Polifepan — instructions for use: reviews and analogues

Polifepan from allergies: instructions for use

Allergy is accompanied by different symptoms, which cause pronounced discomfort, worsen the quality of life of the patient. In the scheme of therapy are not only antihistamines, but also the means of cleansing the body from allergens. One of them is a medicine Polifepan – generic intestinal, the treatment of binding of the toxic components of any etiology. It helps to neutralize the allergens, thus reducing symptoms. The medication Polifepan counterparts are: Smectite, Enterosgel, Polisorb, Ultrasorb, charcoal, Povidone, Filtrum STI etc.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug
  • Reviews

Pharmacological effect and release form

The product is manufactured in the form of a dark powder that has a specific smell and taste; dark pellets of irregular shape; tablet form without the medicinal taste and smell.

Note of drug Polyphepan obtained through hydrolysis of lysine, helps to tie the germs, bacteria and their waste products, allergens, toxic substances, heavy metals and other components, leads to their rapid excretion in a natural way.

Pharmacological effects:

  • Detox;
  • Recovery;
  • Adsorbent.

The application helps to organize the work of the digestive and gastrointestinal tract, improve the wellbeing of patients, relieves itching, burning and other symptoms that developed as a result of penetration into the body of allergens.

Polifepan powder is useful for allergic reactions of various etiologies. Other indications: for the treatment of food Allergy, angioedema, urticaria, drug allergic reactions.

Also from poisoning Polifepan prescribed, even in acute disorders, which are characterized by severe intoxication, a disorder of the functionality of the liver and kidneys. Prescribed for the treatment of bacterial vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis, etc. pathologic States in gynecological practice.

Instructions for use and composition

Find out what Polifepan, consider what the composition of medicine. Drug drug in powder form will include not less than 900 mg of hydrolyzed lignin forms. Granules contain 500 mg of active ingredient. As an auxiliary component annotation indicates sucrose. Pills Polifepan include 375 mg of the active component, the additional component is lactose.

The drug has contraindications. Not prescribed for organic drug intolerances, gastritis anatsidnyh shape, long-lasting constipation.

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Important: extreme caution is necessary for diabetics, as part of the pellet is sucrose, can cause hyperglycemic condition. Diabetes mellitus before applying you should consult with a specialist.

The medication is not absorbed into the circulatory system, so overdose is excluded. Some patients, wanting to get rid of Allergy symptoms, confusing the name of the medication, calling it Paliparan or Polyphenol.

Instruction manual for «Polyphenol» notes that means you can take during lactation and pregnancy. However, this is not an excuse for uncontrolled use.

Side effects from medication are rare. It could be an allergic reaction due to hypersensitivity to the composition, or violation of the gastrointestinal tract accompanied by prolonged constipation.

Method of application and doses

How to take your medicine if you are allergic? Powder Polifepan or the drug in the granules need to consume 60 minutes before meals and other medications. It is necessary to pre-dissolve in plain water – 100 ml

Dosage due to the severity of allergic reactions. To calculate it correctly you need to know your weight. The traditional dose is 500-1000 mg per kilogram of body weight – daily rate. It is divided into several receptions and 3-4.

Children over 7 years of age it is recommended to use one tablespoon up to 4 times per day. The duration of the therapeutic course ranges from 3 to 5 days. For the treatment of Allergy and chemical toxicity to duration of therapy is 14 days. Repeated courses are held only after a two week break.

Features of application of tablets:

  • The tablets are taken orally, washed down with plenty of liquid.
  • Dosage per day for an adult ranges from 12 to 16 pieces, divided into 3-4 uses.
  • Therapy in acute conditions – 5-7 days (e.g., angioedema).
  • With severe Allergy clinic take 2 weeks.
  • Worth knowing: if the history a tendency to prolonged constipation, it is recommended powder/granules/tablets to drink plenty of water. Long-term use Polifepan necessarily combined with the use of vitamins E, C,D and preparations containing calcium.

    For children up to 12 months traditional dose of powder/granules up to a teaspoon per day; children from 1 to 7 years – dessert spoon, 7-year-old age take adult doses. Tablet really kids give. In children it is acceptable to take a day 10-11 pieces, divided into 3-4 reception.

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    Analogues of the drug

    Counterparts Polifepan presented with different drugs that have similar therapeutic effect. However, they have other contraindications and side effects that should be considered mandatory.

    As a counterpart to cleanse the body of allergens can make Povidone. The drug has adsorptive and detoxifying properties. The tool binds harmful substances in the body, accelerates the evacuation of the bowel. Contraindications to the use of acts acute form of nephritis, severe cardiovascular failure, if a history of bronchial asthma and confirmed/alleged Allergy to active components.

    Povidone take two hours before meals. The dose to a year of 300 mg per kg of body weight; 3-6 years – 150 ml, divided into three applications. For adult patients the dose is calculated depending on weight and severity of the clinical manifestations of Allergy.

    Brief characteristics of effective counterparts from allergies:

    • Filtrum STI. Dosage form: brown tablet flat. In most paintings it is recommended for the treatment of medication allergies. You can’t take ulcerative lesions of the stomach, 12 duodenal ulcer, intestinal atony. Adult dose is 2-3 tablets, children 7-12 years – 2 pieces, 4-7 years – 1 piece, 1-3 years – ½ tablet, to year only as directed by your doctor ½ or ¼ tablet. The course of 5-7 days;
    • POLYSORB – enterosorbent that includes silicon dioxide colloidal type; release form – powder and drops. You can give a newborn to take during pregnancy, breastfeeding. It is advisable to appoint for treatment of allergies food and drug of nature. The dry powder definitely diluted with water, the dose due to the body weight clinic disease;
    • Activated carbon is the cheapest way to help get rid of allergic reactions. Pills black work fast, possess adsorbent properties, deduce harmful substances and hazardous compounds from the human body. Appropriate treatment of allergic diseases of any pathogenesis. To achieve quick results, the tablets can be crushed, act begin 15 minutes after ingestion.

    Fact: experimentally proved that the activated carbon on the background of allergic reactions reduces slagging, provides cleansing of the blood, thereby increasing the concentration of T-cells, decreases the number of immune cells, provoking an allergic response, normalized as immunoglobulins E and M.

    Activated charcoal can be used for prevention of allergies. Therapy is conducted 2-4 times for 12 months (season – April-may). The course duration is 45 days.

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    According to statistics suffer from allergies in both adults and children. The disease has many causes, to prevent which there is no possibility. The treatment appears to be a long and difficult process. In connection with the total appointment enterosorbents, you can find a lot of reviews on Polifepan.

    Maria, 36 years:

    Came to the pharmacy for another prescription but bought Polifepan. Powder in appearance, of course, is awful similar to the common ground. Took in the morning, taste-specific, but not ugly, don’t even know what to compare it to. Allergies had no effect, although it was in full swing, but the skin is greatly improved.

    Oksana, 27 years:

    Helped me to get rid of itching and small pimples that are caused by allergies. Like what Polifepan natural product, contains no harmful synthetic substances. Of the minuses – drink disgusting, a feeling that has mixed earth with water and drink, but this is minor compared to that from the rash and red spots on skin not a trace is left.

    Polifepan – effective tool that helps to cleanse the body of toxic components and other harmful substances. The reviews on the drug is controversial, so talk about a 100% guarantee of getting rid of allergies, it is impossible.

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