Peeling of the skin on the body and red spots, with itching: causes

Description of the causes of peeling skin and spots

For most people a trivial issue in which flakes skin, delivers some discomfort. But if we are talking about distinct spots on the surface of the body and their respective peeling, in this case speech can go about the most serious pathologies. In fact, for what reasons is the peeling of the skin on the body, understand the material below.

  • Causes of spots and peeling of skin on the body
  • Versicolor pink
  • Erythema
  • Ichthyosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • The fungus and symptoms of fungal diseases
  • Other causes of peeling skin on body
  • Allergy
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Climate change
  • Use moisturizer
  • Malfunctions of the hormonal system
  • Parasites in the body
  • Dysbiosis

Causes of spots and peeling of skin on the body

Dermatological pathology can cause as external factors and internal problems of the body. Consider the internal causes of skin peeling.

Versicolor pink

For this pathology in the body (hips and torso) of the patient are localized patches or plaques on the body with pink or pink-yellow hue. Spot if a few rise above the rest of the surface of the dermis. Pityriasis rosea usually manifests itself in seasons of low immunity — spring or autumn, when the patient is exhausted with colds. For this pathology first, the body forms one plaque with a size of 3-4 cm. Later after 2-3 weeks are even spots that provoke the peeling of the skin on the body. The patient may experience fever, weakness, malaise. And stains the skin peel but not itchy.

Important: on the face pityriasis rosea is not manifested. Pathology go away by itself, leaving only a pale trace.


If the patient caught a erythema, it is after the rash and fever the skin on the body would peel off and itch. In this patient will be marked swelling of the joints.


This abnormality is inherited and occurs already in childhood. The main symptom of ichthyosis is the formation on the skin plaques with a square shape (like fish scales). There are several types of ichthyosis:

  • Vulgar. Marks-the scales are localized throughout the body, except for the points of flexion of the knee (under the knee, on the inner side of the elbow and in the armpits). Color spots peeling of skin the body in this case, gray-black or, on the contrary, whitish. While the child spots on the face is not the case, and an adult may experience peeling skin on the face. In vulgar ichthyosis, the patient becomes brittle hair, thin nails and problem — teeth (susceptible to decay).
  • Recessive. This form of the disease inherit only men. Here the scales on the body have a dense structure and black-brown. Have a sick child, the formation of epilepsy, cataracts, abnormalities in the structure of the skeleton, and mental retardation.
  • Innate. Develops a ichthyosis in utero. The fetus has marked deformity of the mouth, ears, bones or skin on the eyelids. The thickness of the flakes is often equal to 1 see for this pathology a greater number of infants are stillborn or die immediately after birth.
  • Epidemiologicheskii. It is a form of congenital disease called ichthyosis. In this case, the shade body of the child has a bright red color as a result of a severe burn. Children with this pathology do not last long due to severe complications (mental retardation, paralysis, etc.).
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For this disease characterized by the peeling of the skin on the body due to the active growth of the cells and high speed rejection of old skin cells. There are several forms of psoriasis:

  • Simple. Characterized by the presence of plaques on the body. Spot a few rise above the rest of the skin, itchy and can bleed.
  • Reverse. In this case, the plaques on the body are mainly located in the bend of the joints and in the groin creases. The friction of clothing on the skin is a secondary infection of wounds.
  • Pustular. Here the spots on the body surrounded by bubbles with a liquid content. Peeling the body is localized mainly on the shoulders, hands and feet. The disease may worsen either in winter or summer.
  • Teardrop. Spots of peeling here resemble the shape of a regular drop.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This pathology can affect not only the scalp. Often scaly patches are localized in the natural folds of the skin (behind the ear, under the breast, in the groin) or on the face or back of the body. Scaly patches may redden and itch. However, peeling can get wet if located in the folds of the skin. A symptom of seborrheic dermatitis, mild is dandruff.

