Patanol — reviews of eye drops and cheaper counterparts

Drug Patanol and feedback on its application

Drug Patanol – modern anti-allergic agent, which is successfully used in ophthalmology. Eye drops can cure diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis, relieve redness and is indicated for patients from 3 years of age. Wide popularity due to the high efficiency of the means and the capacity to treat an allergic reaction at any stage of manifestation.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and the drug
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug
  • Patient testimonials

Pharmacological effect and release form

Eye drops act locally and are different from other similar drugs bright severity of the impact. It is a potent selective medium, preventing the production of histamine and cytokines. Stabilizing the membranes of fat cells, Patanol inhibits their functional activity. Reduced vascular permeability of the conjunctiva prevents the contact with the allergen, which causes a high effectiveness of the drug. The application of drops helps to eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergic karakoyunlu: burning, itching, redness of the eyes.

Important! Patanol only affects histamine receptors. While not affecting dopamine, serotonin receptors and does not alter pupil diameter.

The local application higher concentration is reached after 2 hours, the half-life is 4 hours. The drug metabolites come naturally through the kidneys. Therefore, in the case of allergies to the eyes in patients with impaired renal function should strictly follow the dosage and do not apply the medicine without prescription of the ophthalmologist.

The duration of the medication assignment determines optometrist. Perhaps the use of Patanol as prophylaxis in seasonal allergic reactions. Preventive therapy begins 7-14 days prior to expected contact with allergens.

Important! The purpose of the drops reduces the need for corticosteroids to reduce severe allergic eye lesions.

The drug is available in transparent or opalescense solution without color or with a slight pale yellow tint. Form of packaging – plastic bottle with a volume of 5 ml. Bottle protected by cardboard packaging, enclosed instruction manual.

Instructions for use and the drug

The main purpose of Patanol – prevention of allergic conjunctivitis. Indications for use are the all kinds of allergic reactions, symptoms which affect the eyes. Contraindications the following factors:

  • Idiosyncrasy of the drug;
  • The patient’s age up to 3 years.

Very carefully assigned composition during pregnancy and lactation. Experience use drops patients of this group was missing. To assess the risks of acceptance should only the treating specialist that he prescribes the drug in case of exceeding the expected effect relative to the risk the health of the fetus or child.

In the composition of Patanol contains the following components:

  • the main active ingredient of olopatadine hydrochloride (1,11 mg), which corresponds to 1 mg of olopatadine;
  • excipients: sodium chloride, purified water, benzalkonium chloride, godigital disodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid.
  • Important! The medication belongs to OTC. Use without a doctor’s recommendation is undesirable.

    Side effects

    The primary therapeutic outcomes of patients on treatment good drops, in rare cases, cause undesirable side effects:

    • local symptoms in the form of a swelling century, tearing, pain and stinging in the eyes;
    • side effects: headache, nausea, and dizzy spells, changes in taste, rhinitis.

    Cases of overdose have not been identified. The probability of occurrence is minimal due to the reduced absorption of the drug components. When you identify the side effects and dosage violation requires rinsing the eye with clean water and treat symptomatically. Patanol allowed to take as an element of complex therapy in ophthalmic treatment, but compliance with the time interval between doses of different medicines at least 5 minutes.

    Tip! If the patient wears contacts and has had an Allergy to the eyes should remove the lens put the eye. Wear lenses can be 25-30 minutes, to avoid the absorption of benzalkonium chloride included in the composition of the drug.

    Method of application and doses

    The use of eye drops shown only local. The design of the dispenser facilitates the introduction of tools, the manufacturers recommendations should be followed each time the phials. Then drip 1 drop in each conjunctive bag twice a day.

    The dosage and frequency of application children from 3 years same as adults. Despite careful use in chronic renal failure, dosage adjustment is not required if no obvious signs of rejection drops.

    Important! The first few minutes after taking the medicine possible blurred vision, decreased visual acuity. Given this feature, care should be taken when backfilling the eyes while driving, working with moving machinery.

    Analogues of the drug

    Do not always have the possibility of applying Patanol, so you have to find more expensive or cheaper counterparts. These include:

    • Ketotifen;
    • Ifinal;
    • Alamid;
    • Zaditen;
    • Allergodil.

    All medications similar to Patanol the therapeutic effect, but not always identical in composition.

    Patient testimonials

    Not having contraindications, drug widely used in prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. What say patients taking Patanol reviews about the drug are mostly positive:


    «Like spring, eyes turn red, start to RUB their itch to escape. Not the cheapest price Patanol (from 450 rubles), because she thought that it is better Lekrolin or a good cough medicine. Stopped still on Patanol, relieves symptoms fast.»


    «I have a purulent conjunctivitis, dripping TradeX, appointed Patanol or a good cough medicine. The last I read, which is very good for prevention but not treatment of allergic reactions. Chose Patanol, pleased, though a little expensive, but relief comes quickly, eyes don’t hurt.»


    «Drip Patanol for a long time. Allergy constantly manifested to the eye, and acts as allergen house dust, so treated me for a long time. No adverse reactions are observed, but burning and pain in the eyes of a drop off in just a minute.»

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