Psoriasis — what it is and how it begins: the symptoms and treatment

What is psoriasis: causes and treatment

Starts as psoriasis, few know that this point becomes crucial in their lives, because in the early stages, the disease can be stopped, but the acute phase is not curable. Over time, the psoriasis becomes chronic and the patient up to the end of his life, forced to deal with the skin defects and cyclic manifestation of symptoms. Modern medicine knows everything about psoriasis, how it develops and manifests itself, but around the causes of its development, is constantly under debate. In medical circles, the problem of determining the causes of psoriasis is not only dermatologists, but also physicians of other specialties, as the consequences and complications of this skin disease affect almost all organs and systems in the human body.

  • What is a disease?
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Classification of the disease
  • Methods of treatment

What is a disease?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that is considered as a disease of the skin characterized by the formation of scaly plaques that deliver intense itching, and aesthetic discomfort. Due to the fact that the activated form of disease may progress in other organs psoriasis usually positioned with the autoimmune diseases systemic type.

About psoriasis learn of their diagnosis, more and more people. The disease has no age or gender preference, it is with the same frequency to develop in men and women, schoolchildren, and the elderly. The first signs of psoriasis do not cause significant discomfort to the person, so in General, disease may seem trifling.

What the beginning of psoriasis, reflect many patients, because the disease has a cyclical nature. Some of the disease psoriasis and the period of its exacerbation starts simultaneously with the change of seasons, while others, after a provoking factor. Last and that and the other period different, it all depends on the individual patient, additional diseases, and the extent of skin lesions.

Causes and symptoms

It is very difficult to capture the moment as the beginning psoriasis symptoms seem rather vague, so can and does go unnoticed. Psoriasis plaques first appear on the elbows, knees and scalp. On the body, you may notice occasional petechial rashes that resemble pimples. After some time, the manifestation of psoriasis to become more vivid — the head of the pimple becomes a gray-white color and starts to peel off. The patient experiences itching and burning in the affected skin. If this time not take any measures, the spots turn red, and will spread. Psoriasis manifests itself as, you know doctors, they have to differentiate this disease with ringworm, dermatitis and eczema.

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Psoriatic plaques may consist of vesicles filled with liquid. When this bubble bursts, appear weeping sores and erythema. If the juvenile type of disease to join bacterial infection in the bubbles is noted purulent contents. A bacterial infection will provoke such symptoms of psoriasis such as increased dryness of the skin, temperature and General weakness.

Psoriasis on back, arms, head and other body parts is an unusual reaction of the immune system to an irritant. As a stimulus may be:

  • lack of vitamins;
  • contact with aggressive substances;
  • a sharp decline in immunity due to other diseases;
  • pregnancy and hormonal imbalance;
  • trauma to the skin;
  • frequent stress and emotional turmoil.

Due to the impact of unfavorable factors, the body begins to work hard and takes the cells of its skin as foreign organisms, attacking and destroying them.

As you know, the disease can be congenital or acquired. If parents had the symptoms and treatment of the disease, was carried out, the probability of transmission of genetic predispositions to diseases of the child, is 30%. If you were rooting for both parents, 60%.

What is psoriasis purchased, you can explain the details doctors. Most people believe that is, a specific causative agent of disease, and shy away patients with rash. Incipient illness, and even launched his form is not contagious. The disease is not communicated by casual contact or sexual way, or even blood transfusions.

Classification of the disease

Psoriasis what is now known, but the disease has several varieties, which also should be explored, in the event of clinical symptoms, it was possible to react quickly, and to start therapy. Skin disease psoriasis klassificeret depending on the localization and extent of skin lesions. To date, there are:

  • plaque psoriasis is the most simple form, is characterized by a faint rash with a long remission period;
  • generalized psoriasis papular — characterized by the formation of papules, fluid-filled, itchy and swelling of tissues;
  • seborrheic — there are plaques on the skin which peels off all the layers, and injury may bleed;
  • exudative — develops in people with systemic diseases;
  • a teardrop is a manifestation of psoriasis of this type due to the presence in the body of streptococcal infection, is characterized by a single red-pink patches;
  • atypical — rash, in different parts of the body, including the genitals, head, and extremities;
  • erythroderma is a manifestation of psoriasis of this type suggests that the disease develops in the body for a long time, and purchased a most severe form. The symptoms of psoriasis amaze all skin on the body. Accompanied by high fever, swelling of tissues and numerous papular rash with content.
  • psoriatic arthritis is a rather complication that gives chronic psoriasis, rather than its form. The disease affects not only the skin, but connective tissue.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of the disease, it affects about 5% of the population of the whole earth. Other forms develop, as a rule, if you run this form and it is not treated.

Methods of treatment

Psoriasis is a disease despite many of its varieties, has similar symptoms but is required to note that the therapy of each form will be different. If you have psoriasis symptoms and treatment will be able to correctly identify only by a qualified doctor. Primarily prescribed drugs to strengthen the immune system so the body was able to withstand the «Allergy» itself. In the early development of diseases, prescribe remedies with salicylic acid:

  • Calcipotriol;
  • Talonaxe;
  • Dithranol;
  • Skin-cap.
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Relieve inflammation, and pain drugs help with steroid hormones. For a long time you can not use them as they are addictive and the constant increase in dose. Therapy in required mode will be present enterosorbent that the withdrawal of toxic substances from the blood of the patient, as well as antihistamines, which eliminate swelling, itching and reduce flaking of the skin. Severe disease requires the use of cytotoxic drugs Cyclosporine and Methotrexate, as well as drugs from the group of retinoids — Acitretin. Plaques and papules can be treated with ointment Elokom and Hydrocortison. A good result can be achieved by using drugs called Belosalic and Locacorten. Patients to relieve the intensity of symptoms shown a hemosorption and plasmapheresis, recommended paraffin and ultraviolet irradiation.

Most people say, «here I am treated with medicines, carry out all instructions of doctors, but no results, exacerbation of repeats». The fact that systemic disease requires a comprehensive treatment approach. Need to change your way of life. Refrain from eating canned, pickled and smoked food, try to eat only healthy food. Psoriasis develops on the basis of emotional upheavals, so you need to avoid stressful situations, get plenty of rest and spend more time in the fresh air.

Even if it looks the beginning of psoriasis trifling underestimate dermal defect not worth it. With the development of the symptoms of psoriasis will affect new areas of the body, and to penetrate the deep balls. The slightest damage to the skin, will bring the man an unbearable itching and even pain. Without medical intervention psoriasis on stomach will begin to affect internal organs and joints that the end result will lead to disability.

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Psoriasis on neck and other visible areas of the body and bring emotional discomfort. Plaque psoriasis and other forms of pathology that can make a person a pariah. Ill be ashamed of your body, you will not be able to communicate normally with people, because his skin looks scary, he can not bear to go outside, after all, will always attract attention. The mass of the complexes, as well as the ability to adapt in society, leads to mental disturbances. Pleased with the point that modern science is at a high level and doctors know how to recognize psoriasis and how to treat it early. Constantly appears innovative equipment, which soon may become an impetus for the development of new methods of early prenatal diagnosis of the causes and treatment of the disease.

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