Pimples in groin in females and internal purulent acne in the groin area

Causes of acne in groin in women and their types

One of the most common types of skin diseases are acne. Today, pharmacological and cosmetic companies offer a huge amount of drugs that allow you to deal with this defect, but what to do if there are pimples in the groin in women?

This is a rather delicate situation, as most women are ashamed to go to the doctor, and torment themselves day in and day possible causes of his illness. In addition to itching and burning pimples in your private area deliver, and the psychological discomfort a woman can not lead a fulfilling sex life, public pools and beaches.

  • Causes of rash in the groin
  • Types of acne in groin area
  • Non-infectious rashes in the groin area
  • Acne as a kind of a rash in the groin

Causes of rash in the groin

Do not wait until the situation resolved itself, that will not happen ever, you need, as quickly as possible to seek qualified help. The only way you will be able to return to normal life, and be sure to full health.

Problems on the skin of the groin begins when sebum under the influence of negative factors, such for example, as alcoholism, Smoking, abuse of spicy food and coffee, it becomes too thick, and cells in sebaceous gland thicken. Then she corked the iron and forms a pimple. Eels in such delicate areas as the groin, do not appear by themselves, it has its own reasons. Among the common causes that provoke acne, noted:

  • lack of hygiene in the groin area;
  • venereal disease;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • fungal infections;
  • improper diet — excessive sweet;
  • diabetes and other systemic diseases;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • allergic reactions;
  • mechanical damage and trauma to the skin.

Inflammation of the skin can cause too tight underwear, it creates a greenhouse effect and leads to additional skin friction. In the place of touching of underwear, are irritation, can be formed papules. Medical treatment this type of rash does not require, it is enough to change the sheets and put some antiseptic on the skin to prevent development of bacterial infection.

Every woman is watching her groin area, consequently trying to remove hair. Rash in the bikini area could trigger a stupid machine or epilator. He instead cut the hairs begins to pull out, damaging the skin and creates perfect conditions for bacteria and fungus. If you want to avoid this situation, just promptly change the blade. Another reason may be an ingrown hair, it happens because of the rapid keratinization of the skin, which prevents the hair to grow normally. If you use exfoliating scarby, that will not happen and pimples can be avoided.

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Allergic reaction is also one of the possible reasons. Allergies can trigger hygiene, synthetic underwear, sexual lubricants, and contraceptives. Not rarely provoke rashes in the groin area of drugs for topical administration. If you notice such a rash, be sure to tell your doctor, he will replace medication and podkorrektirovatj therapy.

Sometimes, women believe that acne is caused by frequent use of cosmetics, it is not. Perhaps even in Soviet times produced creams dense texture that scored the pores. Modern tools have good structure, are easily absorbed and allow the skin to breathe. Some funds even have the inscription «non comedon», which suggests that the cream does not clog pores and does not lead to the formation of pimples.

During pregnancy, women are working hard, the sweat glands and often women can see themselves in the groin area a rash. Such formations do not require treatment — it’s heat rash, it will pass by itself, if the woman is to observe good hygiene.

Types of acne in groin area

Pimples in the groin there are several kinds, they need to know, because some of them, testify to the development of shear zaboleva in the body. In the groin area can obrazuetsja:

  • purulent acne the cause of most discomfort, they have a dense structure, as in pus and very painful. Such pimples are saying about the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The tumor resembles a large mound with a small purulent head, such acne it is necessary to open and remove the pus, do it in the hospital;
  • pimples in the groin is bright red without white heads are talking about infections. They can also be localized in the anus and pubis. Women have not infrequently swollen inguinal lymph nodes and fever. The development of a rash is accompanied by burning and itching. To determine exactly what the infection progresses, it is necessary to take a blood test;
  • cysts are formed in women with increased weight, apparently, it is no different from an ordinary pimple, the difference being that the outer holes it does not. The skin covering the sebaceous glands, and sebum can’t be released, respectively, accumulated in one place, forming a tubercle. Such acne is also open with a scalpel and purified from the accumulated fat;
  • acne with clear content talking about venereal disease. If it is complemented by a rise in temperature, swelling of the mucous membranes, it can be assumed herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea and pubic lice;
  • pimples are cone-shaped, are placed in the area of the anus or vulva that have a shiny surface and a pink shade of them can stand out characteristic of the fluid. Signs of molluscum contagiosum.
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Very often people confuse acne and warts. HPV is characterized by the formation on the skin genital warts – wart. To remove them absolutely not, they bleed heavily and can degenerate into a malignant tumor. Yet, HPV is not treated, but there are many techniques which allow to eliminate the tumor on the skin.

We would like to mention fungal, the rash has the appearance of red spots or pimples flat shape, which rise above the surface of the epidermis. Not infrequently women suffer from dry skin in the area of the rash. Will become infected with a fungus, from a sexual partner or using other devices for hygiene.

Among the people there is a misconception that acne in the intimate area talking about the lack of sex life, this is nonsense. The formation of acne in the groin has nothing to do with the regularity of sexual contacts. To provoke a rash may be a surplus or shortage level of the hormone androgen in a woman’s body. This imbalance often occurs during adolescence in girls.

Non-infectious rashes in the groin area

The skin in the groin area is very thin and delicate, so the response she could give at the slightest infringement of their surface microflora. Inguinal acne is not always caused by diseases there are several varieties of the rash, which can provoke domestic causes, for example, messy waxing:

  • Folliculitis — pimples are characterized by purulent contents, but the skin around them is swollen, are, as a rule, at the base of the hairline, and from this name. This type of rash can Rositsa because of long stay in dusty conditions and hot environments, lack of hygiene also plays a huge role in the development of acne. To get rid of nasty rash enough to clean the skin with antiseptic.
  • Hidradenitis pimples to 50mm that resemble the nodes inside it to be thick pus. The rash is characterized by the fact that you can grow together in one big education. This type of skin lesions develops due to prolonged overtaking in wet conditions — work in water, for example, or inflammation of the sweat glands. The sharp decline of local immunity, also can cause a similar skin condition.
  • The boil develops in contact with a bacterial infection in the damaged skin area. A similar situation is observed after shaving, with reduced immunity, lack of vitamins, as well as diabetes.
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    Acne as a kind of a rash in the groin

    Big black pimple, you notice not only on oily skin, is found this form of rash in the groin area. The greatest influence on the formation of such acne has a menstrual cycle. Before menstruation, 70% of women after 30 years, see similar formulations in the groin area. Not rare note in his pubic black dots and girls in puberty. Plays a huge role in acne, hormonal imbalance, exercise, frequent stress, emotional stress, and contaminated premises.

    Acneiform rash that resembles acne, may indicate disease of the internal genital organs, for example, polycystic ovaries. If you note in his such education, be sure to take the survey. At first glance, a harmless pimple can bring a lot of problems – but it can form ulcers, the woman has a fever, it will fester and abscess.

    Each woman wants to look perfect, and much of the beauty depends on the health of the skin, not only in the visible parts of the body. Today, there are many ways to eliminate the rash at home, but not all of them are safe. Do not attempt to repair the follicles or boils. His reckless action, you can cause serious diseases, to eliminate that, would have been in the hospital.

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