Removal liquid nitrogen warts and cautery

Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen

The emergence of various growths on the skin (warts, papillomas, warts) signals the weakening of the immune system because of the appearance of all these lesions occur on the background of infection with the human papillomavirus. Any growths must be removed not only because they are a cosmetic defect, but because of the risk of malignant transformation. There are different ways of removing these outgrowths. In our article we will tell you about the removal of the liquid nitrogen.

  • Benefits removing warts with liquid nitrogen
  • How is the procedure?
  • Contraindications
  • Care after the procedure
  • Patient testimonials

Benefits removing warts with liquid nitrogen

Many people are interested in than to burn away a wart? Often use pharmacy alkaline and acid solutions, for example, Supercrystal, Verrucate, Varner, Kriofarma, Solkoderm. Many traditional recipes contain information on what you can cauterize the wart. To do this, use the juice of celandine, iodine, ammonia.

However, to burn warts at home is not always effective and safe. Much easier and faster to remove the wart with liquid nitrogen. This is one of the latest techniques of cosmetic medicine. While warts cauterize by means of cryogenic techniques, namely liquid nitrogen. Method is not only suitable for the removal of warts, but also to eliminate warts, moles and calluses. However, it is not enough to remove the wart, it is important to pass the examination of the body and to eliminate the cause of this pathological process, which responsible is the human papillomavirus.

Removal of warts with nitrogen are shown in the following cases:

  • If the tumor often bleeds, becomes inflamed and damaged clothing. In the case of wart in the body can get a dangerous infection;
  • Definitely is plantar wart removal liquid nitrogen because these tumors interfere with walking;
  • To remove a wart liquid nitrogen is needed and in that case, if this place is often ill, looks inflamed or otherwise bother the patient.
  • Important! Liquid nitrogen warts is more effective than laser, since this exposure does not change the structure of the skin. In addition, the recurrence rate is significantly lower than with laser removal after which usually scars.

    Burning warts with liquid nitrogen has its advantages:

    • If we talk about how much it costs for the procedure, the price is quite reasonable and much lower than some other methods of excision. So, for the removal of a growth no bigger than 5 mm you have to give 2,5-10 $, and for excision of education are larger than 5 mm you will pay the 5.8-21,6 $;
    • For the procedure does not require any special training;
    • The operation takes little time;
    • Under the influence of liquid nitrogen is a possibility of infection to the neighboring cells of the skin;
    • After cauterization of warts usually are no scars and scarring.
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    Moxibustion liquid nitrogen does have limitations. These include the following:

    • For cryotherapy requires local anesthesia. In some cases, the localization of growth in a particularly sensitive place and during the operation in children, the pain may persist for a couple of days after the procedure;
    • Liquid nitrogen and wart this method does not exclude the likelihood of scars and burns. This happens if incorrectly calculated time and depth effects on the epithelium;
    • Large warts and nitrogen interact badly, may need one session of exposure to completely remove tumors of considerable size.

    How is the procedure?

    Now we will tell you how to remove warts with liquid nitrogen. To conduct cryoablation requires a special applicator. This is a special wooden stick with a length of 250-300 mm with a cotton tip. In addition, freezing may need cryoapplicator with special tips, different shape and size. In fact, it is a reservoir for liquid nitrogen.

    Treatment of warts is by freezing. This is a direct impact on the pathological tissue with slight pressure for a few seconds (10-40).

    Cauterization of warts with liquid nitrogen is made after such preliminary preparation of the skin:

  • First treatment of the skin antiseptic composition;
  • Further, the tumor is applied gel or cream to soften the surface, so that liquid nitrogen can penetrate as deep as possible into the structure;
  • Then local anesthesia. May be a special cream, spray or injection.
  • You can then burn warts. To do this, to education impose the applicator with a reservoir for liquid nitrogen. With a little pressure on the applicator it goes from the cryogenic liquid freezes the wart. After that, education becomes very dense and white. Then, formed bubble with serous or hemorrhagic fluid. He resolved within a week, and in its place formed a dry crust. In 7-10 days she is separated. In this place the first time, there is a pinkish stain that passes too.

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    Plantar wart removal liquid nitrogen is accompanied by greater pain, as this growth requires a strong pressure applicator and more prolonged exposure to liquid nitrogen. Remote plantar wart leads to the long process of disability, because the attack in place removal hurt for two to three weeks. It is not uncommon for these tumors requires about 3-4 effects, which take place every three days. Sometimes treatment can last for six months.

    If you made a removing warts with liquid nitrogen, the consequences can be as follows:

  • Inconvenience can deliver significant peeling of the skin. This occurs when exposed to large areas of the epidermis.
  • Sometimes after the procedure removal of pigmented spots remain. However, they can pass in the next couple of months as the regeneration of the skin.
  • If incorrectly calculated the intensity and exposure time, you can get a severe burn, the consequence of which will be a big bubble and scar for life.
  • Contraindications

    Cauterization of warts with liquid nitrogen has its contraindications:

    • the procedure is not carried out if you are sensitive to nitrogen;
    • cryosurgery is contraindicated in epilepsy, vasospasm and hypertension;
    • if on the skin in the affected area have a rash, irritation or inflammation, from the procedure should be abandoned;
    • during pregnancy, treatment with nitrogen is not used;
    • the increase in body temperature, acute infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, various inflammatory processes and minor ailments are a reason to delay the procedure.

    Attention! Cryosurgery is not possible due to diabetes, hepatitis, HIV, and diseases of the blood, because blood clotting may be impaired, which negatively affect the rehabilitation period.

    Care after the procedure

    Warts after cauterization by nitrogen should be solved forever, and in its place will be a bubble, which needs especially gentle care. The vial should be protected from moisture. It does not need to touch or puncture. Twice a day it is treated with salicylic alcohol or normal solution of potassium permanganate. Seven days later, when will start the exfoliation process of the epidermis, this treatment is stopped.

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    During the week it is not recommended to expose the affected area to solar radiation. If the deletion occurred on the face, the healing should not use cosmetics. If the liquid in the bubble is red, it means that the nitrogen reserve of the blood vessels, so the healing process will be longer.

    Patient testimonials

    In the Internet there are mixed reviews about this procedure. Someone cryosurgery helped, and someone faced with the problem again.

    Alla, 35 years:

    Removed daughter’s plantar growths cryodestruction technique. She cried a lot, because it was too painful. The leg hurt for a couple of days after the procedure. But the worst thing is that after six months on the same foot came back again, the warts, and even more than before. Again removed, and again the sickness had a relapse. When I went to the clinic, we other doctor said, you can remove them as you like, if not to undergo antiviral treatment.

    Victoria, 23 years:

    Terrible pain when removed is not the only disadvantage of this procedure. I was sent for cryotherapy without saying that any inflammatory processes are contraindications to its conduct, and the exchange was inflammation of the stomach. So after cryotherapy stomach pain has become unbearable, and even the temperature rose. Here are our good doctors!

    Natalia, 39 years:

    Long tormented the child and removed the growths with liquid nitrogen. And they were still there, although we drank at the doctor’s recommendation strong antiviral drugs. The effect of them was not only adverse reactions. Eventually began to use Superchatel, the warts turned black and fell off by themselves, never came back. On cryotherapy and antiviral medications have disposed of around 58 $, and Superchatel bought for 0,36 $. So, you should decide what is best.

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