Peeling skin on feet the child: causes peeling and treatment

Why peeling skin on the soles of the child and methods of prevention

Lower limb – the part of the human body, which is experiencing a constant load, which leads to various problems. Perhaps, to boast of perfect skin on the feet can only small children. Adults often have problems – like the skin on the feet, scaly, painful cracks appear, stiffen heel. Understand, why peel off the skin on the foot, for whatever reason, the epidermis is broken?

  • Causes of foot problems
  • Why leave the skin on the feet?
  • Disease Kawasaki
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • Some fungi affect the feet?
  • Prevention

Causes of foot problems

Sisanie skin on the feet is not only a cosmetic defect, but serious problem requiring adequate solutions. The etiology of this negative phenomenon are diverse. It is due to various reasons external and internal nature.

Of course, if the pathogenesis is based on external factors, and to cure the disease a lot easier. Enough to exclude a provoking factor to take care of the lower extremities by means of cosmetics.

Note, the most common reason why peeling skin on the soles of the feet is a fungal infection. Additional symptoms – flaking, itching, cracks, changes the structure and shape of the nail plate, there is swelling of the foot and clear skin pattern.

On the question of what to do if shedding his skin because of fungus, just tell the doctor after the diagnosis. To cope with the parasites that hit the skin, will not work. Prolonged treatment requires the use of medications.

Peel off the skin on the feet for the following reasons:

  • Low hydration of the epidermis, which leads to drying of epithelial tissues. Typically, this problem occurs in the hot season, when the human body suffers from a deficit of fluid. Often a defect is detected in winter, in this case, the water balance for the heaters.
  • The reason for skin peeling on the foot sole acts uncomfortable shoes made from synthetic materials. In a Shoe of the lower limb can not fully breathe, which leads to drying up, as a result, peel off the top layer of the epidermis, there is a peeling and itching.
  • The wearing of tights and socks of synthetic materials leads to disruption of the epidermis. There is a disorder not only of respiration but also have an impact on the functionality of the soft tissues of the foot.
  • Leather rags goes with a deficit of vitamins and minerals. Particularly active in exfoliate the skin on the background of the deterioration of the immune system. Usually in this picture, there are problems not only with legs but also with other parts of the body. Additional symptoms include brittle nails, loss of hair.
  • Prolonged exposure to hard chlorinated water negatively affects the normal condition of the skin.
  • In children the skin may climb due to intolerance to any cosmetic care. In this case, from its application to withdraw. The physician needs to seem necessary.
  • Foot skin peeling can be the result of ultraviolet burn, which manifests itself in this way.
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    However, the causes are external effects which can be easily removed, allowing you to regain normal skin condition. In some pictures the etiology lies within the body, so you need a comprehensive Troubleshooting reference for recovery.

    Why leave the skin on the feet?

    When peeling skin on the feet that gives a lot of discomfort and inconvenience to the person, the situation requires immediate solution. Practice shows that the reason for this symptom are internal faults in the body.

    Should know on the feet is a lot of biologically active spots, associated with the Central nervous system. When stress or nervous overload observed increased production of hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. The first ingredient helps to reduce blood flow to the lower extremities, and the second hormone inhibits the production of collagen fibers. As a result of these processes in the organism is observed peeling and sisanie skin.

    Why peeling skin on feet child? With this problem in children can involve the violation of the gastrointestinal tract. Pediatricians claim that it is the most common cause. To cure you need to visit a doctor to get tested. Under such circumstances, it is recommended balanced diet and intake of medicines.

    Disease Kawasaki

    By far, this pathology is extremely rare, but this is no reason to ignore its danger. The disease is diagnosed most often in children of preschool age. 90% on the background of medicamentous correction fails to recover fully, but some patients for life remains a chronic form of heart failure.

    The exact reasons why the disease has not been established. In the child’s body starts an inflammatory process of blood vessels in several functional systems. The skin on the legs, in particular, affects the foot, ogrubevaet, and then starts to peel off and climb round. The phenomenon detected and to the upper extremities.

    Additional symptoms include an increase in the temperature regime of the body, soreness of the lymph nodes, swelling and cracking of the lips. There are skin manifestations such as rashes.

    Psoriasis and eczema

    Psoriasis is diagnosed, regardless of sex and age. The problem, despite the high level of modern medicine, is not fully understood. In medical circles there is a theory that pathogenesis due to disruption of metabolic processes in the shocked region.

    The disease manifests itself on the skin of the hands or the feet, can infect the scalp and nails. Pathology requires medical treatment by hormonal preparations.

    Eczema often affects the lower extremities of a person. First, if you have dry eczema revealed skin peeling feet after on the feet oblazit skin. If you ignore the clinical manifestations, the picture is getting worse.

    Some fungi affect the feet?

    Peeling stop common issue. In most clinical pictures reason of acts fungal. Parasites actively grow and multiply in the course of their life break the epidermis.

    Note: the most common groups of fungi that infect human feet, include Antropogennye, zooanthroponosis and the genus Candida.

    Athlete’s foot – a fungal disease that is accompanied by lesions of the skin of the feet and nails. The infection occurs in public places with high humidity – saunas, steam baths etc. the Development of the pathological process contributes to poor immunity, hyperhidrosis of the lower extremities. The disease is more frequently diagnosed in men of Mature age.

    Trichophytosis is accompanied by the fact that the skin begins to peel off after you get off rags. This disease is characterized by high transmissibility. Fungal infection is transmitted through bath accessories, footwear and socks, sports equipment and other items of common use.

    Stop candidiasis is relatively rare. The fungi family Candida relates to conditional-pathogenic microflora that is normally present on the skin of a healthy person. Early symptoms:

    • Itching and burning;
    • Peeling;
    • Small cracks.

    If at an early stage not to pay due attention to the footsteps, the picture is getting worse with time, the cracks become deeper, the skin is peeling off. In the long course of the pathology there is a strong redness, painful sensations are present.


    To prevent problems with feet, medical experts recommend to take care of your limbs. Consider the basic preventive measures:

  • You must wear socks made of natural fabrics below the skin to freely breathe;
  • Every day to wash lower extremities, at night, apply a moisturizer;
  • Several times a week to do a foot bath on the basis of chamomile, and then treating the steamed limbs by means of pumice stone or a special float;
  • Choose shoes according to the size of natural materials. Uncomfortable shoes is not only excessive flaking of the epidermis, but the appearance of corns, plantar callosities, from which to get is not easy.
  • As prophylaxis doctors recommended to observe the drinking regime – drink at least 1500 ml of pure water. In hot weather, you need fluid volume to increase to prevent dehydration.

    With peeling and peel of the skin on the feet is necessary to consult a medical professional. If you ignore the early symptoms, the possibility of complications is the appearance of deep cracks on the heels and the accession of secondary infection.

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