Remedy for fungus Easy Step: indications and contraindications, instructions for use

More than 40% of Russian citizens ever in your life endured yeast infections. The most common among them is mycosis.

Progression of the process can go from the skin to the nail plate, causing changes of their color and form (in the absence of treatment the necrotic tissue changes). It is important to begin to deal with the disease in its early stages. Modern means assigned from a fungus, Easy step not only acts on the disease, but also eliminates the unpleasant symptoms.

Recommended tool?

Fungal diseases in its development pass through several stages. At the initial stage, the clinical picture is scanty, there are cracks, small patches of redness, and sometimes slight swelling. These changes patients rarely notice themselves, but it is most beneficial to start treatment at this stage.

In the second stage join the flaking, itching disturbing, the area of erythema increases. At the peak of its development, the fungus invades the nail plate, the epidermis starts to flake off, there are deep painful cracks. With inadequate treatment, the process may become chronic.

Important! The likelihood of Contracting a fungal infection is increased in individuals, long-term use of shoes of poor quality, visiting the pools, baths and other public places involving contact with water, failure to observe personal hygiene, as well as in cases of disorders of the immune system.


One of the main ingredients of the drug has a fungistatic action disrupts the formation of cell membranes, prevents the reproduction and growth of fungal colonies.

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Additional substances in the composition have a number of effects:

  • deodorant cream gives feet the smell of lilies of the valley and mint;
  • cooling and moisturizing – at the initial stages of the therapy eliminates itching and peeling, softens rough areas of skin;
  • revitalizing – improves the nutrition of the epidermis and helps to regenerate its dead parts.
  • farnesol is an organic alcohol. Used as a fragrant substance and a retainer in perfumery;
  • climbazole – antifungal medication broad-spectrum;
  • mint essential oil;
  • vitamin E is responsible for the nutrition and reparation of the skin.

Usage instructions

Before use, be sure to conduct activities of personal hygiene.

The drug is used 1 time per day. The minimum course of treatment – 1 month.

Important! Avoid falling cream on the mucous membranes. In the event of such incidents must immediately wash the surface with water. In case of ingestion of the drug is important as quickly as possible to wash out the stomach, in the later application of chelators.

Contraindications may be hypersensitivity reaction to certain ingredients of the drug. Except for very rare allergic reactions, side effects from using the cream no.

Reviews of doctors

The experts are mainly positive about the action of this drug. Below are a few reviews:

Sergey Petrovich, dermatologist: in severe forms of athlete’s foot affects not only the skin but also the nail plate. If untreated, the changes can walk to the hotel necrosis areas. This not only greatly reduces the patient’s quality of life, causing him discomfort and pain, but also contagious to his environment. To prevent such situations it is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene and begin treatment at the initial stage of the disease. The first signs of a fungal infection include: redness, itching, peeling, cracks in interdigital spaces (often between 3 and 4 fingers).

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Elena S., mycologist, dermatologist: most of my patients complain about scaling, roughness whoa, this is sometimes accompanied by itching. These symptoms in 95% of cases talking about the development of fungal diseases. Usually in this situation I recommend patients cream easy step. From the first days, patients reported relief of symptoms. In spite of this, it is important to take the full course of treatment for at least 30 days. This will allow for a long period of time to avoid recurrence of the disease.

Easy step — a drug that can successfully be used for treatment of all stages of fungal diseases of feet. For the control treatment is recommended to consult a dermatologist.