Papilloma blackened and inflamed: what to do

What to do if it turn black?

Tumors and growths in the body can cause the development of many incurable diseases and irreversible processes. Experts recommend not to disturb the growths, so if it is inflamed and reddened, it is better to consult a specialist. Proven inflamed papilloma quite tricky and dangerous, and self-medication in this case is unacceptable. In this article we will tell you what to do if hurts HPV? What if it turned black and hurts? Whether the itching papilloma?

  • The cause of the inflammatory process
  • Why blacken warts?
  • Is it possible to disrupt the tumor?
  • What if education went black?
  • Prevention

The cause of the inflammatory process

According to international statistics, the presence of HPV infection in the human body is the most common virus among all infectious diseases on Earth. HPV infection is quite easily detected by the presence of nodules of red or flesh color on the skin. The HPV virus is transmitted during unprotected sex, from mother to child and household waste, for example in medical conditions. In some situations, growths prone to inflammation, lesion deformation. When a papilloma is sore and reddened, due to the change and disturbance of the functionality of the body, reduce the immune system and protective functions.

For information! Performing cosmetic procedures (use tough washcloths, hair removal), can cause redness around the papillomas.

Could it hurt papilloma? The most common cause when it papilloma inflammation is injury. Damage warts may occur as a result of grazing a fingernail or razor. In the open penetrate the germs that cause inflammation. Such damage can cause itching, burning, color change and the allocation of ichor, and the lump may increase in size. In rare cases there is a degeneration from benign to malignant. The main signs of malignant growth include:

  • integrity violation;
  • the presence of small inclusions;
  • color change;
  • shape change;
  • seal.
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If papilloma increased and inflamed, it is recommended to immediately consult a dermatologist for examination of warts. The photo shows the process of pathogenesis of the virus.

For information! Common cause, when it hurts papilloma under my arm is cutting growth when shaving.

Why blacken warts?

There are times when it blackens, falls off or becomes inflamed. What are the main reasons why black or papilloma? The main reasons for the color change of the growth include:

  • papilloma beginning to turn dark — this means that the build-up and dry up and eventually disappear, while the person does not feel any discomfort and pain;
  • intentional or accidental injury — if it turned black and got infected, it is recommended to immediately consult a dermatologist;
  • getting an infection — in this state, papilloma itch, itch, self-treatment is recommended to exclude.

Important! The growth may swell, swell, dry up or disappear. Most dangerous is when the growth will dramatically change the color without any effects on it, for example, papilloma darkened, it is recommended to urgently see a doctor.

It should be noted that in some cases, when the wart has changed color and falling off, it is recommended to consult a specialist for detection of the presence of tumors. Also the color change may indicate the formation of hemangiomas. In this case, the mandatory consultation of the oncologist. After research dark the wart can be removed using various surgical methods.

Is it possible to disrupt the tumor?

It is recommended not to touch the new growth, even if it itches. The main reasons why it is not recommended to touch the tumor:

  • it is not recommended to comb your education, even if it itches, an open wound can get infected;
  • the ripping of build-up can cause bleeding;
  • when itchy papillomas, formed a large area of RAS, which leads to tissue necrosis and after treatment leave scars.

For information! Any action relative to the build-up can cause her injury and increase in size. For example, infection with HPV can go on a healthy area of the skin, as a result, education starts to grow.

If the patient spent self-treatment, you must wait until the wart will dry up and disappear. If the papilloma has disappeared and formed a inflammation or bleeding, you must do the following:

  • to treat the wound by any antiseptic;
  • to limit the access of water to this place;
  • to stick a plaster to the wound;
  • to maintain the growth and show it to the doctor necessarily.

It should be noted, around tumors, there are active cells of HPV infection, improper deletion activates the cells and provoke the formation of new foci of infection.

What if education went black?

Inflammation papilloma and treatment consists of several stages, including:

  • administration of drugs that enhance the immune system;
  • the intake of antiviral medications;
  • the use of anti-inflammatory ointments.

For information! If papilloma inflamed and swollen, you should consult with a dermatologist. Most of these symptoms can indicate a rebirth of growth.

If after treatment has fallen off the papilloma and the patient did not bother to worry about, as a rule, after the build-up is no longer a wound takes place in 5-6 days. If the build-up on the spot and after inspection by a dermatologist contraindications to the operation are not available, proposed for removal of warts in a specialized medical institution. The most popular methods in the treatment of HPV infection are:

  • Laser removal — this procedure is the most effective and painless. The risk of recurrence of the formation of HPV infection is almost reduced to zero. The wound is delayed for a few days, the skin has no scars;
  • Electrocoagulation — removal of warts is performed by a current;
  • Cryosurgery is freezing the wart and over time, she disappears. The disadvantage of this procedure is that in the process of removing specialist is not able to control the depth of penetration of liquid nitrogen that can damage healthy parts of the skin;
  • Radiono or Surgitron is a contactless procedure, in which the evaporation takes place of the epidermis. Radiono not touching the skin, which eliminates the damage to healthy tissues.

For information! The Surgitron has a disinfecting effect, it eliminated tumors, and simultaneously eliminates bacteria.

More what to do if the wart has turned black, you can see from the video


As preventive measures, to avoid infection with HPV, we recommend the following:

  • adolescents over 10 years before the onset of first sexual intercourse carried out the vaccination in three stages;
  • when an active sex life to visit a gynecologist at least 1 times a year;
  • through sexual contact use of personal protective equipment;
  • the detection of HPV infection it is necessary to conduct high-quality treatment.

Whichever method of treatment is recommended in any case to show education. The dermatologist will assess the level of risk to the health of, and prescribe the right treatment. With self-injury. it is also recommended to seek the advice of. Remember, if it itches papilloma, but does not fall off, then inside the build-up is reborn, with the consequence that comes Oncology. If the papilloma itself off and nothing bothers man, experience is not necessary.

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