Removal of papillomas — how much is laser removal

How much is removal of papillomas with a laser?

The papilloma appears benign neoplasm arising due to the impact of human papillomavirus (HPV) which is transmitted during sexual intercourse or by household, penetrating through the mucous membranes and damaged skin. These skin growths occur on any part of the body – the eyelids, neck, chest, axilla, mucous membrane of the nose and even in the intimate area. HPV alone does not disappear, on the contrary, tend to increase. Let’s see how much it costs to remove papilloma, what are the advantages and disadvantages of laser treatment?

  • The pros and cons of laser removal of papillomas
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The pros and cons of laser removal of papillomas

In most clinical pictures the reason for removing the papilloma is purely aesthetic. But in some situations this procedure is carried out due to risk of injury of the growth and subsequent infections. In trauma there is a certain probability of degeneration of a neoplasm to a malignant tumor.

Worth knowing: the most popular method of removing warts, caused by HPV laser procedure. Its advantage is that it is suitable for any skin, including intimate areas.

Laser removal of papillomas has the following advantages:

  • The performance of medical manipulations. In one session, you can completely get rid of the ugly build-up. Spot removal never there is a new tumor.
  • Speed. Doctors say that modern procedure allows to get rid of small growths within 2-3 minutes.
  • Bloodlessness. The lack of bleeding, both during manipulation and after that reduces the risk of infection to a minimum.
  • Laser automatically disinfects the affected area. This property of the device allow to exclude the development of inflammation of the treated area.
  • Minimal trauma and deformity of the healthy surface. The laser beam is characterized by small diameter, high accuracy of guidance and a selective effect, eliminating the injury of neighboring properties.
  • During manipulation there is no contact between the laser and the skin, eliminating the risk of infection by viruses, and fungal pathologies.
  • One treatment can get rid of several tumors.
  • The lack of lengthy recovery period and the patient’s recovery; no need to carry out preparatory activities.
  • Low risk of negative consequences in the form of scarring of the tissue and scars; after laser removal of the skin takes on a natural look.
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    Another advantage can be called painless. During the removal of a person feels a slight tingling or burning sensation. If the patient has an extremely low pain threshold, you can optionally use anesthetic ointments or creams.

    Removal of papillomas with a laser is an effective manipulation, but it has certain disadvantages. First and foremost is the contraindications, which implies a ban for some patients. Contraindications the following:

    • Cancer pathology malignancy;
    • Violation of the integrity of the skin (erosion, ulcer, wound surface);
    • Pregnancy, breast feeding;
    • Fresh or «strong» sunburn on the skin;
    • Organic diseases of the Central nervous system;
    • Colds, respiratory or viral disease;
    • Diabetes mellitus, etc.

    Note: a significant drawback is that you cannot send a papilloma for histological examination. That is why before treatment is a careful diagnosis to exclude malignancy of the tumor.

    The disadvantages include the relatively high cost of manipulation. Also there is a definite likelihood of complications due to low professional medical professional.

    What is the cost to remove papilloma laser?

    How much is removal of papillomas with a laser? The relevance of the issue is not in doubt, so it is often asked by patients. The price depends on many criteria. These include medical clinics, qualified medical professional, the pricing policies of specific companies, etc.

    Since papillomas tend to degenerate into a malignant tumor, the patient may need further blood tests, to pass the material for the polymerase chain reaction.

    Mainly the financial expenses of the patient due to the number of tumors, not their size and location. In most cases, private hospitals billed their groups. For example, the price for 1-10 pieces, the price of pieces 11-20 etc. Costs are much higher if we are talking really about a large build-up. In this embodiment, the doctor may recommend some effects laser with a gap of a few days.

    Of course, if the patient has many warts, then removing it will be cheaper. Count on seasonal action does not make sense, as the manipulation is important at any time of the year, so in addition to stimulate people financial gain is not necessary.

    So, how much to remove papilloma laser? The minimum cost of removing one is 3-5$; the maximum value of the removal of a single nodule – 15$. If we talk about the average price, the redemption from the 1st papillomas costs about 7-8$.

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    The procedure for removal of papillomas of the laser

    The removal of the growth is carried out using the laser beam. It helps to remove the HPV, in particular, the external manifestation, with no effect on the virus itself in the human body. During a manipulation applied surgical lasers, which is a serious technique, so they should only work plastic surgeon or specialist who has passed the appropriate training.

    Note, during the procedure removal of papillomas depth of the light flux is fully controlled. In the process of intervention, the wound disinfected, also simultaneously, there is stimulation of the internal resources for fast regeneration of the skin.

    Gradual removal procedure with laser:

  • Manipulation starts with visual inspection of the patient. The doctor examines all the existing tumors that you want to delete. In one procedure, you can remove moles, warts and other neoplasms, the fundamental difference in protocols does not exist.
  • Then on problematic area apply the gel analgesic properties. If the growth is very large in size or the patient has a low pain threshold, your doctor may recommend an injection of lidocaine.
  • After the laser is tuned to the required power, proceed to the session. The beam is supplied to the tumor by means of short pulses, which leads to subsequent evaporation.
  • Deleting a single papilloma is 1-3 minutes. It all depends on the localization, size. During one session can be removed from one of build-up, and 20 pieces.
  • At the end of the manipulation that all wounds will be processed by an antiseptic solution; the large ones can cover a bandage that is impregnated with ointment Levomekol. Then the patient can go home.

    Complete healing of the tissues occurs quickly. Traces of small growth disappear in a few days, and from large tumors for 2-5 weeks. In the first few days you can see the redness after a scab, which eventually disappears. You can’t rip off yourself.

    To avoid the appearance of scar tissue, the recovery period is strictly forbidden to sunbathe, take a long bath, a Solarium, a sauna and a swimming pool. You also can not dry the surface with iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc.


    The human papillomavirus can sleep for a long time in the body, not manifesting itself. And against the background of a sharp deterioration of the immune system, it is able to immediately become activated, which leads to the formation of papillomas. Their appearance is noted in any age, they are not gender, in other words, no one is immune. Laser removal – an effective procedure, which is confirmed by many reviews. Consider some of them.

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    Veronica, 26 years:

    «Removed the papilloma a year ago in the beauty parlor. Came to the reception to the doctor, showed a growth. I asked a few questions, then immediately sent for examination. I was donating blood. Within an hour was invited to the office for the procedure, there was no queue. During the removal I was bolnovato, but if you compare with a visit to the dentist, it is quite tolerable. After 15 days, all the effects disappeared, the skin became as smooth as everywhere else.»

    Svetlana, 34 years:

    «How long was decided on mechanical removal. Compare the different ways choosing between liquid nitrogen and laser, have chosen the second option. It was fast, it didn’t hurt. For me personally, the only negative was the fact that during the procedure, a strong smell of burnt skin, I felt sick. It’s been two months. If you look closely at the place where it was education, it is possible to see something, if you know, and so nothing is visible.»

    Valeria, 30 years:

    «Effective, quick, painless and not too expensive, if you delete a few pieces. There was a little redness, but it soon passed. I liked that the rehabilitation of short, additional appointments are required. To remove the little laser is the best way.»

    In conclusion, laser removal of papilloma is a modern and effective method with many advantages. He only saves from harmful cells without causing harm.

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