Papilloma — what is dangerous on the body and is it dangerous to remove by laser

How dangerous is HPV for a man?

About 70 % of the population infected with the human papillomavirus. Often the presence of infection indicate skin lesions called papillomas. They can be formed not only on the skin (on the face, in the armpits, on the genitals), but also on the mucous epithelium (vulva, cervix). In our article we will tell you whether the dangerous papilloma, and when they must be removed.

  • How dangerous is the human papillomavirus?
  • Is it dangerous to remove papillomas?
  • Some papillomas can be removed and which are not?

How dangerous is the human papillomavirus?

Some people are interested in the answer to the question of whether the dangerous papilloma, often because there is a spontaneous cure, i.e., the tumor itself passes or disappears. Immediately is to say that the doctors are unanimous in their opinion that all papillomas are potentially dangerous. Of course, if we are talking about a young healthy girl, for her, the infection is considered relatively safe. But in any case, there is a risk of complications and degeneration of malignant tumors.

If you have papillomas than the threat of these tumors, we will consider further. If the infection with human papillomavirus occurred on the background of a weakened immune system, the disease may acquire a chronic course, which will be accompanied by heavy and unpleasant consequences. Papillomas are harmful that can lead to cancer, although considered benign neoplasms.

If we talk about HPV and how they are dangerous, for women the most dangerous oncogenic virus types– 16, 31, 18, 33, 45, 39, 52, 35 51. These varieties of HPV can cause cancer of the external genitalia, anal region, the cervix and vagina.

Important! Malignant degeneration of papillomas threatens both Mature women and young girls. Especially high risk of such complications in smokers of the fair sex.

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Some types of HPV can cause genital warts on the genitals women. Though this disease is not classified as fatal, it causes problems and requires treatment.

If a woman has HPV, how dangerous she can tell a gynecologist. HPV can be the cause of cervical erosion. Thus there is a violation of the integrity of the epithelium, in this place there are bleeds and erosion. Long-term untreated erosion is the cause of the cancerous degeneration of cells.

If we talk about papilloma, dangerous or not in men, for men HPV is less dangerous. Usually they are carriers of the virus and pose a threat from the point of view of infection women. The risk of malignancy in males due to HPV is much lower than that of the fairer sex. In the penetration of the male body the most dangerous varieties of HPV high risk of the appearance of genital warts on the glans penis, the frenulum or foreskin.

Important! Genital warts in men are removed because they hinder the sexual life and interfere with the hygiene.

Is it dangerous to remove papillomas?

If we talk about dangerous whether papillomas on the body, most of them are benign tumors, so no danger. However, to remove them without consulting a specialist, and especially alone, is very dangerous.

Want to know is it dangerous to remove papillomas at home? Then below we describe the risks that arise when attempting to eliminate skin tumors at home:

  • Methods of removing the formations that are most often used in the home is burning or peeling. When using such methods in place of education could remain a bleeding wound. This wound can easily get a fungal or bacterial infection. Is the removal of warts may lead to suppuration or inflammation of the skin.
  • When infected with carcinogenic human papillomavirus only a doctor can make the decision on the need to remove education and the choice of the method of disposal, since a very high risk of malignant transformation of cells.
  • At home, you can remove the papilloma completely. If the skin cells will remain education, it can not only grow back but to be even bigger.
  • Some papillomas can be removed and which are not?

    Once infected with human papilloma virus and the appearance of the formations on the skin, spontaneous recovery can occur at any time. But it happens very rare, usually the disease takes a chronic course, so the decision about the necessity of removing tumors it is important to take the time.

    Because the risk of malignant transformation of skin appendages is considerably increased when constant friction, irritation, ripping or damage, removes first the tumors with such localization:

    • first of all, are subject to removal, major education and those located in the place of permanent injury to the clothes;
    • remove growths in the groin, the armpits and on the face of men, because they can be injured during shaving;
    • also, experts suggest to remove all the tumors on the face in women, because due to constant and prolonged exposure to cosmetics and makeup, they can become inflamed or to grow strongly.

    Finally it is worth saying that the growths removed by laser, radio-wave method, chemical or surgical method, electrocautery or cryotherapy. Can also be used by different pharmacy and folk remedies for burns and treatment of skin growths. In any case, the decision should be made by a doctor, after conducting of laboratory tests that can confirm or deny the quality of education.

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