Pimafucin — instructions for the use of cream and tablets

Drug Pimafutsin: instructions for use

Pimafucin is a modern medicinal product, whose main task is aimed at eliminating fungal infection. The drug is widely used in gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology and General medicine. Thanks to the gentle composition of this tool can be used for men, women and children. In this article we will talk about the product, its application scope. Consider the use of Pimafucin during pregnancy as a treatment of candidiasis.

  • The composition of the drug
  • Indications for use
  • Suppositories for thrush
  • Tablets for thrush
  • Cream for thrush
  • Application Pimafucin during pregnancy and lactation
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Analogues of the preparation and reviews
  • Feedback about the treatment

The composition of the drug

Pimafucin has some form of pharmacological issue:

  • tablets;
  • suppositories;
  • gel.

The main active ingredient is natamycin.

In a candles and tablets contains 100 mg of active substance natamycin and cream 20 mg. as additional substances Pimafucin tablets and candles contains:

  • adipic acid;
  • cetyl alcohol;
  • Polysorbate;
  • sorbitol;
  • sodium bicarbonate;
  • solid fats.

For information! Active and additional substances allow the use of Pimafucin during pregnancy.

As additional substances cream Pimafucin contains:

  • purified water;
  • decollet;
  • wax;
  • propylene glycol;
  • cetostearyl alcohol;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • parahydroxybenzoate;
  • decellerate;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate.

For information! The drug is distributed exclusively in the intestinal environment, i.e. the active and additional substances do not penetrate into the bloodstream, making tablets Pimafucin allowed to take during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

The highest activity means applied to the pathogenic yeast, especially Candida.

Indications for use

The use of vaginal plugs:

  • fungus caused by Candida infection;
  • candidiasis;
  • vulvitis;
  • vaginitis.

The use of Pimafucin ointment:

  • fungal infections of the mucosa and epidermis, having a high sensitivity to the drug various pathogens;
  • a yeast infection of the genitals.

Important! Ointment Pimafutsin for men effectively and quickly eliminates the signs of thrush. During treatment advised to avoid sexual activity to avoid local allergic reactions.

The use of tablets:

  • prevention and treatment of invasive yeast infection of the intestine, including those caused by after antibiotics, corticosteroids and cytotoxic drugs.

The main action of the drug is directed to the antimicrobial and antiparasitic effects against various fungal infections. Its active ingredient disrupts the integrity of membrane and leads to cell death of the fungus.

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Suppositories for thrush

Vaginal suppositories of yeast infection prescribed to eliminate diseases of the reproductive organs caused by the fungus Candida. How to apply suppositories? According to the annotations, to apply the remedy of thrush Pimafutsin, recommended dosage is 1 candle per day. Suppository inserted into the vagina in the supine position, the course of treatment is 7 days. As a rule, discomfort and allocation of disappear in 3-4 days after using, however, the course of treatment necessary to complete to avoid recurrence.

For information! It is not recommended to use vaginal suppositories during your period, because all active components of the drugs come along with blood.

In the formation of frequent recurrences of candidiasis your doctor may be prescribed therapy irrigation of the walls of the vagina live yogurt bacteria.

Tablets for thrush

For the treatment of intestinal candidiasis Pimafucin tablets with a volume of 100 mg at a dosage of 4 pills a day. It should be noted, this form of production allowed to the appointment of children aged 6 to 16 years at a dosage of 2 pills per day. The treatment of vaginal thrush tablets are usually used in conjunction with candles. The duration of treatment and dosage prescribed by your doctor. If the period of treatment falls on menstruation, the doctor may prescribe first the medication and then therapy using ear candles.

For information! Pimafucin during pregnancy and during lactation has no negative effects on the baby because the medicine is not toxic, so its use is completely safe.

