Pink ringworm Gibert in humans: symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of pink lichen and drugs for the treatment of

Gibert pityriasis rosea or pityriasis dermatological disease with erythematous-squamous nature. Education is characterized by the eruption of round or oval pink spots with peeling around the hearth. Knowing how does pityriasis rosea in humans, it should be remembered that at risk all patients, but most commonly the disease affects girls and women aged 18-45 years. Another feature is the seasonal disease (spring and autumn).

  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Atypical forms of lichen Gibert
  • Diagnosis and treatment


Today, doctors do not fully understand the nature of the disease. Some suggest that the causative agent of lichen is a virus, but the level of infectiousness in most cases insignificant. In the practice of clinical cases there is a single manifestation of infection of the whole family. To provoke the disease can factors that weaken the immune system:

  • hypothermia;
  • stress;
  • infectious disease;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • vaccination;
  • insect bites;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • minor damage to the top layer of skin.

The causes of the disease can be due to frequent washing using hard sponges, scrubs, gels, desiccate the skin. The dermis loses the natural protection that is a provocation for the propagation of the infection.

When identification of the cause of pink lichen, it is useful to know how is pityriasis rosea from person to person. According to official data, pityriasis rosea is not transferred from a sick patient to a healthy. It is believed that often the infection can be transmitted through the bite of bedbugs. On the site of the bite formed by the parent plaque – the first focus of infection, provoking the subsequent development of the disease. In addition, it is believed that pink zoster can be transmitted through items of everyday use: towels, combs.

Important! No matter the age and gender of the patient, which struck pityriasis rosea, causes and symptoms – once the pathology is cured, the patient acquires a strong immunity against infection of this type.


Signs of infection often do not cause any subjective sensations. Rarely patients experience the discomfort of itching, burning, focal education. There are several stages of development:

  • The initial stage is characterized by the appearance of a single lesion, maternal platelet-pink-red spots with peeling in the form of scaly flakes. Point localization – torso or shoulders of the patient.
  • The development of dynamics leads to the fact that education starts to increase to the size of 2-5 cm in the Center of little falls and fades. The peripheral border is painted in a more intense tint, and slightly raised above the healthy skin.
  • Important! Pityriasis rosea, the symptoms of which are sufficiently distinctive, fast is at the stage of peeling. Remaining slick with a centre of brown color, clear boundary.

  • A few days after the formation of the first hearth, formed by numerous eruptions in the form of a reddish-pink oval spots with a characteristic scaling of the Central part. Localization: abdomen, back, lower extremities.
  • Important! If you look at the photo of pink lichen, it becomes noticeable that the secondary symptoms are along the lines of Langer in the direction of arrangement of bundles of collagen fibers. Very rarely formed secondary pityriasis rosea on the head, hands, feet and face.

    In the early stages of the disease characterized by rise in body temperature. On average, pityriasis rosea Gibert is 5-6 weeks. Spots fade, disappear without a trace. In 2-3 months can completely cure pityriasis rosea if the disease is diagnosed in the beginning. In advanced cases, pityriasis requires a longer time and the healing process can take up to several months and even years.

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    Fact! Getting back to how quickly to cure the disease, it should be noted: if the patient has normal immunity, sometimes special treatment is not required, the disease itself takes place on the 11-12 week.

    Atypical forms of lichen Gibert

    In the absence of maternal platelet develop atypical forms pink lichen: papular, vesicular, follicular, urticarial and miliary. They occur very rarely, the diagnosis requires a professional approach. Characteristic features of the rash – the formation of papules (rash extending over the surface of the skin) or vesicles (bubble formations from the liquid). Another kind is annular lichen Vidal.

    Annular or banded zoster – atypical form, typical of small entities pinkish-yellow hue with a truly gigantic sizes up to 5-8 see Why developing annular lichen is unknown, specialists are inclined to fungal etiology of the disease. Unknown and how you can get this form of infection, however, the development of the disease takes place spontaneously. The cause may be any of the factors: stress, sudden climate change, sensory overload, disruption of the immune system. Often ring-shaped ringworm is an allergic symptom caused by a significant decrease in the protective forces of the organism.

