Remove nail fungus on the big toe and how to remove nail

Ways to remove fungus on nails

Nail fungus is an infectious disease, due to which pathogens are able to penetrate deep into the soft tissue that leads to chronic course of the disease. Therefore part of treatment is the removal of the affected nail plate. The question how to remove a nail, there are many answers. Its removal is carried out by mechanical means in medical institutions, you can also use specialized pharmacy drugs – creams, lotions, patches, creams or folk remedies.

  • Ways to remove nail fungus when
  • Disposal methods: highlights and features
  • Laser removal
  • Chemical method of removal
  • The classical method of deliverance
  • Pharmaceutical preparations for the removal of nail plate

Ways to remove nail fungus when

Removal of the nail plate is carried out with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of conservative treatment. Also to prevent the spread of pathogenic fungi inside the body.

Most often, when the nail fungus removed only some part thereof, which is involved in pathological processes. If the patient has a total form of onychomycosis, there is the accession of infection of a bacterial nature, you should remove the entire nail.
In the event of infection to the removal of the nail is resorted to immediately. In the beginning of pathology is better to seek the assistance of medication. However, due to the high resistance of pathogens, treatment is not always effective.

Removing nail fungus has the following indications:

  • Running form, due to which the nail plate is completely destroyed, there is increased risk of infection, there is inflammation;
  • If there is no possibility to use means of local action due to medical contraindications or allergic reactions;
  • Medication does not give desired result for a long time. The areas affected by fungus, are not restored, the picture tends to deteriorate.

The removal of the nail plate is carried out using mechanical, chemical, surgical method. Often used laser removal, or surgical treatment.

Important: removal of the nail when fungus is not a replacement for local and systemic treatment of onychomycosis, and is part of the treatment to ensure the delivery of drugs as deeply.

Disposal methods: highlights and features

Removal of the toenail when the fungus by mechanical means is carried out in dermatological surgery. The direction of the procedure gives the mycologist or a dermatologist. The method the doctor sequentially removes layers of nail tissue in the affected area.

Duration of manipulation varies from 20 to 90 minutes. It all depends on the amount of infected tissue. First the doctor will treat the skin and plates by antiseptic medicines. Using a special abrasive nozzle by removal. Manipulation ends re-treatment of nails and feet. The method does not cause pain, helps to release the tissue bed under the nail. Then the patient is advised for several days to treat the surface with an antiseptic to prevent secondary infection.

Laser removal

To remove the toenail when the fungus helps the laser method. The procedure has certain advantages. Does not provoke pain, executed promptly, with efficiency up to 97%. Is performed exclusively in medical facilities.

To remove the affected nail, the doctor does the following:

  • Treats the area with antiseptic.
  • Sighting influences the beam to the infected area for about 4-6 minutes.
  • Manipulation is repeated after 7-14 days.
  • To get rid of nail on the big toe will need from 3 to 7 treatments. In principle, all individually, some of the patients missing 2-3 manipulations, while others need a doctor’s visit up to 8 times, inclusive.

    Worth knowing: the advantage of laser removal is that it destroys the protein structure of the cells, resulting excluded the recurrence of the disease.

    This procedure has contraindications: malignant tumors, epileptic seizures in history, HIV infection, poor blood clotting, time of carrying a child.

    Chemical method of removal

    To remove the nail affected by a fungus, often used chemical method. Time takes 15 to 25 minutes. For getting rid of the nail using strong chemical substances on the basis of urea or a similar acid. A pasty formulation is applied on the nail. Pre-closed healthy skin, otherwise it will burn. On top of bandage, all fixed by a bandage.

    The removal of the nail affected by a fungus, is carried out on the 4th day. After the procedure mandatory local sanitation. Use anti-fungal ointments antiseptic medicines.

    Rules for patients:

    • It is strictly forbidden to remove the dressing yourself;
    • Before visiting the doctor’s legs need to steam in the bath with soda solution.

    After applying the chemicals not to get my feet wet, to make any water treatments or use other medicines of local action.

    The classical method of deliverance

    Sometimes for getting rid of nail fungus the doctors resort to the traditional way is mechanical removal. Disadvantage of the procedure is that it is very painful after you cease to operate a local anesthetic.

    This method is resorted to in cases when other methods have not helped. But it also has contraindications. These include diseases of the circulatory system, varicose veins, capillary insufficiency, pathologies of the immune system.

    How to remove nail surgically? The algorithm is as follows:

  • Injection is done under the affected nail fungus;
  • Finger over tighten the harness;
  • Antiseptic treatment of the operative field;
  • Surgical removal;
  • Treatment with hydrogen peroxide;
  • The application of healing ointments;
  • Overlaying a sterile bandage.
  • After the procedure, administered during the week of antifungal drugs, vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Note: during the recovery period not to wet the bandage; the bandage it is important to monitor the cleanliness of hands.

    If, after surgical removal of the finger was swollen and reddened, it is necessary to see a doctor, because a high probability of inflammatory process.

    Pharmaceutical preparations for the removal of nail plate

    How to remove nails affected by fungus? The pharmaceutical industry offers various remedies to remove the affected area. However, when used alone, it is recommended not to remove until the box is dangerous. Even a small claw performs a barrier function.

    The pharmacy can buy creams and gels, ointments, antifungal sprays and patches to remove the nail (special grip wax). Means that eliminates nail fungus at home:

    • Mikospor and Multimill. These drugs are used by a single scheme. First you need to make a foot bath with soap and baking soda. After via nail files or scraper to remove the loose part of the nail plate. Around the affected area to stick a band-aid. Gently apply the product, on top of the patch, after the bandage. Leave for 3-4 days. Then remove, trim the nail, scrape off the top. In total it will take up to 5 treatments;
    • Keratolytic plaster is recommended by many patients who have asked how to get rid of nail fungus. The consistency of the tool resembles a cohesive mass, which must be applied to the affected surface. Best patches – Nikoplast, Uniplast, Ureaplasm. To remove the affected layer, it is necessary to carry out the same actions as when you use ointments. The duration of wearing the patch is 1 to 2 days (depending on the specific drug);
    • Multivit tool to remove the nail. Has no antifungal effect, has no effect on the cause of the disease. Before using the drug, it is necessary to steam out feet dry. Next on the affected nail apply a thick layer of cream. Rubbing is not necessary. To consolidate all of the plaster. To wear for 2-4 days. To ensure that the medication didn’t get on healthy skin. At the expiration of this time remove the band-aid, wash his feet. Remove the soft part of the nail plate;
    • Mycostop cream to remove the nail affected by the fungus. Is also another form of spray, lotion, paste. The tool showed high efficacy against many pathogens. Helps to clean the infected area for a few applications. To apply the drug, cover with a cotton pad, then apply the plaster crosswise. The procedure time is two days.

    Remove nail fungus by mechanical means is an extreme and radical measure. This manipulation is necessary in those scenes, when it began the process of intensive destruction of the stratum corneum. Therapy begun at an early stage of pathology, to avoid troublesome and unpleasant procedure to remove.

    The tools presented in the paper, efficient and effective. However, no need to hurry with the choice of medication. The feasibility of local medicines is solved by a dermatologist or mycologist. The self is always fraught with complications, inflammation and infections.

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