Propionate Fluticasone and instructions for use

Fluticasone Propionate — usage instructions

To treat allergic reactions on the shelves of modern pharmacies, you can find an extensive list of antihistamines. Each of the medicines are aimed to block the allocation of substances of histamine from mast cells and normalization of the patient’s condition. Very well-proven in the fight against seasonal allergies spray Fluticasone it is available without a prescription, and its price is affordable for all patients.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the preparation and reviews

Pharmacological effect and release form

Fluticasone is a glucocorticosteroid that possesses strong anti-inflammatory effect and is available in a very convenient spray form. Nasal spray, are able to inhibit the release of histamine, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and cytokines during the early phase of the allergic reaction. The effect of using Fluticasone appears in 2 hours after the first application. Unpleasant sensations in the nose, such as itching, burning, sneezing, and nasal congestion and runny nose are held for three days.

Patients reported that the use of Fluticasone and relieves eye symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis — is tearing, redness, and inflammation in konktivalnom bag.

The maximum content of the drug in the nasal cavity and in the blood of the patient is noted after 3 hours after use, to receive the drug after 8 hours in a natural way with the help of the intestine.

Instructions for use and composition

The main active substance in the preparation is fluticasone propionate, aerosol 50ml bottle contains 12 ml of this component. As auxiliary ingredients of the spray are:

  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • phenylethanol;
  • Polysorbate;
  • avicel;
  • dextrose anhydrous;
  • purified water.

Bottle of spray are made of dark glass with a metering device. These components are well absorbed by the body, they quickly penetrate into the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and penetrate into the capillaries, vessels that are located there. Along with the blood they are distributed around the body and act on the inflammation locally.

Prescribed fluticasone propionate for the treatment of chronic and seasonal allergies, hay fever, chronic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, and hay fever.

Though the drug is released in pharmacies without a prescription, assign it your own and use when cold, is strictly prohibited. Of course you will get a quick effect, and you will be able to get rid of nasal congestion, but hypersensitivity fluticasone propionate, can cause a number of side effects and complications of the current illness.

Fluticasone has a number of contraindications, a list of people who are forbidden to use spray included:

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  • children up to 4 years;
  • people with asthma;
  • people with bacterial infections in the nose and throat;
  • patients with peroral dermatitis;
  • people with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • with hypothyroidism;
  • TB.

Women in period of gestation is allowed to use spray, but only on the third trimester of pregnancy. In the early stages of gestation, the active substance, that is part of the drug that can affect the development of an unequal system of the fetus.

In the period of breastfeeding, the spray is not prescribed. If you decide to use medication, then breastfeeding needs to stop. Fluticasone may change qualitative and quantitative composition of milk.

Side effects

Unwanted side reactions are fairly common, as people try to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis yourself using a few drugs simultaneously, or adjusting the dosage on your own. Treatment should be given only under the strict guidance of a doctor, prolonged use of Fluticasone is solved individually for each patient. Among the symptoms of side effect note:

  • candidiasis nasal and oral cavity;
  • angioedema;
  • shortness of breath;
  • bronchospasm;
  • hyperglycemia;
  • increased anxiety;
  • irritability;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • headache;
  • unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • loss of smell;
  • bruising and severe swelling at the site of application of the medication.

At very low concentrations the drug is not dangerous, but if you use high doses of Fluticasone, it may be delayed development in children, marked Cushing’s syndrome. Adults will experience a sharp obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, cataracts, glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure. Can also appear as symptoms of acute overdose, they consist in the formation of red spots around nose, dizziness, nausea and General intoxication. When these symptoms are present, immediately call for help, you will be the therapy sorbents, as well as correct treatment of allergies.

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Method of application and doses

Tool fluticasone involved in the complex treatment of patients with asthma, prescribe, usually 2 sprays per nostril, twice a day. The maximum daily dose of 400 micrograms. Adult patients that undergo the therapy allergic reactions, acute rhinitis and pollen Allergy, shows a single-injection, three times a day. Children up to 12 years appoint 1 injection, 2 times a day.

Fluticasone instructions for use recommends the use of pre check the patency of spray. Initially, it is necessary to direct the spray nozzle away from you, and several times to click on it. If there is a cloud of particles of the drug, so the spray is ready to use, if not, carefully inspect the end of him, probably he is missing the hole.

Use the spray after you blow your nose, therefore, the fluticasone propionate is absorbed faster into the mucosa, respectively, you get more effect from the therapy. Closing one nostril with your finger, insert the tip of the spray into the other nostril. Tilt your head, you need to forward, and the bottle with liquid to keep upright. Next, you need to take a breath through the nose, and pull the sprayer. Exhale through your mouth if you exhale with your nose, all the trapped stuff will come out with the air flow.

It is very important, after use, wet the tip with a tissue and close it with the cap. Once a week, you should water rinse the tip, so that it is not clogged. It is impossible to clean the hole with a pin, needle, or other objects.

Analogues of the preparation and reviews

Fluticasone counterparts, as well as any required medication. They also dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, but may differ in their principle of operation and duration of treatment. Best proven these analogues:

  • Siniloan;
  • Flixonase;
  • Natural;
  • Kutiveit;
  • Flixotide.

The above medicines are not addictive and take effect fast enough, in addition, they do not affect the ability to drive and perform important work. Medications, including fluticasone propionate, are perfectly combined with other medications, so can be used as a complex therapy and prophylactic treatment.

The tool is called Fluticasone, has a very positive, dozens of people had been in therapy with this medication, and all were satisfied. Here are some testimonials from patients:

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Vladimir 33:

The school was frequently visited by sports and practiced martial arts before, but once I injured the nasal septum, and since then, suffer from chronic rhinitis. After using most of the nasal sprays, felt the dryness in the nasal cavity and pharynx, the mucous membrane is often reddened and brought the discomfort. Another doctor, who diagnosed aggravation of rhinitis, I was prescribed Fluticasone aerosol. Until that time, the cure have never encountered, so alert to him. After a week of medications, I for the first time in a long time breathed the air freely through the nose and feel the smell.

Valentina, 37 years:

The child was born with allergies for a long time we spent in the hospital, when in bloom, the trees and grass, but then, the son began to outgrow the disease. Our duties included twice a year to prevent aggravation. For a long time, we used the same antihistamine, but after 5 years of intensive use, it has ceased to have effect. As explained by the doctor, the body has developed a tolerance to the active ingredients of drugs. Trying to find a new medication that would relieve the child from debilitating symptoms, we stumbled on the Fluticasone, the doctor approved of its use, and our joy knew no bounds after only a week. If the spring all the kids were walking and my son was watching them through the window, after use of Fluticasone, also he can play actively with their peers, even in close proximity with the allergen.

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