Papilloma on foot and between the toes: the causes of

Symptoms of HPV on the leg and causes of

Papilloma can occur in people of any age. They represent benign tumors, bringing not only a moral and aesthetic inconvenience, but it sometimes delivers serious discomfort, accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations. Data virus education appear anywhere on the body, but bringing more inconveniences growths formed on the legs, especially on the soles of the feet. Papilloma on foot can be Horny, hard or soft. Often such formations on the legs occur in profusely sweaty people.

  • Causes of
  • The symptoms and appearance places

Causes of

People have long known that the formation of abnormal growths on the human body directly connected with the activity of specific viral infections. But not always, the presence in the body of pathogenic particles will manifest itself as skin disorders. This reaction is usually triggered by any factor. Causes of papillomas on the legs can be:

  • Sweating;
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes, which squeezes and compresses the tissue;
  • Insufficient hygiene of the feet and poor Shoe care.

The main reason for the formation of papillomas on the skin is the human papilloma virus (HPV). To date, there are hundreds of varieties, among which there are as relatively harmless strains, causing the appearance of warts and warts, and extremely dangerous, capable of provoking the development of cancer. This virus is one of the most abundant microorganisms on the planet.

Penetration of HPV into the human body usually occurs in the following cases:

  • In the presence of skin lesions (household path);
  • During intercourse;
  • During childbirth from mother to infant.
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HPV can live on fresh air for about 3 hours, so it is enough to get infected in swimming pools, gyms, saunas and so on. The incubation period of this virus can last up to several decades. In the presence of a fortified immune activity of the virus is successfully suppressed for a long time. The impetus for the formation of growths on the skin can be a temporary weakening defenses.

Even for the appearance of papillomas on the feet can be such reasons:

  • Implications of complex transactions;
  • Moved serious infectious diseases;
  • An acute shortage of minerals and vitamins;
  • Continued taking drugs that weaken the immune system of the body;
  • Diabetes;
  • The abuse of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the joints.

The majority of papillomas on the feet, popularly referred to as spicami, arise in connection with excessive sweating and poor hygiene. Such formations are round and roots into the skin. Papilloma between the toes appears for the same reasons, because these skin lesions grow well in an environment with high humidity.

With a weakened immune system sometimes starts the rapid formation of skin growths, rapidly increasing their size, they occur on other parts of the body.

Important! Most often, warts on the feet are caused by HPV 1, 2 and 4 type. These strains represent the least danger to humans.

The symptoms and appearance places

The main sign of the presence of HPV in the blood is the appearance of growths on the skin, they can form on any part of the body, and even organs and the mucous membrane. Warts can grow and spread, and sometimes transform into cancer.

Often, when papillomas at the foot of the people taking it for conventional corn and begin appropriate treatment. But in the end, the discomfort only increases, because in this case, the papilloma begins to grow inside the tissues, and when pressed on, it appears a strong enough pain. The main difference between warts from corns is the presence under the upper keratinized layer of black dots, which indicate connection with the new formation of capillaries. Over time, the process changes color, becoming darker, slightly increased in size and sometimes change shape. If you attempt to remove it lead to pain and discomfort. It is worth remembering that corn always disappear after a certain period of time while addressing the factors that serve the cause of education. But papilloma on foot by itself, the gap can not be.

Papillomas on the feet can form in any area, the main of which are:

  • Heel;
  • The sole of the foot;
  • The areas between the fingers;
  • On the fingers and around them.

Important! Often plantar papilloma has a thick rough dead skin build-up gray. The color of the skin infected with HPV may not differ from the normal color of the skin of the foot.

Lesions can be single or numerous. Most often they are localized in the heels and soles. Are viral education does not hurt, however, when the location of the anchor points of the foot and in areas of strong compression, they can create serious problems when walking – at the moment of exerting pressure on the papilloma of the person will experience pain.

Regardless of where formed papilloma: on the toe, heel, knee, thigh – this is a sign of violation of the effective work of the immune system, makes you think. In this case, you must try to develop physical activity, along with the establishment of proper nutrition, is able to supply the body with all necessary vitamins. At observance of a healthy lifestyle and all the necessary hygiene rules for the appearance of tumors in the leg may with high probability be avoided.

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