Remedy for fungus Fundisa

Ointment Fundisa is an effective remedy for a fungus to get rid of this infectious disease. The advantage of cream is that its action is aimed at restoring the protective functions of the organism. The drug has no contraindications and allows to get rid of the fungus for 12 to 14 days.

An ointment composition and its application

Fungus cream nail Fundisa very often assigned to professionals, because the tool has a complex effect. The ointment has a moisturizing and antiseptic action, therefore, also used for dryness of the epidermis and sunburns. If you regularly use the drug, it is possible to get rid of the sweating and swelling of the legs. This cream is used to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases.

To understand why Fundisa them, you need to know what it consists of. The cream includes:

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