Papilloma of nose and its types: causes and treatment

Causes of papillomas in the nose and removal methods

Papillomas in the nose appear due to the presence in the body of human papillomavirus. These formations of benign character appear on the walls of the nose in anticipation. For their treatment it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, he can prescribe effective therapy. The article will look at why there papilloma, what are they and the basic methods of treatment.

  • Causes of papillomas in the nose and on the lips
  • The types of warts and symptoms
  • Methods of treatment and removal
  • Medications
  • Traditional methods
  • Surgical methods

Causes of papillomas in the nose and on the lips

Although this growth is considered harmless, in 10% of cases it goes into a malignant tumor. The cause of is one of the varieties of the human papilloma virus or HPV. A person can be a carrier of the disease, but visible symptoms do not have. When the immunity level drops begin to appear, the growths in the nasal cavity.

Most people today carry in their body from HPV the human papillomavirus, so to get really easy. Even some of the children found a papilloma in the nose. It is worth mentioning that sometimes a papilloma on lip. There are several reasons for the occurrence of papillomas in the nose, and immediately have to match several factors:

  • low immunity due to disease or stress;
  • promiscuity;
  • ignoring rules of personal hygiene;
  • using other people’s personal funds and belongings;
  • alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • prolonged treatment with antibiotics or other drugs;
  • malfunctions of the nervous system.

Was recorded an increased risk of papillomas on the lips and nose in cold seasons. Usually in the fall, winter and early spring on the street high humidity.

Typically, papilloma nose grows slower than the arms. In the early stages to independently recognize problems difficult, so the majority determines the growths only when they interfere with breathing.

The types of warts and symptoms

In medicine, the main types of papillomas in the nose, caused by the HPV virus, klassificeret by two criteria: location and development. So, they can appear in the following locations:

  • Growths in ahead of the nose. Differ a dense, rough surface and light color. Usually grows slowly and does not reach large sizes. Often located on a small stalk. Such growths are easy to notice and treat. They do not create problems while breathing. The dermatologist, after diagnosis, prescribes a course of antiviral drugs. If they don’t, then can be appointed surgery.
  • In the nasal cavity. In practice, there are rare, but if such papilloma of the nose was diagnosed, then you need urgent removal. When the tumors reach large sizes — impede breath.
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There are two types of papillomas appearing in the nasal cavity:

  • Transitional cell. Grow on the walls of the nose and side walls. Quickly increase in size, and later transform into cancers. They affect not only soft tissue but also bone.
  • Inverted. The cause can be various infections, allergies or chronic rhinitis. If left untreated the build-up, in 5% of cases it degenerates into a malignant tumor.
  • In order to be able to identify problems it is important to pay attention to the symptoms. If papillomas on the lip can be seen immediately after their appearance, growths in the nose is not so obvious. Usually, their growth is accompanied by the following signs:

    • Itching or tingling in the nose;
    • Bleeding. The fact that this wart begins to grow from epithelial tissue. With damage to the integrity of the cover there is a possibility that bleed;
    • If the growths on the upper lip or in anticipation of the nose, they resemble the inflorescence of cauliflower;
    • The growths are not always disguised under the skin color. Sometimes they are purchased red or brown.

    Methods of treatment and removal

    After identifying the problem, the treatment of papillomas on the lip or nose should be trusted only to physicians. The specialist not only knows the proper methods, but also selects them depending on the individual condition of the patient. It is not recommended to get rid of warts yourself.

    When you try to pull out a papilloma of the nose can cause much bleeding. Don’t try to do it at home.


    Papillomas appeared on the eve of the nose or on the lip you can try to remove with drugs. Specialists for this prescribed course of several medications. The first thing the dermatologist prescribes necrotizing agents. This group includes drugs such as Kondinin, Vartek and Solkoderm. Their action is aimed at the withering away of the affected skin area.

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    The second group, which helps to remove papillomas on the nose — keratoplasticheskie funds. Typically, such medicaments are produced in the form of ointments or plasters. These include Sliped, Solkoseril, lapis and so on. Teratological medicines aimed at the softening of the tissue growth. As a result, the body begins the process of rejection of the formations on the lip and in the mouth.

    During treatment necessarily issued oxolinic ointment. It promotes local immunity and relates to antiviral drugs.

    Traditional methods

    To deal with the removal of papillomas on the lips and around the nose is possible with the help of folk recipes. For example, some recommend the use of a plant called «Golden mustache». The treatment process will last for one week and requires daily application of the fresh leaf pulp to the affected area of the skin.

    If there are no exotic plants, then you can use the juice of certain herbs, growing in the majority of villas: nettle, calendula, celandine, cabbage and mountain ash. Papilloma on lip 3-4 times a day is processed lotion to until completely will not work.

    When you remove growth from the lower lip is possible to use not only plants, but also minerals. Has proven itself conventional chalk. Before applying it is ground into powder, make a paste and put on new growth. Typically, the treatment course lasts for one month.

    Papilloma of the nose can be cured by following folk medicine:

    • sour cream, salt;
    • the infusion of wormwood;
    • the pulp from the tomatoes;
    • chopped figs;
    • honey mixed with onion juice.
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    Surgical methods

    If home treatment does not yield results, you need to go to the clinic. Removal of papillomas on the inside can be carried out in several ways. They are selected depending on the complexity of the operation and characteristics of the patient. One of the most popular varieties is cryosurgery. Flat warts on the face gently treated with liquid nitrogen.

    Most effective famous for the laser removal method. It requires little time and not leave traces in the form of scars or scars. Often used to treat children, so the child will have unpleasant memories.

    Large formations of papillomas in the nose are removed by electrocautery. This option involves passing current pulses through the affected area. After the procedure, little time passes and the wart itself disappears.

    Complications when other methods do not help, the decision to use radiono. It can be used to remove papillomas in the nose finally, with a guarantee that they soon will not appear in the same place. The only drawback are considered to be residual effects in the form of scars.

    If you found a papilloma in the nose, seek treatment immediately contact your doctor. When self-growth can degenerate into a cancer. Wart inside can grow so that will require major surgery. It is recommended to treat diseases of the nose only after examination in the clinic.

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