for severe cases.

The drug is contraindicated in case of:

  • pregnancy during the first trimester;
  • violations of coordination;
  • diseases of the circulatory system (except sepsis);
  • hypersensitivity to drug, its components;
  • diseases of the Central nervous system;
  • liver failure.

Method of application of the drug in the form of gynecology appointed only by a physician considering the etiology of candidiasis.

Side effects

Side effects that occur when using tools:

  • vomiting, nausea;
  • dry mouth;
  • diarrhea, constipation;
  • headache, insomnia;
  • there is itching, skin rash;
  • cramps;
  • increased symptoms of thrush;
  • burning sensation in the vagina.

Failure to comply with the treatment can occur to overdose, which is characterized by cramps, vomiting. Before you accept Trichopolum, you need to find out if someone is Allergy to the drug components. The appearance of side effects, she should stop using Trihopol, to go to the doctor.

For thrush in men the drug is not used due to inefficient use of only one tablet form orally.


Trihopol has mixed reviews, including many negative ones. This is due to the lack of understanding of the value of the drug for candidiasis, the need for additional antimycotic drugs.

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Svetlana, 25 years

Applied Trihopol for 10 days along with Nystatin. Satisfied with the result, despite the side effects. After 7 days of usage traces from the thrush was not.

Anna, 29 years old

Used remedy for the chronic form of candidiasis. Absolutely no other effects were observed, except increase in quantity of discharge. By the end of the course of treatment the itching became more and more unbearable.

If you wish to protect your health, before using any medicine consult a doctor, and not focus only on reviews and the advice of friends.

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