Papillomas on the penis in men, and pubic hair: removal

Causes of papillomas on the penis: treatment and removal

When infected by human papillomavirus in the background of a weakened immune system on the skin and mucous membranes can occur characterized tumors called papillomas. Not uncommon are and papillomas on the penis. Typically, these abnormal growths do not pose a threat because they are benign. But with the defeat of the oncogenic strains of HPV not of a malignant degeneration of the growth. From papillomas on the penis needs to get rid of anyway, because they cause problems in sexual life and interfere with the hygiene.

  • Causes of
  • Treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • Preventive measures

Causes of

The most dangerous papilloma on the penis is genital warts, which are likely malignant reborn. Regarding flat warts, they are less angiopathy, but constant friction and injury to the risk of degeneration increases. The localization of these tumors may be different on the foreskin, at the base of the body across its surface, on the bridle or head, not excluded, and papillomas on the pubis.

Causes of genital warts and flat papillomas on the penis of the following:

  • against the background of a weakened immune system the infection can occur sexually or by contact;
  • the risk of infection with the use of General hygiene and visiting public places;
  • if the skin of a person already lives with HPV, the infection of the deep layers of the epidermis can occur through a cut or other injury.

Important! A strong immune system will not allow the virus to penetrate the cell nucleus to trigger changes in the cells and the spread of the pathological process in the neighboring areas of the skin.

By reducing the immunity of the human papilloma virus easily penetrates into the cell nucleus, dissolves the protein shell of the cell. The stronger the immune system, the longer asymptomatic period of the disease. However, even in the absence of papillomas HPV causes a decrease in local immunity. In this case, the person becomes more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, for example, it may be chlamydia or genital herpes.

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Papillomas on the penis often appear in men who are included in the following risk groups:

  • promiscuous;
  • those who do not use barrier contraceptives;
  • men who have had a viral or bacterial infection;
  • those who have chronic diseases causing immunodeficiency;
  • drugs, alcohol and cigarettes also contribute to strengthen immunity;
  • vitamin deficiency, stress, fatigue reduces the body’s defenses.

Papillomas on the pubic part and penis during sex can cause infection women. The penetration of papillomavirus in the female body, the consequences can be more dangerous. In women, HPV can cause cervical erosion, conductive to cancer and also cancer of the breast. The danger is the infection of children from women patients during their passage through the birth canal. Therefore, papillomas and warts of the male penis should be promptly treated.


Diagnosis of human papilloma virus based on visual inspection and the following laboratory and instrumental tests:

  • The presence of HPV can be confirmed by PCR smear;
  • To clarify the risk of developing cancer of the degeneration of growths biopsy;
  • Also shows cytological smear.
  • Treatment of papilloma on the penis is held only by radical methods. Remove growths from a dermatologist or urologist in one of the following ways:

    • if papilloma pubes or other parts of penis of significant size or located in a remote place, it is removed surgically;
    • when tumors appear small in size on the leg, then they are best removed with a laser;
    • can also be used electrocoagulation (in this case, the removal is carried out with needle electrode), is the most gentle technique that can lead to the appearance of age spots;
    • after cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) may develop tissue necrosis and the appearance of large scars, so this method is only used to remove papillomas on the pubic part of men for sexual organ it is not suitable.

    Important! The most effective method is the removal of the tumors with a laser. Usually local anesthesia is used. The number of recurrences after this treatment are minimal.

    The decision of the removal of papillomas taken only by a doctor based on the results of the survey. After removal of the education it necessarily is sent for histological examination to confirm the absence of cancer.

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    Small growths can be removed with a special pharmaceutical drugs – Podofillina or Cheap. But before you remove papillomas these funds, you must consult your doctor.

    After getting rid of the build-up is necessarily performed drug therapy to strengthen the immune system and eliminate virus infections. This assigned a strong antiviral drugs (Isoprinosine), and immunomodulators (Genferon ® or Panavir).

    Attention! Immediately after removal of the formations of the sexual life is contraindicated. Only after complete healing of the wound and re-examination of the doctor allowed sex.

    Folk remedies

    Removal of papillomas on the penis can be carried out using traditional methods. They are less effective but they can help in running the cases. For treatment you can use one of the following ways:

  • Build-up can lubricate the times a day juice of celandine. Often do not need to, because the skin is very delicate and the plant is poisonous.
  • Squeeze the juice from the garlic. It is mixed in equal proportions with cream. This cream smeared growths three times a day.
  • To the affected areas of skin can be applied propolis.
  • A cotton swab moistened with ammonia solution and treated growths. This must be done carefully not to burn the mucous membranes of the penis.
  • It is useful to RUB the juice from the berries of mountain ash.
  • For protyani you can prepare the infusion of the fruit of the walnut on kerosene. For this purpose 100 g of fruits pour 300 ml of kerosene and insist three weeks.
  • If the growths began to appear, they can be lubricated with egg white.
  • Proven the effectiveness of tea tree in fighting the virus. Its oil rubbed into the skin of the penis.
  • Times a day for cautery of papillomas is possible to use the treatment vinegar.
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    To strengthen the immune system, you can drink a variety of multi-component herbal preparations. Useful for this purpose use a decoction of rose hips or Echinacea tincture.

    Preventive measures

    Now that you know how to get rid of warts on the penis, it’s time to talk about prevention of this disease. The only effective prevention is vaccination. In this case, protection against cancers arising from oncogenic HPV is almost 100 %.

    In 120 countries around the world is a routine vaccination of girls after 10 years. To do this, use the tool of recombinant Cervarix. To prevent this disease in men and women who were not previously infected with HPV, the vaccine used in U.S. production – Gardasil. It protects against oncogenic strains of HPV threat. The vaccine is administered in the shoulder muscle.

    However, in most cases, vaccination helps, if done at a young age. As for Mature men, they may adhere to the following preventive methods:

    • It is useful to do sports and to eat a balanced;
    • It is important to eliminate bad habits and temper;
    • Always observe the rules of hygiene and be choosy in sexual life;
    • Be sure to use condoms.

    It is proven that circumcision helps to protect the male body from many infectious processes and inflammation of the penis. This would also be a good prevention from HPV. Even if you have previously had HPV and was cured, you have to warn your mate about the disease.

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