Plasters of dry calluses on the toes

The types of adhesive plasters on the blisters on my feet

Frequent and prolonged friction of the skin on the rough surface blisters. They are usually developed on the fingers, knees, elbows. Especially often there are blisters on my feet because they RUB against the hard shoes during walking. To guard against their formation, you can use special plasters from blisters on the toes. These products must be correctly chosen considering the type of injury and the place of its localization.

  • Varieties of patches
  • If corns and rough calluses
  • In dry corns
  • When the ingrowing corns
  • In wet callouses
  • An overview of adhesives from different manufacturers
  • Reviews

Varieties of patches

To plasters not only helped to cope with damage to the skin, but also contributed to the deterioration of the situation, it is necessary to pick up correctly. Today in the pharmacy you can buy such products with therapeutic safety features. In addition, they are classified according to what kinds of corns can be applied.

If corns and rough calluses

Do not confuse calluses and corns, which are bumps of different sizes on the feet and fingers. Products that are intended to damage, can be classified as protective. It protects the skin from friction and pressure, prevent the penetration of bacteria and fluids.

Many people prefer from corns and calluses to apply a band-aid, but it can injure the skin during its removal. Special devices for such damage in addition to the therapeutic effect, can soften rough skin.

In dry corns

The patch of dry calluses are usually made of silicone. It simply prevents the appearance of such skin lesions. Glue these products are needed in those places where usually rubbing footwear. For the convenience of fixation of the patch has a special adhesive strip.

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You can also buy special adhesive strips that protect from rubbing and fixed not on the legs and on the inner surface of the Shoe in places that are usually much tinder.

Important! Products for shoes have a minimum thickness and a transparent surface so they are invisible and not tangible. You can buy a special oblong strips for sandals.

When the ingrowing corns

These injuries usually occur when wearing narrow, tight shoes that are not matched in size as well as products with rough internal finish. Such corn should be promptly treated, because in the future they can cause pain.

Such blisters need band-aid with the contents of the medicinal ingredients, namely, salicylic acid. They affect ingrowing corn in the Mature stage due to the disinfection of the skin and its mitigation. After softening such formations can be easily removed. The shape of the patch may vary depending on the location of the damage. So, there are products for the interdigital spaces of the fingers themselves.

Attention! Before using the strip must be heated to body temperature, hold in their hands not less than a minute.

In wet callouses

To get rid of dry corn we use methods that are not suitable for the therapy of wet blisters. In this case, you need to buy a special product designed for this kind of skin damage.

This patch not only disinfects the wound but also relieves pain, protects the skin from external influences and moisture. This is usually the product of hydrocolloid material different in size. Before using the skin should be cleaned and disinfected.

An overview of adhesives from different manufacturers

Will greatly simplify the selection of suitable products browse the most popular products of today’s manufacturers:

  • Patches of silicone, Compid (Compeed) is available in several versions: for wet, dry and ingrowing corns. In addition, there are regular silicone protective product. Compeed blisters from the wet paste after cleansing and disinfecting the skin. The product is almost not felt on the skin due to the minimum thickness. Thanks to the patches, Compeed eliminates pain, accelerates healing of the skin, toes and feet are protected from mechanical impact and moisture.
  • Product Leiko with salicylic acid is a thin strip with a plastic membrane in the Central part. Inside this membrane contains the medicinal substance. With salicylic acid the injury is disinfected and heals faster. Because the stripe is made of cotton, access of air to the skin does not overlap. Due to the waterproof membrane layer localization protected from moisture and dust. One carton includes 6 strips of size 2×7 cm
  • Plaster Sliped due to included in its composition of salicylic acid and sulphur compounds you can quickly get rid of corns. The product is well kept, disinfects the wound and accelerates healing of the skin. The patch effectively softens the formation of skin, which facilitates their further removal. It cannot be used if you are allergic to medical components and in childhood.
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    Based on the feedback of people who have one or the other type of the patch is possible to draw conclusions about their effectiveness:

    Marina, 36 years:

    «I on the surface of the foot constantly appear dry corn. Once on TV I saw the advertisement of Compiz, I decided to try this patch. It is very soft and gentle on the skin, I almost did not feel. And most importantly, through the time from a painful damage is not gone. Very pleased with this effective tool, so I bought two more packages and carry with me in my purse just in case.»

    Anna, 25 years old:

    «Effects of Compeed patch I felt after the first use. I had wet corn above the heels from rubbing shoes. With such damages it is painful to walk in any Shoe, but after using this patch, the pain was gone almost immediately. The evening significantly decreased the blister. And after a day of wearing medical strip it dried up and quickly began to heal. And another advantage of this tool is that it perfectly rests on the foot don’t slip while walking and not skomkivaetsya as a band-aid.»

    Eugene, 41:

    «I have often formed of coarse, dry corns that are very hard to handle. On the advice of a friend decided to try medicinal plaster Sliped. Before using the strips feet need a good wash and a little rubbing with a pumice stone localization. Then on the day we glue the band-aid with salicylic acid and phenol. After removal of the patches the skin underneath was soft and gentle. Complete disappearance of corns has occurred after repeated use of stripes.»

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    As you can see, from different types of keratinized and moist skin formations can be quickly and easily removed with special patches. The main advantage of such funds is that they act throughout the day, protecting your feet from appearance of new skin lesions.

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