Peeling skin on newborn body: causes and what to do

Causes of skin peeling in newborns and methods of treatment

Often mothers of newborn babies upset too dry skin in infants. It is noted its increased desquamation. It is worth noting that this process is normal in every baby due to habituation of the dermis and epidermis to environmental conditions and to adapt to it. But it is necessary to sound the alarm in case if the baby scaly skin and this marked the inflamed areas. Here we can talk about fungal dermis.

  • Why peeling skin on newborn?
  • Treatment
  • Folk treatment of fungus in your baby
  • Prevention of peeling of the skin in infants

Why peeling skin on newborn?

It is understood that the delicate dermis of the baby has not yet formed its strong and reliable protective barrier. While it is normal, as well as on the skin of an adult, live fungi. If the mother of the baby efficiently takes care of the baby and observes the rules of hygiene, the newborn will never know what fungus. But if there were flaws in care that may occur enhancing the life of the fungus. This happens under certain favorable factors. That is, the reasons may be the following:

  • Direct contact of the crumbs from the fungus infected relative. Especially if a sick person takes his hands naked baby;
  • The passage of the baby through the birth canal infected with Candida the mother;
  • Feeding the crumbs, using enough high-quality processed bottles, pacifiers, etc.;
  • Being in the house animal is a carrier of depriving;
  • Being with the baby soft toys, fur which there are microspores of the fungus;
  • Too increased sweating, provoked by the constant «warming» crumbs;
  • Artificial feeding. In this case, through the pores of the epidermis on the surface of the body of a newborn has too much sugar, which is a breeding ground for pathogens. In this case, when you activate the fungus to peel off the skin of infants on the face, the body and the head;
  • Inadequate skin care of the newborn.
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Mainly with the defeat of the fungus in the newborn scaly dermis in the armpits, in the gluteal folds, the folds of face/neck and on the head. With the defeat of the dermis of the baby ringworm can peel the skin of the head in infants with increased formation of inflammatory foci.

Important: at risk are children with cerebral palsy, disorders of the nervous system, congenital hepatitis and HIV.


You should know that if you have a new baby scaly skin, you should consult with your dermatologist. The self to do in any case is impossible, because it can lead to serious complications. After a thorough diagnosis, which includes sampling of scrape areas of peeling skin of a newborn, the specialist will prescribe adequate treatment. In General, fungal diseases therapeutic strategy with the use of drugs looks like this:

  • The use of antifungal ointments (creams/gels), which allows quickly and efficiently to neutralize the dry skin of a baby. While these drugs are perfectly relieve itching, inflammation and irritation. Already from the very first days of use of antifungal ointments the baby becomes more calm, and the dermis becomes smooth and healthy color, gradually being updated. An effective antifungal drugs when peeling the skin of the head and body of the child are products based on ketoconazole, naftifine, miconazole, terbinafine and clotrimazole. In particular modern dermatologists prefer to treat babies with ointments lamisil, Econorm, Ketoconazol, Terbisil etc., and also ointments sulfur-tar, and salicylic naphthalan.
  • Treatment of the child’s body solutions-antiseptics, if the background peeling in newborns noted more and maceration in the folds of the dermis. That is not only began to peel off the skin on the head of infants, but also began to get wet at the site of inflammation. In this case, shows a weak solution of marganzovka, furatsilinovoy solution, boric acid etc.
  • The use of antimycotic drugs with the inclusion of corticosteroids in severe cases (dermis crack), if the external signs of fungal infection have mixed with another and bacterial infection. In this case, if the dry skin of infants, and what to do you don’t know, especially not self-medicate. The condition can be for your baby is extremely difficult.
  • The use of systemic antifungal drugs in the case, if the symptoms of peeling on the head of infants or on the body triggered by severe forms of dermatophyte. In this case, the doctor can find the individual dose of the drug for the baby. Effective are fluconazole, Itraconazole or Griseofulvin.
  • Laser treatment of body crumbs in severe fungal disease. But used this method in relation to the newborn is extremely rare.
  • Thisprocedure. In particular young patients with fungal infections of the dermis shows a pulse magnetotherapy, electrophoresis etc.

Important: treatment of mycotic (fungal) skin of neonates, usually long and should not be interrupted as long as the test results for the presence of pathogens will not be negative. Otherwise, the disease can progress.

Folk treatment of fungus in your baby

As folk remedies treatment of fungal skin in infants you can use are:

  • Swimming in the water with adding of decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs. Well proven, if you peel off the dermis, scales, series, chamomile, celandine, calendula, flax seeds.
  • Lubrication of the body crumbs sea buckthorn oil. The affected dermis of a newborn is treated with oil after a bath and with obvious signs of excessively dried body. Especially if a child has a dry scalp.
  • The use of castor or olive oil, if peeling skin newborn. 100 gr. oil add yolks (2 pieces) and whipped with a mixer. Ready mixture is applied on the scorched skin of babies and sheltering film for half an hour. Then wash your baby from a homemade mask using simple soap.
  • The mask of chamomile decoction, baby cream and starch, if peeling skin on the head of the baby or its body. The ingredients are taken in a ratio of 200 ml:3 tablespoons:2 tablespoons. All the ingredients are mixed and processed ready weight body small. This therapeutic mask can be left overnight, pre-wrapped skin film. But most wash off after an hour of warm clean water.
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Prevention of peeling of the skin in infants

In order not to provoke fungal peeling skin on the head and body in infants, it is enough to observe elementary rules:

  • Maintaining cleanliness in the house, and especially in the room, crumbs;
  • Stable humidifying the room not less than 50%, especially if the dermis crumbs dry and peeling off;
  • Enclosure of the contact of the baby with an infected person fungus;
  • Exclusion from use of a newborn child soft toys (they also are strong allergens that may also cause pathology, in which the child has to peel off the scalp and body);
  • Monitor the cleanliness and dryness of the body crumbs;
  • Temper is the baby of air, sun and water baths depending on the weather and the state of his health, especially if the newborn sloughs off the skin in relation to adaptation.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to never wonder why the newborn began to peel off the skin on the body or start to peel off the scalp of infants. And thanks to the actions of the parents of a newborn will always be calm and cheerful.

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