Papillomas on the priest: causes and removal methods

Causes of papillomas on the priest: treatment and removal

When infected with human papillomavirus on the skin and mucous membranes may appear characteristic outgrowths. In most cases, they are benign, but some papillomas on the priest can be triggered by oncogenic virus, so over time malignant reborn. Tumors usually appear between the buttocks but may extend inside the anus and the genitals.

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Causes of

HPV and genital warts occur as a result of penetration into the body of human papillomavirus (HPV). There are about a hundred varieties of this virus. When the infection hits the skin, it penetrates into the cells of the basal layer of the epidermis. The rebirth of human cells occurs after the virus removes the protein coating healthy cells.

Important! A person with a strong immune system HPV DNA cannot penetrate into the chromosome of the cell nucleus, therefore no illness.

Infection occurs when the weakening of the immune system. Modified infected cell contributes to the further spread of the virus that causes papillomas in the buttock, thigh and other parts of the body. Because the virus can’t infect blood cells, it manifests itself only in some areas of the skin, not the whole body.

There are several ways of transmission:

  • most often HPV is sexually transmitted, since mucous membranes are more susceptible to infection;
  • the contact method of infection is possible as in a public place and at home using common household items;
  • infection of a child can occur during childbirth;
  • samsarajade possible with the occurrence of the virus on the skin.

Papillomas can occur at lower immunity due to stress, illness, during hormonal changes, alcoholism and other condition causing immunodeficiency.


Papillomas on the priest and other parts of the body have the appearance of warts or papilla on the leg. Large warts have a bumpy surface. Warts can grow on one and groups. Their color can vary from brown to corporal.

Important! Papillomas are usually localized in areas with thin delicate skin (armpits, genitals, eyelids, anus, neck, face) and mucous membranes (the vocal cords, intestine, stomach, nose, mouth, mucous membranes of the anus and genitals).

Initially, the disease is not manifested by any symptoms. Later you can join these signs of HPV:

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  • burning;
  • itching;
  • pain defecation;
  • soak in the site of the lesion;
  • bleeding.

The stronger the immune system, the longer asymptomatic period of the disease. However, with the defeat of HPV severely affected local immunity, so a person can be exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.


The human papilloma virus on the buttocks can cause several types of tumors:

  • Education more often localized on the surface of the buttocks, between them and lower back. It is protruding above the skin growths in the form of lumps or lumpy formations, such as the inflorescences of cauliflower. They are usually dark in color, painless. From the point of view of practical Oncology they are not dangerous.
  • If the Pope appeared papillomas, which are sometimes itchy and red and practically do not protrude above the surface of the skin, it is the flat variety. The risk of malignant transformation is low, but it may increase if the education is often damaged (e.g., by the friction of clothes).
  • Genital warts most often found on the genitals, but sometimes they appear around the anus, between the buttocks in men. It is a small outgrowths on the stem. When prolonged sitting is a tumor on the skin can contribute to become painful. Warts have a high cancer risk.
  • Folk remedies

    Since the formation of papillomas is directly linked to the immune system, many traditional medicines are aimed at maintenance and strengthening of protective forces of an organism. For this purpose, various multi-component herbal:

  • You need to take 30 g of wormwood, celandine, chamomile and eucalyptus. 100 g of this mixture pour boiling water (1 l) and insist in a thermos overnight.
  • After straining take half Cup 1 p/d on an empty stomach for three months. These courses are held twice a year.
  • To remove papilloma in the home, you can burning. This procedure is best done on the waning moon. You can use one of the following methods:

    • three times per night to lubricate neoplasm evaporated juice of celandine (it should be quite thick);
    • with the help of cotton swabs for HPV cause ammonia (after a few treatments it should disappear);
    • during the month, skin education you need to lubricate castor oil;
    • burning iodine can be used (several times a day they lubricate growths on the skin).

    Important! Despite the high efficiency of iodine, it should be used very carefully to avoid damaging surrounding tissue.

    Doctors, dermatologists warn that removal of papillomas on the priest and other parts of the body are forbidden to use the peeling, banding thread, and cut at home. All this can lead to chronic inflammation and spread of infection.

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    A good alternative to popular treatment may be drug therapy, appointed expert. There are many ways to treat this disease. However, none of the options removal of skin lesions does not guarantee getting rid of the virus cells, so the tumors may appear again. The third part of the patients can not fully get rid of HPV, so warts appear from them again, but they need each time to delete.

    A comprehensive treatment of the disease is using the following medicines for internal and external use:

  • Shown taking antiviral drugs. Doctors usually prescribe Isoprinosine as antiviral agents and Panavir or Genferon ® to stimulate responses of the immune system.
  • To ablate small formations and single use solution Solkoderm or Kondilin. These drugs allow you to remove papillomas are non-mechanical and non-surgical methods. To prevent the growth of tumors prescribed the drug Podophyllum.
  • Despite the abundance of methods of treating warts is very popular different methods to remove them.


    Today apply the following ways to get rid of skin growths:

    • Warts are often removed with a laser. The tumor just burned, and in its place formed a dry crust, healed for a long time.
    • Radio removal is the most effective and less traumatic in comparison with other methods. The essence of the method is the following: in the right place goes a beam of high frequency radio waves, which begin to produce heat and to remove only the pathological modified tissue formations.
    • Electrocoagulation is used not only to remove the growths but the biopsy tissues. For removal of used high temperature. The effect on healthy tissue is minimal.
    • Cryotherapy. Growths simply freeze due to exposure to low temperatures. Despite the fact that papillomas after exposure die off, the skin may remain scars. It is also possible tissue necrosis.
    • Of an application with acidic solutions. This method is less popular due to its high cost and relatively low efficiency.
    • Surgical removal is used only for getting rid of large entities and those that are localized in remote places. The disadvantages of the method: the need for anesthesia and trauma.

    Attention! The tactics of treatment and method of removal of any skin lesions should choose a specialist only after carrying out tests and examinations, allowing to establish the malignant or benign growth.

    Themselves skin growths are very rare. Often they have a tendency to a gradual increase in size. Also may increase their number, i.e. there are more papilloma. And angiopathy neoplasm improper treatment or without it, can lead to death.

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    The main methods of prevention you can call the maintenance of a strong immune system and preventing the spread of HPV on the skin. In the latter case, it is enough to observe the rules of hygiene. That is why you need to use only personal hygiene items. All wounds and skin lesions must be treated with wood preservative to seal the plaster or use a bandage.

    For prevention you can use the vaccination. The effectiveness of this method of prevention is 70-100 %. Especially shown this vaccine to young girls that have not entered into sexual activity, as HPV in women can cause breast cancer and cervical cancer.

    Important! In 120 countries around the world such vaccination is mandatory. But our country is not yet included in this list.

    For protection from infection during sexual contact must use a condom. If intercourse was with a partner suffering from HPV, then it is necessary to process inner and outer genitals antiviral drug for external use.

    To prevent any malignant transformation of skin lesions, in their first appearance, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to carry out the removal and appropriate treatment.

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