Cream for thrush

As a rule, Pimafucin cream used to treat yeast infection for women and men. How to apply for thrush cream? The cream is applied 1 time per day on the affected area of the penis. In the first 3 days of treatment a man may experience relief when urinating and a complete disappearance of itching. Women and teenagers applied ointment on vulva, up to complete disappearance of the manifestations of Candida flexible. If the thrush has arisen at a newborn baby ointment use is assigned exclusively by the doctor.

Application Pimafucin during pregnancy and lactation

The main advantage of the drug is the effectiveness of local influence with minimal risk to health. The candles pimafutsin during pregnancy are able to quickly eliminate the fungal cells without harm to health of the future baby. In gynecological practice it is acceptable to use Pimafucin during pregnancy 1st trimester.

For information! Fungal infections are a particular danger for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester. Pimafucin during pregnancy can neutralize the cells of the fungus in the wall membrane and to eliminate unpleasant symptoms without causing harm to the development of major systems and internal organs of the baby.

According to the annotation vaginal suppositories are introduced deeply into the vagina 1 time per day. The duration of treatment is determined individually depending on the stage of fungal attack, as a rule, candles Pimafutsin during pregnancy use for 2-3 days. During treatment, the drug sexual acts should be completely eliminated. Breastfeeding this drug can also be used.

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According to clinical research specific contraindications have not identified all types of patients. It may be noted, Pimafucin and contraindications excluded due to the fact that the formulation contains non-toxic substances. However, experts do not exclude the presence of individual intolerance of individual components of the drug. Gynecologists say that if you are using vaginal plugs may be burning sensation provoked by cetilovy alcohol.

For information! The active substance drugs do not interact with the system of ethyl alcohol, it can be assumed that the Pimafucin and alcohol will not reduce the effect of therapy.

Side effects

As a rule, the period of treatment the cure of yeast infection not there are negative health effects, however, some women may experience discomfort. Pimafucin — side effects:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea, loose stools;
  • allergic reactions of the skin (irritation, burning, dryness);
  • disorder of the digestive system.

For information! During the treatment the candles can be white color selection, this process is considered normal. The action of the suppository is that part of the substances absorbed in the tissue, and the part goes, so after Pimafucin a white discharge are the norm.

But, the presence of white cheesy discharge and evidence of re-infection the fungal infection.

Analogues of the preparation and reviews

Manufacturers of pharmacological agents offer the cheaper counterparts of Pimafucin. For example, rather popular are Flucostat Diflucan and. What is better to use Pimafucin or Diflucan? Selection of drugs should be agreed with your doctor. For example, if the candidiasis occurred in children or during pregnancy, it is safer to use Pimafucin. The main difference between these tools against yeast infection is their composition. It should be understood, the active substance Pimafucin — natamycin acts topically as active ingredients of other drugs are distributed throughout the body.

For information! To make a choice between Flucostat or Pimafucin should only doctor. Only a specialist is able to assess the degree of progression of fungal infection and to evaluate the risks to the health of the patient.

Compatibility Pimafucin with other medicinal forms enough positive during the study period, negative effects were noted. Among gynecologists-obstetricians Pimafucin has a positive feedback, high efficiency and dynamics on neutralizing fungal Candida infections in men, women, especially during pregnancy and lactation and in children.

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Feedback about the treatment

Anastasia, 27 years:

For another examination with your doctor I was diagnosed with thrush. The doctor explained her appearance by changing hormonal levels, growth and development of the fetus. I was assigned Pimafucin during pregnancy 3 trimester. The course of treatment lasted for 3 days, already on 2nd day left a sense of discomfort and itching, control tests were good, the fungus was gone, I was satisfied.

Andrew, 40 years:

The disease is not immediately apparent, over time, began to experience pain while urinating, it turned out the thrush. The doctor prescribed the cream, after 3 days of usage became better and the pain went away, was treated for 14 days, was satisfied that the adverse action was not.

Use of this tool is relatively safe for all categories of patients, its components, is not able to exert a significant negative impact on health. When choosing products, consider Pimafucin and instructions for use depends on the shape of release of the drug, and can have significant differences in application.

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