The fungus and symptoms of fungal diseases

With the defeat of skin fungus can also cause peeling on clearly defined on the skin the inflammation. The symptoms when you activate the fungus on the body can be different, depending on the affected area:

  • Hands and feet (palms and feet). In this case, the peeling is noted mostly between the toes. The skin in these places may even crack. The actual palms and feet, the skin becomes much thicker. Bubbles may form with a liquid content.
  • Smooth skin body. If the fungus has affected the body, the stains and plaques can be localized in any part of it. The color markings can vary from whitish to brown. Spots be sure to peel and few rise above a healthy dermis.
  • Inguinal folds. In this case, the inguinal folds, on the buttocks, pubis and inner thighs can be localized bright pink or red spots with a clear outline and flaky surface. And at first formed a large red spot on the body that the friction can grow in large areas of the body.
  • The skin of the face. In this case, the fungus has the appearance of purple or red spots located below the mouth, on the neck and chin.
  • Scalp. Pathology more characteristic of children, as carriers of the fungus are street animals that kids so love. In the affected area are formed of grey, yellow-grey lesions with a drop-down them hair. Skin is itchy and scaly.
  • Nail fungus (onychomycosis). Here, the skin will itch and flake around the affected nail plate and the nail will change its shape, color and structure.
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Other causes of peeling skin on body

In addition to internal factors (diseases and infections) peeling on the skin can be provoked by other factors. Consider the most common.


In particular pathology occurs when exposure of the skin to any allergens outside or inside. Allergens, in turn, can be:

  • Foods such as coffee, dark chocolate, eggs, food coloring, red vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • Household chemicals — detergent, stain remover, detergents, etc.;
  • Cosmetics — any means to care for face and body, including decorative cosmetics;
  • Metals. In particular provoke a rash or peeling on the body Nickel, low-quality steel. In some cases, allergies and precious metals — gold, silver, platinum;
  • Insects. Or rather, their bites, or touching;
  • Medication. Here may develop or hives, or contact dermatitis with patches of peeling the skin of the body. Basically the stains are localized on the face, back, buttocks.

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of important vitamins and minerals can also cause the effect of peeling skin, the causes of which we install. It should be remembered that deficiency no hydration dermis body cosmetics will not help. To help the body needs from the inside. Peeling with vitamin deficiency localized on the face, elbows and knees. Dryness and itching can cause a lack of such vitamins:

  • Vitamin K. On the background of dry skin, there is a growing bleeding and slow healing sores.
  • Vitamin A. Here not only itches the body and deteriorating eyesight. In addition, the affected hair and nails.
  • B vitamins are observed the patient in addition to flaking and dryness of the dermis nervousness, fatigue, sleep disorders, the presence of dandruff.
  • Vitamin C. Skin is dry, wrinkles are formed, there is bleeding gums.
  • Vitamin E. there is an aging skin and increased pigmentation.
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Climate change

And we can talk not only about global climate change, but the change of weather (cold, frost, wind), or about changing the level of humidity in the room. Too dry air in the room/office could trigger dryness of the dermis and flaking.

Use moisturizer

Here the pathology lies in the fact that in too dry areas moisturizer gives moisture formed on the skin barrier to the environment. Thus, the skin dries.

Malfunctions of the hormonal system

In particular, if the human body lacks estrogen – the hormone responsible for the elasticity of the dermis, the body may peel and itch. A shortage of estrogen occurs when a malfunction of the ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands. In this case, on the background of aging and dryness is noted and redness of the skin of various parts of the body.

Important: a strong lack of estrogen observed in women during menopause.

Parasites in the body

In parasitic defeat of the body a person can develop not only a dermatological reaction in the form of spots, dryness and flaking, but all the symptoms of intoxication. It should know that some types of parasites can enter the body through the skin surface. In this case, the description of the symptoms will appear as the appearance of red spots on the body and itching.


In violation of the bowel is the first responsive skin. And on the background of dermatological reactions occur dyspeptic disorders such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, belching, etc …

It is important to remember that any signs of skin reactions such as flaking of the skin on the face and body, burning or irritation, require an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, when forming the body of the spots that flake and itch, you should consult a dermatologist. Self-medication can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Specialist after the diagnosis to find out why scaly skin and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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