Papillomas on the hands and fingers palm: causes and treatment

Causes of papillomas on the hands and methods of treatment

Common today are warts on hands – they represent neoplasms arising in the flat fabrics of the epithelium in contact with and further development of the human papilloma virus (HPV) in the body. These growths look like the Horny skin and have an unattractive appearance. Besides the fact that they frustrate and aesthetic discomfort, over time, some of these entities can reshape malignant.

  • Causes and symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Ways to remove
  • Prevention

Causes and symptoms

On the palms and fingers papillomas occur when infected with HPV, people of any age. Be ingested the virus in a variety of ways through breaks in the skin. The main ways of transmission are considered sexual and household contacts. It follows that most people infected by the virus when:

  • Use different things the carrier of the virus;
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • Handshake;
  • The procedure of pedicure or manicure in salons not complying with sanitary requirements;
  • Visit a number of public places where people are bare (baths, saunas, swimming pools);
  • Childbirth (from mother to newborn during passage through the birth canal).

Most of the planet, about 90% of the population currently infected with the virus. But many healthy people with stronger immunity are only its carriers, the virus they have successfully suppressed the protective system of the body and may not manifest itself. Activation of the pathogen of HPV in the human body, regardless of age, can cause the following factors:

  • The weakening of the immune system;
  • Infectious diseases and their treatment with antibacterial or hormonal means;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Health problems gynaecological;
  • Constant stress, nervous disorders;
  • Smoking, alcohol abuse and other bad habits;
  • Prolonged use of oral contraceptives;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Excessive dry skin or profuse sweating;
  • Improper treatment of skin damage;
  • Disregard for the rules of personal hygiene.

The manifestation of symptoms does not occur immediately – the incubation period can be months and years. First, there is one knot of a small size, then it may increase, change the color and shape. Next come a few formations, the skin around them becomes rough, begins to peel off, there are a painful and itchy feeling growing over time. When the papilloma impact (crush, RUB, scratch and so on), it is likely to damage the skin on the hand and to bring in a wound infection. Also in this case, a high risk of formation of malignant tumors.

Important! Some people confuse HPV with warts – they, too, are caused by HPV, but others of its type. Their spread throughout the body happens much faster, and they also are equally likely to appear in people at any age.

Anyway, an accurate diagnosis of what kind of education appeared on the skin, can put a doctor. The formation of papillomas speaks about the deteriorating state of health, reduce the protective functions of the immune system. So don’t ignore them would be irresponsible.


Diagnose HPV on the hand by a dermatologist by visual inspection and direction of the analysis. If you suspect a malignant papilloma is usually carried out DNA-diagnostics and analysis of blood by PCR. In a General sense under the treatment of formations on the skin caused by HPV, are the set of actions, conducting not only the immediate destruction of these formations, but also struggling with their original agent. Any effective therapy takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient. To treat warts on the fingers and other parts of the body with the help of pharmaceutical drugs by:

  • Treatment of tumors medications containing salicylic acid, which dissolves the proteins of the keratinized skin. Before beginning this procedure, the skin is better to moisten with hot water. The dosage is calculated by the user;
  • Lubrication damaged areas of the epithelium retinoid creams and ointments. With their help the regeneration of tissues is increased and the process of aging is slowed down;
  • Receiving antiviral drugs for the treatment of diseases caused by HPV, they well inhibit the activity of the virus. Using drugs to enhance the protective properties of the immune system. Thus, the body starts to fight the virus. Before applying any such funds, you must consult with your doctor.

Among the treatment options for papillomas, there are many folk remedies. To use a popular drugs also need to mind.

Important! When applied correctly the desired medicinal infusions, herbs, and other similar methods used by people for already several centuries, without extra expenses not only to cure the virus in a particular area of the skin, as well as to halt the formation of papillomas, and appearance of the growths in the future.

Ways to remove

Papilloma on the hand often brings a lot of psychological discomfort to the individual, so to get rid of it people want as soon as possible. Use of drugs does not always produce the desired results. In addition to the drug therapy of papillomas are several fundamentally different ways:

  • Electrocoagulation. With the help of electric current of high frequency;
  • Chemical destruction. Cauterization of papilloma of chemical means;
  • Cryosurgery. Freezing with liquid nitrogen;
  • Surgical excision. With a scalpel;
  • Radiowave removal. The impact of high frequency radio waves.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons. The best option for each particular person determined by a physician taking into account patient characteristics and neoplasm.

The use of folk remedies involves the strengthening of the immune system and the use of substances that Deplete the tissue of papillomas on the hands. They include:

  • Herbal decoctions. In these concoctions usually consists of psyllium, stinging nettle, dandelion, lemon balm, and horsetail;
  • Garlic. Applied to the tumors in a certain form for a few hours a day during the month;
  • Cabbage. The juice is used for compresses at night;
  • The celandine. Juice perfectly destroys tissue papilloma.


When infected the virus to get rid of HPV is unlikely, because it can tens years to remain in the body dormant and wait for the weakening of immunity. Therefore, prevention of HPV is important. This is especially important for women, because it can successfully prevent the development of cervical cancer. Among the main preventive measures of the virus isolated:

  • Various methods of increasing the immune system of the body;
  • Observance of rules of personal hygiene;
  • Passing of medical examinations;
  • Sex education growing up generation;
  • The use of vaccines.

Now the Internet you can find many photos of papillomas on the hand and other parts of the body with a full description of the methods of treating this viral disease. Before any version of the self-treatment consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous, moreover, it will allow you to quickly discard ineffective methods, thus saving you time, money, and in some cases even, most importantly, health.

To avoid catching HPV in public institutions should endeavour to use only their own things for personal hygiene and thoroughly wash hands and other skin areas that were involved in contact with other people, after each visit to such institutions. When sexual contact is extremely important to protect themselves. It is worth remembering that for penetration of the virus in the epithelium requires a certain time, so in compliance with the required measures can quite effectively deal with its ingested.

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