    Atypical form of the disease manifests in three stages:

  • Primary itching. Itchy skin at the site of subsequent formation of the hearth.
  • Papules appear shapeless shape with a shiny surface. This enhanced skin pattern, the dermis becomes hard, dry to the touch, fine grained and rough.
  • After some time there are «discs» thickened dermis pinkish-brown finish, clearly protruding above the healthy skin. Giant lichen scribe marking characteristic furrows on the hearth, the lines intersect, the lesions are often covered with abrasions, scabs, scales, skin dry.
  • Important! A giant ring ringworm – a disease that can take years. Sometimes there is a period of relief, alternating with exacerbation. Pathology disappears at random, leaving behind spots of pigmented or depigmented character. This multiple education, in which there are 3 disks. Localization: sexual organs, large joints of articulation, neck (back).

    Atypical forms of lichen can occur in children, and occurs education not only on the body but also the scalp, sometimes you see pink shingles on the face. Formation become very pale shade of pink and plenty of peel. Inadequate treatment leads to complications, including: pyoderma, the signs which resemble eczema.

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    Diagnosis and treatment

    Treatment pink lichen in humans begins with the correct diagnosis. To determine how and what to treat pityriasis rosea, the dermatologist conducts a visual inspection and procedures to exclude a number of diseases such symptoms. This takes the skin material from lesions, studies Wasserman, applied luminescent wood lamp.

    Important! To treat pityriasis rosea need, but there are cases of spontaneous recovery of the patient in 6-12 weeks.

    To treat pityriasis rosea in humans – it does not represent complexity, but requires strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctor, skin care and maintaining a diet. From all the factors depends on how quickly the drugs from the disease. Medical therapy includes medications and ointment local value, and also antihistamines, and antivirals sold without prescription, but to apply them without the appointment of a specialist who will assess the symptoms and treatment will be selected depending on the clinical picture, should not be.

    Tip! It is extremely important not to treat pink lichen of the child, relying only on the techniques of traditional healing. Any vehicle safe for an adult can bring great harm to the patient is unformed and depressed immunity.

    How to treat ringworm:

  • Acyclovir (tablets) inhibits the activity of the virus and prevent the spread of plaques on the body, and as a means stimulates the immune system. The reception is not more than 5 times a day 1 tablet and better in the beginning of the disease.
  • Erythromycin is a way to eliminate the activity of viruses. If you take the tablet form in the first days of the disease, the healing process is considerably accelerated. Regimen: 1-2 tablets every 6 hours for 4 days until the fifth day of the disease.
  • Hydrocortisone – ointment adrenal cortical hormones having anti-inflammatory effect. The cream is applied to plaque 3 times a day. The drug reduces swelling, relieves itching and promotes rapid healing. You can apply from the lichen on the face.
  • Activated charcoal 4 tablets 30 minutes before meals three times a day will be removed from the body of allergens and toxins. Particularly shown in roseola with abundant peeling.
  • Lorinden a ointment steroid type with salicylic acid that reduces swelling, and peeling and inhibits allergies. Apply to areas 1-3 times per day.
  • Sinalar – cream with an antibacterial substance and a glucocorticoid, eliminating itching, inflammation. The cream well softens and brightens the skin, apply on the hearth, gently rubbing the composition at least 2 times a day.
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    Pasta Lassa will replace all the ointment from leaving. This is a known salicylic-zinc ointment with anti-microbial effect. Tool almost immediately relieves swelling, reduces redness and makes the pockets invisible, because is indicated for facial skin lesions. Apply twice a day a thin layer and under cosmetics. Knowing what to treat pityriasis rosea, you should carefully choose the drugs – many of them have contraindications and side effects. If the disease has touched the skin of the neck back scalp, it is good to use special shampoos can be used as a shower gel, and whipping into foam and face wash.

    Important! Sold in pharmacies sulfuric chatterbox for getting rid of peeling and salicylic alcohol. How to treat: a swab is rubbed with a mixture of the lesion, and then apply cream, gel, ointment, any of the above treatment for lichen and elimination of the consequences of inflammation, peeling. Regardless of the composition, the drugs must be taken only after examination by a dermatologist.

    If diagnosed with ringworm Gibert, treatment will not be effective without a diet. From the diet excludes all foods that cause allergies, you should limit sun exposure, do not use a washcloth, soap and very carefully applied cosmetics (better to give up entirely). Since it is not clarified, transmitted the disease or not, it is better to use individual objects of everyday life.

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