Pityriasis rosea and its treatment at home fast

How to cure pityriasis rosea at home?

Pityriasis rosea or Gibert’s disease is a common skin disease that often develops on the background of a cold or viral infection when the immune system is weakened. The disease affects children under 10 years of age and adults up to 40 years. Refresher one day, there is a strong immunity. However, in medicine, describes cases, when the pathology has evolved once again with the decline in the barrier function. The treatment of lichen is held in the home with the use of drugs, prescribed and non-conventional methods of therapy.

  • Is it possible to treat the disease Gibert at home?
  • What not to do during illness?
  • Treatment depriving at home: pills and ointments
  • People’s ways of dealing with ringworm pink

Is it possible to treat the disease Gibert at home?

In most clinical pictures in addition to the appearance of spots on the body there are no specific symptoms. Only in some cases patients complain of itching with a significant overheating (for example, after a hot bath) or stress.

The child’s disease is often accompanied by symptoms of a cold are headache, unexplained weakness and lethargy, loss of appetite, painful sensations in the mountain, runny nose.

To cure ringworm at home is possible but you need to use medicines and folk remedies, which the doctor recommended. Gibert disease with similar manifestations with many dermatological diseases, therefore, necessarily requires differential diagnosis.

Important: without a precise diagnosis it is impossible to use creams and medicines, pityriasis rosea does not require intensive treatment. Unauthorized use of drugs can significantly slow the recovery process.

Only one clinical signs that are similar to other skin disease, it is impossible to establish the diagnosis. You need to conduct a microscopic examination of a scraping to identify the causative agent. Treatment pink lichen in the home with the help of pharmaceutical drugs and remedies will not give a positive result if the patient has a completely different ailment.

At the time of diagnosis pityriasis rosea should be distinguished from the following diseases:

  • Eczema, psoriasis;
  • Ringworm, which is caused by fungi;
  • Colored shingles;
  • Syphilis (secondary syphilis symptoms resemble the disease Gibert);
  • HIV infection.

In most paintings there is no specific treatment is required. In many cases, clinical manifestations are offset independently.

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What not to do during illness?

Can quickly cure pityriasis rosea in children and adults at home? The answer to the question is positive. However, to achieve the favorable result you need to follow some rules and guidelines.

Important: it is strictly prohibited for the treatment of pink lichen to use salicylic acid ointment with sulfur solutions based on alcohol-containing substances.

Treatment at home involves the observance of the following tips:

  • It is impossible to steam and softening the skin, wash the affected area with hot water. To avoid the spread of rashes all over the body not recommended to take baths, because the spores are easily transferred to water on the whole body. Ideally, the affected area should not come into contact with water. It is permissible to take a shower, but you cannot use a washcloth and soap. After a shower the body is not rubbing, you need to lightly blot excess moisture. After the water treatment the rash is treated with solutions and local actions.
  • On the background of pink lichen exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to a worsening of the clinical picture. It is therefore necessary to minimize the sunlight. If exposure to the sun improves the condition of the skin, spots are lightened, then it is not a disease Gibert, and most likely colored or pityriasis versicolor.
  • During treatment is strictly forbidden to wear clothes made of synthetic materials, as it increases inflammation.
  • Limit prolonged exposure to sweat on the affected area. To prevent itching due to sweat, it is necessary to exclude physical activity, overheating of the body, sports, etc., which leads to increased sweating.
  • Some doctors agree that pink zoster develops as an allergic reaction, so it is recommended health food, with the exception of alcoholic beverages – they provoke amplification of inflammatory processes.

    Treatment depriving at home: pills and ointments

    As already noted, from pink lichen species there is no specific treatment, usually the spots are offset independently. However, if the patient presents with severe itching, there shall be antihistamine tablets for ingestion:

    • Claritin;
    • Effective;
    • Suprastin;
    • Tavegil etc.

    Fact: antihistamine tablets do not cure herpes, does not reduce the recovery time, and only eliminate itching.

    It is not recommended to use creams that are characterized by an irritant effect. You can not arbitrarily apply ointments that contain hormonal substances – assigns only a medical specialist, to remove the intense itching.

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    Gels with corticosteroids is an extreme measure, used in the treatment. They quickly eliminate the negative symptoms, however, are accompanied with destructive effects on the human organism – the development of systemic and local side effects, addictive, atrophy of the skin, etc.

    At home you can use the following options:

  • You can smear the skin of means that contribute to its mitigation. Most often it is recommended to use oil of peach, apricot, rose hips, Hypericum, etc.;
  • To avoid joining a secondary infection pathological elements are processed antiseptic solutions – Chlorhexidine, Sangviritrin, ointment Romazulan.
  • For the treatment of lichen prescribe Clotrimazole if joined by a fungal infection. The ointment helps to stop the growth of pathogenic microflora, provides an antiseptic effect, accelerates the healing process.

    If it is pink lichen is relapsing course, it is recommended to use the following medicines:

    • Flucinar – synthetic hormonal medication form – gel, and ointment. Helps reduce inflammation, has anti-allergic properties. In the process of applying helps to eliminate itching, burning. You need to smear a thin layer and gently RUB with light movements. Cannot be used until 2 years of age, with viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Contraindication is the pregnancy, organic lactose, lactation;
    • Lorinden a – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and an antifungal cream for the treatment of a disease Gibert. Application: 2-3 times a day the first three days. Then the multiplicity of application times a day. The maximum duration of use is two weeks. Contraindications: for up to 10 years, viral pathology of the skin, pigment spots. Cannot be used on the face;

    Use of drugs acceptable in the home, but only on the advice of a medical professional. This will allow you to achieve a positive result, to eliminate possible complications.

    People’s ways of dealing with ringworm pink

    There are many unconventional methods to help get rid of spots, itching and other symptoms.

    For the record, even if not to resort to medication in 5 to 8 weeks the rash itself will disappear. The main thing – do not brush rash to rule out the accession of a bacterial infection.

    Traditional treatments of the disease Gibert:

  • Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of itching and burning. It is necessary to moisten a double layer of bandage with a solution, apply to stain for 20-30 minutes. A day spend up to five procedures.
  • Birch tar is a natural antiseptic. In equal proportions mix the butter and tar. Mass gently RUB into the spots twice a day.
  • Mix 10 g inflorescences calendula and 50 g of vaseline, leave the mixture for 2-3 days. Homemade ointment is rubbed into the affected area twice a day. The course of treatment until complete disappearance of the spots.
  • To put a sour cream on a fresh cabbage leaf, apply to stain, to fix using adhesive tape.
  • Mix two yolks of eggs and 50 g of pure birch tar, add a teaspoon of heavy cream. Knead. The mixture is rubbed into pathological elements three times a day.
  • Make the dough with yeast. When it rises, a small pellet is applied to the rash, covered with polyethylene or package. After fixed with adhesive plaster or bandage. Treatment time – 2 hours. Cake to remove, rinse skin with water and Pat with a paper towel.
  • Lubricate licinia plaque fresh cranberry juice. Squeeze a small amount of liquid, moisten a cotton pad in the solution, point to lubricate inflammatory elements. For reviews patients prescription is effective enough, already a day later the spots begin to lighten.
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    Note: do not lubricate licinia spots with iodine – it will not give the desired result, while the probability of chemical burns.

    If, during a home treatment, there is strong growth in the old spots, while new rashes, joined by additional symptoms, you should immediately consult a physician.

    Pityriasis rosea is a disease that requires inpatient treatment, it can be treated at home. Folk remedies, balanced diet, good hygiene and proper maintenance of the premises (kvartsevanie, ventilation) where the patient facilitate the course of disease and accelerate the recovery process.

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